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  1. To be fair, the twitter thing just said it "will not be a silhouette of PB" To me a silhouette is a dark outline on top of a light background without much detail (if any in the dark). The first report was saying things like hat stripes, ties, jackets, etc... So this isn't really a denial IMO.
  2. I think there's still a bit of hope as often times on these jersey shirts, the actual design isn't fully fleshed out. Point in case, the Wizards don't have the stripes:
  3. The last gen jerseys always struck me as more of a cut designed for the WNBA.
  4. Nice and clean but the upper right chest area seems pretty bare now on the jersey
  5. Pretty f'n ugly. The black (or super navy blue) just weigh things down.
  6. Like the Bengals pant stripe in the first go round, however it looks like you forgot to add it on the rear view
  7. BDiamond

    MLB Cap Concepts

    Works better with the white I bevel IMO.
  8. BDiamond


    Each year I participate in Movember (growing mustaches for charity). This year I'll be doing a team based thing for myself and a few others combined with a fitness community I participate in on YouTube. For this I'd like to tie the two together and have formed team MuscleStache. Goal here is something fun and not too serious. I've come up with the following logo for the team and am looking for some feedback on what could be improved upon.
  9. Could have been much better with full arm bands and a better waistband. The solid colors stick out in a bad way on these. But at least the Celtics have some side piping to not give the band such a desolate appearance.
  10. I believe the Patriots had a new logo unveiled at one of their games during halftime (kind of a crude new Pat Patriot/Flying Elvis hybrid) that got booed mercifully and never saw the light of day.
  11. Was at Marshalls this weekend and they had authentic New York Redbull (white) and Houston Dynamo (both white and orange) authentics for $19.99-$29.99
  12. For those who have been longing for a return to something closer to what the Seahawks used to wear, you're about to be disappointed. For those who want a move in the other direction, you'll like the uniform Kam Chancellor will be wearing. by Clare Farnsworth 11:11 AM