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  1. Exact- the AHL has a very specific, very busy aesthetic, and 3 looks like a really good version of that.
  2. The two colours on the teeth and the inconsistent lines on the jersey really stand out to me. Pas les chocolatines? Ici au Québec ils sont des chocolatines comme chez vous.
  3. Always happy to make news, we feel like forgotten children of MLS 3.0 (or are we the end of 2.0? who knows). Much like Drogba this is a swing for the fences.
  4. Fascinating idea...I live between two stations, which do I pick?! Anyway, I won't be pedantic about the linguistic elements of this and instead point out Atwater is also the station the Forum, which obviously in '67 would have been THE place to be.
  5. City flag inspired logos are very cool and I like all that you've done with this set so far, but I have a minor quibble- keeping the fleur-de-lis and the whine pine but replacing the rose, thistle and clover could easily perceived as alienating to the Anglophone support base. The '69 also makes sense but obviously has a more...unwholesome...meaning. (Thinking out loud, perhaps you could make the four corners of the flag the old EMB logo, the city logo, the baseball, and an orange traffic cone- baseball sometimes avoids these types of whimsical things, but it's sort of an unofficial symbol of Montreal, a city eternally under construction. Certain types of tourist shops even sell salt & pepper shakers shaped like them! Your work is wonderful otherwise, I love it and I am often critical of people's Montreal work on this forum.
  6. On the very rare occasions you see them, sashes are very cool on hockey sweaters, so I'm all the way on board.
  7. For Montréal, it's helpful for something that works for both languages, here's some ideas- Saints (When Mark Twain visited, he said of our city- "This is the first time I was ever in a city where you couldn't throw a brick without breaking a church window." Lots of our biggest streets are named after saints [even if they were really named after baptismal names of important civic figures], and most importantly it works in either language.) Orange (Hear me out, one of our quirkier city attractions is this place, it's a unique name that also forces people out of the French tricolore colour scheme so many concepts use.) Jazz/Festivals (We've a famous "jazz" festival, which is perhaps the biggest of the literally hundreds of festivals we host each year, such as Osheaga, Francofolies, Just for Laughs, Pop, MUTEK, HeavyMTL, et cetera, and both work in both languages. Festivals is also a nice little wink to the Expos.)
  8. The MT logo on the field in Monterrey is trippy, because it reminds me of this hat you see around town here in...Montréal: Everything about moving the Expos hurts but that Sultanes set is gorgeous. MLB needs a green and red club.
  9. Here to comment! I'm not a big football guy so I can't speak to the cultural elements here, but your work is clean and good and your more creative touches are right in the sweet spot of being something new without being garish.
  10. Absolutely gorgeous, and much less garish than some old timey NFL throwbacks. Would love it if they wore these!
  11. This is a compliment, but this would be one of the best looks in junior hockey. The logo itself is a major step up from their current logo. I do agree with the other two, it would be vaguely out of place in the 2019 NHL.
  12. Woof, I'm sorry. Impact are also about to finish up a six match road-trip with Saputo opener on Saturday and it snowed today and there are people north of the city without power. Saturday should be nice-ish, though...