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  1. Bumping an old request...looking for a larger and cleaner version of this template:
  2. Found this today at the local Goodwill: Anyone know the story on this cap? It did have a holographic MLB sticker on the underside of the bill.
  3. Does anyone have a larger template of the old school two-bar facemask, like this one:
  4. Sorry guys, I forgot to mention. This is the Japanese version of Blades of Steel. A few things were changed for the American version, including dropping team names.
  5. Hey guys. While searching some old Nintendo Disc System paperwork, I came across this small flyer for Konami's 1988 release, "Konami Ice Hockey": Now check out some of those team names and colors. There are some interesting choices there. The Rangers apparently took on the Devils name. Chicago has Detroit's colors. LA has replaced purple with gray. (Yuck.) Montreal has come up with orange and burnt orange. Toronto has replaced the old blue and white with light blue and green. Edmonton has the North Stars' colors. Vancouver is now brown and yellow. (Also yuck.) But the thing that really caught my eye, check out the name for Minnesota: Wilds. Keep in mind, this game was made is 1987. The North Stars were still around then. What are the odds that they would give Minnesota that name?
  6. Saw the movie on opening day - absoutely loved it. Not as good as Anchorman, but still worth seeing again. As far as the teams go, 5 teams made an appearance in-game: the Indiana Pacers, Anaheim Amigos, Pittsburgh Condors, New Jersey Nets, and San Antonio Spurs. A few of the other ABA teams were mentioned but not shown.
  7. I'm going to have to agree with xylo here. Although I in no means support the '72 Dolphins or any Dolphins team for that matter, I liked the commercial very much and it served its purpose. It put the Patriots in their rightful place and took them down a notch. The Pats would have been even worse then the Dolphins are about this. Also, the whole champagne thing is a myth.
  8. Is it possible to get a CBS Sports sig for the Expos with the first logo and older colors? (Power blue, red, white) Thanks!
  9. Requesting Montreal Expos, please.
  10. Most importantly, Tokyo is owned by Puro legend Antonio Inoki.
  11. Now if only I could ever find an adjustable one instead of the common fitted ones.
  12. And apparently, you've failed. You forgot the Arena Football Dallas Texans from 1990 to 1993, and the World Football League Houston Texans from 1974. Granted, the latter moved to Shreveport towards the end of the season, but they were just as important.
  13. How dare you disrespect Razor Ramon HG!
  14. - Way better then Photobucket.
  15. If it comes between a detailed star with a flat H or a flat star with a detailed H, I'd take the latter.
  16. Sadaharu Oh was #1, but I don't think we have any other players noteable with that number.
  17. Number 3, actually. Here are 1 and 2...
  18. Simple, clean shape. Each letter means something, and the complete shape is easily recognizeable, not to mention a great color combonation. Although temporarily inactive, it will return some day.