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  1. Probably at their first home game. Second home game, I believe. Third Home game (Sunday Apr 7) If its anything like last time they will drag it out as much as possible.. Banner one day, something else and then the rings.
  2. Some players are going birth years.. Maybe its team rules ? I know the Sharks players have to earn the right to choose their number but sometimes they stick with the jersey number assigned to them. When Logan Couture earned the right to change numbers he stuck with 39 because he would be able to wear it during allstar games / international
  3. Why ? Seems like a pretty stupid rule
  4. I was watching something on NHL Network on the Eric Lindros trade and saw this.. Does anyone know what is going on ?
  5. Shawn Estes was already on the team and wore 55.
  6. That's gotta be a rare shot. An AL pitcher batting pre-Interleague Play? I wonder if this was an Exhibition game, or just some crazy late-game scenario where the DH got pinch-hit for or was unavailable or one of those deals. It was taken at Dodger stadium, so it may have been a Angels-Dodgers two game series before the season started, which was common before interleague. According to Baseball Reference, Abbott never made a plate appearance for the Angels, so this must have been some kind of exhibition. Look at the dugout in the background that is Dodger Stadium But it has to be at least the 3rd inning and there are fans there so...
  7. I'm pretty sure the Giants require the HOF too because I think there was some "drama" of what to do with Bonds 25, even thought it was technically already retired
  8. Al Iafrate as a San Jose Shark Patrick Marleu wearing #14 and the first Sharks jersey
  9. This is photoshop, he NEVER EVER EVER played for the Sharks. WRONG Your PS skills are amazing but I know this never happened.
  10. This is photoshop, he NEVER EVER EVER played for the Sharks.
  11. Except that Giguere was on the Flames first, before he made a name for himself in the NHL Most of these are from after that. But still, if you consider it the wrong uni, I guess it is Oh, so the team he played 23 games before making a name for himself is a "correct" uniform? Please explain how his 23 games before he was a known goalie is not a wrong uniform?
  12. Who th hell is he? And why is he on this topic? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Hendrickson
  13. I always wanted to get my hands on a ring. I know most organisations like to give out rings to a bunch of staff but they will have an "A ring" a "B ring" etc.. I wonder if their is a clause where people cant sell their rings for an X period of time. In the 80's my mom worked at a hospital and one of the janitors worked a the 49ers practice facility as well and he showed up wit an "A ring" on one time.
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