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  1. My only suggestion would be to make the peach more peach-shaped, as right now it kind of reads as an orange (albeit a beautifully rendered orange). Great work!
  2. Adobe Illustrator. But Inkscape is a good free alternative.

  3. I have a few things to say: ? I can't stand diagonal type on hockey jerseys, or any stacked type for that matter. If you want a vertical wordmark, rotate it 90ยบ. ? I do like chest wordmarks on hockey jerseys with the number below (like Atlanta's thirds). ? I hate it when teams have ginormous sleeve stripes in football. The 70's are over. Thin it out. ? I love monochrome, in football and baseball. ? I don't like when football (and baseball) teams wear tri-color, yet it gets so much less flack than monochrome. ? I think the Twins' script looks like Tony's Pizza ? I like the Padres sand uniforms. In fact, bring on the baby blue, pastel yellow, and spring green. Down with grey! ? I like the Bucks' christmas colors. ? I like the Ducks' current scheme. ? I like the Seahawks' neon green jerseys, but I hate the navy pants. And lastly: ? Brown is so underused. There should be at least one team in each league that uses it as a primary color.
  4. PM a mod. I can't help you there.

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