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  1. It is nice to see the wings back on the Barnstormers uniforms. But the black helmets have always looked weird to me. I never got it move. That is really the only identifiable helmet (to a larger audience) in arena/indoor football due to Kurt Warner... and then you... change it. Never made any sense to me. The Barnstormers' military uniforms look like it is Mystery Science Theater 3000 night.
  2. Having worked a few Simon Fraser games... the Clan name always felt a little... off. I think the choice makes sense. Thought it makes me think of the Michael Bolton joke from Office Space.
  3. Nice. I knew someone would know more than I. That Blue Bomber one throws me off too. That HAS to be taken from somewhere too. No way all of these are swiped and that one is not.
  4. So the league logo is clearly the old UFL logo. Does anyone want to help me identify the team logos? https://www.nationalgridiron.com/stats#/422/teams?season_id=967 The Penn Pioneers is the old Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers logo. The Mississippi Mudcats is an old indoor team name/logo. The Virginia Destroyers is the old UFL team name/logo. These other logos look familiar to anyone else? The Arkansas Twisters and Indiana Firebird names are reused af2/AFL names.
  5. I remember it in the early 90s. I too have looked for a picture of it. No luck.
  6. The other challenge with the product in today's current environment is normal football is FULL of scoring. I remember when it was crazy to see a college game in the 40s for both teams. Now they happen all the time. You don't need Arena Football to see tons of scoring.The sport lost that niche. It threw the Ironman niche away, like you said, so that one is gone too. Also, when the league started the NFL was full of stadiums that were also baseball stadiums and you were far from the field. Now all the new stadiums give you a ton of access and get you as close as the NFL allows. That niche of being close to the game is gone too.
  7. Division I and II men's volleyball play for the same title. It is called the "National Collegiate Championship." There are only 40 some DI and DII men's volleyball teams. DIII men's volleyball is now over 50 teams and they have their own championship as of a few years ago.
  8. Kenosha Twins. Former Midwest League team (Class A) in the 1980's and early 1990's. They became the Fort Wayne Wizards/TinCaps. Edit: Just saw this was posted on page two. This is a better look at the logo at the very least.
  9. I never knew about the Ottawa Senators starting at that dinky place Combined that with the Lightning's first home, what is it with the NHL starting franchises in small barns? I feel like this thread could also be "NBA and NHL games played in sub 12,000 seat venues." My father saw the Bulls play preseason games at high schools. But that was in the early days of the team and really doesn't fit the spirit of this thread.
  10. There is research on the value of second-hand venue naming rights. It's called the Busch Corollary http://bizofbaseball.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1439&Itemid=41
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