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  1. Very "Junior" vibe from this (maybe on account of Erie), but it's excellent nonetheless.
  2. Your taste level (for lack of a better term) and technical ability are both incredible, every concept of yours is a winner.
  3. I adore what you did with Thunder Bay, I've been trying to come up with some Northern Lights themes concepts and never got anything as good as that, bravo!
  4. Fear not! The night owl will live on here in Quebec as Couche-tard
  5. Very cool and very much in line with the style of design working right now!
  6. That taco shirt would do iron man numbers...
  7. Saints have some nicely clever elements (the wings, the halo). No complaints here! Only thing I'd point out is for the French language wordmark it's critical you include the accent in Montréal. For Toronto, the outline of the leaf gets lost on the blue sweater, did you try a white outline (even if just for the crest logo)?
  8. Love the Drakkar's new scheme- they have such a cool logo that it's always a shame they have an otherwise generic aesthetic. They feel like they should have a unique colour scheme. Did you try it with the blue at the hem as well?
  9. Hamilton Tigers (NHL) 1920-25 Hamilton Tigers (various precursors to the CFL) 1883-1947, when they merged with the Hamilton Wildcats to form the Hamilton Tiger-Cats we know today.
  10. I don't really want to spend the money on this (and I'm a hardcore soccer fan), but I know Coderre would happily play ball with FIFA. I suspect the coming mayoral election may have a big part in Montreal's participation.
  11. I LOVE that Fury design- a major upgrade. I also think the league logo is absolutely gorgeous.
  12. alexandre

    Kyoto Yakitori

    He designed it! If you read the Uni Watch link it says it was designed by Elteez of DC. It's gorgeous, I don't know what more to say!