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  1. I'm pretty sure I have an .ai file. If you still need it, I can email it to you. Hey, Shum - any chance you could shoot that my way?
  2. The Fox Sports and NFL Network fonts are on that House Industries site as well - the Fox font is called "United" and the NFL Network font is "House Gothic". Good find!
  3. Hadn't seen this one in this thread: And the Chief with the Warriors:
  4. They'll never get the $450 million they need to build this thing. Look at the problems the Marlins have had securing funding for their proposed new park. And Tampa's put a worse product on the field.
  5. Custom font for both. Armada will get you close, but it's not a free font.
  6. Looks like "Good Times" to me ... at least that's what I think it's called...
  7. This one's easier than you think it is, but you have to work backwards to get what you want. What I mean is, you do the text you want on the arch first. Assuming you have AI 10, you'll want to go under your Type tool and select the Path Type tool (it'll be the one with the T sloping downward at an angle). Click the arch and type. You might want to make sure your text is centered before you do this; go under the Paragraph tab of your Type palette (use Ctrl-T if you don't see it) and click the Center button (second from the left). Then type the first line of the text over the arch. Reset your Type tool to the default (the plain T) and you're good to go.
  8. That did the trick! Thanks, guys!
  9. OK, I've got a good one: I've vectorized a number I had in a PSD file but I need to know how to get rid of the area marked "Here" on the below picture: I surmise it has something to do with setting up a clipping mask, but when I set one up only the "Here" area is left. What am I doing wrong? [EDIT: I meant I want it transparent.]
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