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  1. Yeah but that sums of the Padres existence as well
  2. Would have been nice if the Sharks logos were era appropriate.
  3. I wish the NHL would allow teams to do something similar and ditch white jerseys.
  4. Sourdough Sam has had a few makeovers
  5. more: https://gearyfloors.com/project/san-diego-sports-arena-valley-view-casino-center/
  6. Should have worn them against Vancouver
  7. San Francisco Giants -> New York Giants Part of a 1912 throwback with the Cubs 1924 with the Nationals/Senators (This was throwback to the 24 Series) This happened in 91
  8. I have no idea whats going but this is awesome
  9. Coyotes moving to Hartford E5
  10. Stealth reveal for a stealth jersey
  11. Has a team debuted a jersey in the preseason before?
  12. The Stealth name did sure stick around for a long time.
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