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  1. Anyway you can make this a larger size for a background image?
  2. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but it looks like the Wizards have changed their neckline on their jerseys. I just noticed this while watching video and seeing pics from the recent rookie photoshoot. New: Old:
  3. Those jerseys have been on Ebay for years. They have Muresan and Bol ones too in the same style.
  4. Besides some very tiny changes, eyeballs/tongue, it looks just like a re-color job.
  5. Authentic: Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys are the highest quality, and therefore you can expect to pay the highest price. Perhaps the easiest way to differentiate Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys from others of a lower quality is the appearance of the numbers. The numbers on Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys are multilayered cloth pieces, stitched onto the jersey; this is called ?tackle twill?. Premier Replica: Premier Replica Reebok NFL jerseys are also known as replithentic by some people. These jerseys are going to still have an excellent quality and are more of a bargain buy than those looking to have every single detail exact. Again, go back to those numbers to tell the difference between the quality of NFL jersey that you're looking at. With Reebok Premier Replica NFL jerseys, the numbers are still going to stitched on, but they won't be multilayered as were the numbers on the Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys. Replica: Replica Reebok NFL jerseys, or Screen Print Replica Reebok NFL jerseys are the cheapest genuine variety that you can purchase. These don't feature stitched on numbers, rather the numbers are screen printed onto the jersey material, hence the name. These serve the general purpose of owning an NFL team jersey, but won't be mistaken as being authentic or top level by anybody.
  6. This was labeled as a prototype for the 1990-1991 season according to Mears Auctions.
  7. Went to my local Marshalls last night and found an authentic white Lamont Jordan Raiders jersey for $29.99. It's strange b/c you only usually see Patriots replica jerseys up here (they only had John Lynch). They only had two jersey's (size 48 or 52), so I picked up the 48.
  8. I think everything looks great so far. How about some more teams? utilizing some of the other pro combat styles?
  9. Script is pretty messy... also if you're going to change the script you should also thing about changing the shoulder patch and number font.
  10. Ha I actually really like the first one. Creepy? Maybe. Different? Yes. But it makes it stick out. Good work all around.
  11. Sorry about the size of this and also my brothers friend in the pic.
  12. Well this doesn't have the NBA logo on it, so maybe it's more of a prototype.
  13. If you're open to requests, I'd like a DC United one.
  14. Not a fan of the choice of number font or name font for that matter. I liked the numbers on your first set the best, you just need to not have as thick of a stroke going around them and maybe make the inside white.
  15. I like the concept overall. The white around the shoulders is kind of throwing me mostly b/c the rest of the jersey is so dark. What would the breezers look like?
  16. It could just be that it's b/c I like the Bullets/Wizards, but I've always loved their old sets and their simplicity. I hold out for the day that they somehow drop the Wizards name and go back to Bullets.
  17. it'd be hard to put on an actual jersey and have it look good as is, the E is split in half on the name patch which would translate horribly.
  18. The orange under the arms is throwing me off for some reason.
  19. It's too plain. I think you'd be much better off with a full scripted Washington and Nationals.
  20. Also, if you're going to drop the black center of the O in orioles, you should probably adapt the rest of the wordmark. The black now looks clunky after the "r" and in the smaller "o"
  21. My biggest problem with the current Wiz set is that it looks too rinky dink... and no offense to you but your concept kind of continues the trend. I don't think they'll be able to pull of a good logo set/word mark until they completely rename the franchise. I really wish they'd somehow get the ok to go back to the Bullets, but I don't see that happening.
  22. I think what really gets me on this is the birds overall body shape is rounded down, almost making it look like it's hunched over or given up. If you could somehow make the body shape rounded up a little to show some spring in it's step I think it would help. I also agree that on the primary it doesn't look like it's perched on the word mark, it looks like you just pasted it on top. Other then that I like the changes you've made.