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  1. It's......not too bad, actually.


    Granted the name is still the all-too-formulaic CITY ADJECTIVE PLURAL NOUN that's been infesting the minor leagues in recent years, but I like the clever nod to the prior identity by giving the guy a Dale Earnhardt mustache. (That along with the stealth 3 in the B.) Plus the historical nod to the Cannon textile mill works.


    I'd be really interested to see the rest of the logo set.

  2. 1 hour ago, Dilbert said:



    Trash Pandas it is! I would have gone with North Alabama over Rocket City but of all the names Trash Pandas was the best.


    It'll be "Huntsville" or "Madison" within two years, because people who don't know better will plug "Rocket City" in their GPS and not find it.


    (Precedent: the "Hardware City" Rock Cats, which lasted two seasons before becoming "New Britain" because nobody outside New Britain knew what "Hardware City" WAS.)

  3. 21 hours ago, rams80 said:


    I assume the local D-League team may have just found a new home.

    Maybe. The Red Claws' current home, the Expo, seats about 3100. The Cross Insurance Arena seats about double that (numbers per Wikipedia).


    They could move in there (better location downtown the biggest plus), but I think the more intimate confines of the Expo might be more cost-effective.

  4. FYI - MLB Shop is now offering 50% off on in-stock authentic jerseys. However, at least from looking at a few, I think they're probably only going to have sizes 56 and 60 in stock for most jerseys.

    That's because the new Majestic logo will appear on all the authentics next season. They're clearing out old stock.

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