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  1. Love the logo and name. I don't usually pay attention to soccer, but this is very well done. I think the green should either be kelly or a deeper emerald to skew away from Seattle, and paired with yellow for some synergy with the Jazz. (I love city-wide color schemes) The red comes off as a little generic. I know it's tied to Real Salt Lake, but it doesn't say "Utah" to me. Great work!
  2. My only suggestion would be to make the peach more peach-shaped, as right now it kind of reads as an orange (albeit a beautifully rendered orange). Great work!
  3. I had stalled on this one for a little while, but it's ready to show now. Here are the Buffalo Sabres:
  4. I like the brown/yellow, but believe the brown is skewing a little grey. I really like most of it, but I feel the type is a little too modern for the Padres theme. I think a slightly curvier letterform and a few well-placed flair-style serifs (somewhat like the sand roadies era) would carry the feeling of the concept better. I also agree that incorporating a baseball somewhere would polish the primary logo. It could be something as simple as adding some stitching to the skyline.
  5. This is pretty good. The S and L in SUPER BOWL look a little off, and the logo is a little rough from pixelation. That said, it's a good concept. Your work should get smoother with time. Keep it up.
  6. I would make the gradiation inserts shades of green. The pink is not going to work for a pro team.
  7. The right facing Hugo is fantastic, specifically point guard Hugo, with the second arm. I also prefer the script option without the large purple holding shape under it. As for the secondary, I drastically prefer the one locked up with the script. It will work much better embroidered at small sizes.
  8. My only concern is that the CFL Calgary team is the Stampede. But, as you said, it's your series.
  9. I like this a lot more than your Wizards concept. That said, the honeycomb pattern might be too much inside the logo. Maybe you could work it into the uniforms or court instead. As of right now, I prefer the sans serif treatment, but if you added stripes to the tail of the script (plus maybe taper it into a stinger) I might change my mind.
  10. Last two of the old set. Flyers and Avalanche. Flyers Avalanche
  11. I will get that updated in the near future. Thanks. As for Ottawa, I plan on doing the whole league, so I will have a concept for them. Just a question: How important are the colors red and black to the city. I know the football team is going to be the RedBlacks, so I thought I'd ask. Stars Jets
  12. The DC flag pattern (a really integral part of this concept) would be lost with the red/white interaction. I understand everyone has a preference, but I try to add a degree of rationale to the designs whenever possible.
  13. I do plan on going back and revising a couple of teams (*cough* Sharks *cough*) once I finish the league. I also may do another defunct team or two (Whalers? Nordiques?). I already did one, but they weren't defunct until after I did them. Speaking of… Thrashers Canadiens Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. @LightsOut: Two things. 1) The Blue Jackets jerseys are based on a Civil War uniform, which has shoulder details. 2) Can't do a yellow road for LA. The Predators currently have a yellow home, and I don't really plan on changing that aspect of their brand.
  14. Flames Kings Edit: The alt was missing. Please read the lines above. These are older concepts, but still part of the same series.
  15. I am posting the old teams (still part of THIS series). Starting with the oldest… Lightning Sharks
  16. Would people be interested in seeing the original 12 teams I did a while back? Just to see where this series started?
  17. That standing cub logo is fantastic. The Brewers set is pretty great, minus the front number as others have said.
  18. I feel like there's too much white on the Blues' home jersey. Something about the navy note just clashes with how little navy is in the striping. As for the Sharks, I'd agree the pit stains need to go, but that doesn't mean strip the uni of teal. Try to find another way to incorporate it.
  19. Last two, Phoenix (90s style third) and Washington. That brings the project up to speed. If anyone wants to see the old part of the series, with completed teams like Calgary, Anaheim, Philly, New Jersey, etc, the link in the first post directs to the entire album. Phoenix Washington
  20. Another pair, this time Columbus and Toronto. Columbus Toronto
  21. Trying two more… Detroit NY Rangers
  22. Since you replied, you get two more. St. Louis Pittsburgh
  23. Brace yourself. We're goin' on a ride. Vancouver Edmonton It's only letting me post 10 images at a time, that's why I had the link.
  24. A couple years ago, I started a design series for the NHL. I redesigned 12 teams. Some were more tweaks, some were overhauls. A few months ago, I decided to start up again and finish the series. The link below is to the album of all the teams, the first 10 being the newest. Feel free to look around.