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  1. Got my new home and away ones in the mail yesterday.
  2. Something about the white panels look off to me. I'm hoping it's just the pictures here. I'll be buying them as soon as they're available.
  3. Well that was anti-climatic as they posted a picture of all the changes at exactly 9:30.
  4. I know you want a sewn one, but a lot of the replica's back then were the standard Champion screen printed jersey's. That being said, I have one in that style of Donyell Marshall.
  5. Looks a lot better than I thought it would. Curious to see the orange cap.
  6. Looks good, don't see AWA at all. I would go with a burgundy look however.
  7. Link to auction or price you're looking for?
  8. Saw a blank authentic vancouver grizzlies jersey at Marshalls about a decade ago. It was cheap too but was too ugly at the time to buy. However it's grown on me and I regret it to this day
  9. You should really consider using 3 stars since that's what the DC flag has and that's why in the past all bullets uniforms with stars have incorporated that look.
  10. Why not use the new silver instead of the copper?
  11. They opted to use the one star for it to create a "W" below it on the shorts. Pretty clever. Plus with the 2 stars on the shorts and one on the upper back they get their 3 stars that way. Although I agree I would have liked to see it incorporated more like it is on the DC flag.
  12. I disagree. I think the switch is for the better. I like linking the caps and wiz together color-wise.
  13. I'm assuming they go with a modernized font of the old version like they did with the Capitals. Any way the go for me is a win as I can't stand the current uni's/colors.
  14. Found this on a Redskins board, from a poster who found it on a Pacers board: "I work for a company that has the NBA license. We've received logosheets for next year for the Wizards. I can confirm that the red, white, and blue logo is correct. Their secondary logo is a "dc" with the tail of the "d" looking like a hand, just like the old bullets logo, complete with a basketball over the "d." Their uniform wordmarks will be in the same style font as the old Bullets logo. Logo and uniform should be unveiled on 5/10. "
  15. Not really liking how the font looks with your lower case i's. Blends together too much and is hard to read.
  16. K looks too much like R as others have said. Also I don't like how you have the e just floating out there. Also the bottom part of it is just too boxy and looks odd.
  17. I was actually reminded of this logo also I don't like how the sword intersects with your wording.
  18. Well on the bright side I can use that as a way to incorporate women's fitness as well! In all seriousness, thanks for all the feedback!
  19. I am getting more involved in personal training. I also run a YouTube channel that offers diet, nutrition, workout and supplement information. Thoughts on my logo would be appreciated
  20. Seeing how I assume they will be changing identities as soon as they're able to, it doesn't make sense to do a rebrand now (that would only be around for 1-2 years). The most logical thing to do is just a recoloring as part of a step forward in the grand scheme of things.
  21. Yes it's been noted in the NBA thread before the season started.
  22. I'm all for the change. I agree that the change won't work well with the current logo/team name, but that will be something that comes down line. The sooner they can get away from the nastiness which they have now the better.
  23. Just not on their homefield