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  1. Because nothing says "viable NFL market" like that pigskin hotbed of SLC, where there's no real stadium, marginal population base, and the beer is as watered-down as the talent pool.
  2. Gilmour was also on that '93 Leafs team that lost to Gretzky and the Kings.
  3. How does that qualify as continuing the "inside job"? Your quote even says he'd been at UMass the last 10 years...
  4. Yeah, all three pro teams don't try to leave at the same time unless there's something systemically wrong with your town. Oakland's got problems up the wazoo. Perceptions problems, leadership problems, money problems, crime problems, size problems (Oakland was the only major city in California to shrink in the last 10 years and is now smaller than Fresno, Sacramento and Long Beach), and worst of all for sports venue problems. The Coliseum is a dump that was made worse by the 1995 Raider invasion, not better. And the Coliseum Arena is equally as old and is now the oldest venue in the NBA. Except the arena interior was gutted and totally redone in time for the 1997 season.
  5. Deadspin: Judge that granted Jerry Sandusky bail is Second Mile volunteer. One hand washing the other?
  6. Sports radio host and newspaper columnist for the Beaver County Times. His original expose on this whole thing is here. (Note the publication date.)
  7. Not just that, but if the allegations are true, the ring wasn't run for himself, it was for the football program! He could have been trading boys for donations! I don't even believe that could be true. I no wanna. That's beyond the pale, even for college football, which has a very very far pale. Is the rumor about Second Mile donors or PSU donors getting access to kids? (h/t HuffPo) Context seems to indicate it's Second Mile donors, but don't be surprised if it surfaces that PSU donors were also involved.
  8. It's going to take some time to confirm it if it is true. But if so, I'd say PSU plays out the season this year and takes next year off. And probably not by choice, either. The NCAA will have to get involved.
  9. Paterno is and was not ever a pedophile! No, he just enabled and protected a pedophile, giving that pedophile a place to rape kids. As was pointed out on a SiriusXM radio show tonight, at least pedophiles have the "excuse" of having mental issues. Enablers don't even have that. JoePa, it occurs to me, is a miniature version of any number of charismatic dictators and despots throughout world history, who are able to rule through the cult of personality they have built. The only difference is that he only ruled over a university and not a country. Consider this a coup d'etat. More like an impeachment - with the Penn State Board of Trustees being Congress. Point remains: Paterno got to the point where he thought was bigger than the school.
  10. Just heard on Scott Ferrall show: Penn State board of trustees to announce shortly Paterno's termination. He will not coach this weekend or the rest of the season. (link)
  11. No, it's arguably worse. Time to pull the plug.
  12. This means UConn to the ACC is a fait accompli. The Big East is dead.
  13. Based on this, I'm predicting UConn and Rutgers are the next two teams to jump. Why? Well, you may not know this (and a lot of UConn fans don't either), but the Huskies play very good baseball. Lost to South Carolina in the Super Regionals this past year. So if you're looking for a 16th baseball team, you could do worse. As for lacrosse, there are only three teams in the BE that play both lacrosse and FBS football. Syracuse already left for the ACC. The second is Notre Dame, and we all know they're going nowhere. The third? Rutgers. They're not good, but they have a team. So there's a perfectly logical explanation. Which means none of it happens.
  14. Not so fast, my friend. Looks like Baylor - Baylor! might throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing.
  15. I never knew the title to that piece before today. Well done.
  16. I like this move. Hawaii in the WAC made little sense when they've also got a team in Louisiana. It'd be like the Big East having a team in Illinois Texas California.
  17. Just change the file extension from .txt to .svg and open as normally. This happens because some Web browsers (Chrome does, for example) can't handle the file format so it changes it.
  18. I was thinking the same thing since technically, goalies can't wear the C.
  19. is too cool to set his status

  20. I'd venture it's something in the Franklin Gothic family, with the capital I used in place of the 1.
  21. Anybody know what the kgb font is? www.kgb.com And yes, if it's a pay font I intend to do so. Thanks!
  22. I was wondering when somebody was gonna bust out the Jiggy-with-the-Whale picture.
  23. Algerian. It's a standard Windows font (or at least it used to be).
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