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  1. Arshevin, Henry, Bergkamp, Bellerin? Cech, Chilwell, Hasselbaink, Drogba?
  2. Unfortunately this has been co-opted by certain...unsavoury types, which is a shame. I've always loved it but I'm thankful I do not own one.
  3. It's...fine. Feels like there's a little too much going on but I appreciate what they're going for.
  4. I remember prior to the Fanatics deal the Impact (and maybe other teams?) had deals with adidas that allowed them to make unique merch outside of the league-wide templates. If adidas were smart they'd make this 'cos it'd sell a lot of shirts.
  5. Yeah it’s tough (especially for those of us on a forum like this) to divorce the pure aesthetics (they look GREAT in a vacuum) with the fact the Habs should never be blue.
  6. I think one of the things we all like most about your work is how perfectly you understand the different national aesthetic styles. If this team got promoted into the real La Liga next season I wouldn't even bat an eye. The pattern on the third kit is really really cool, too. Great job as always!!
  7. Hideki Irabu and Tomo Ohka were both Expos who played for other MLB clubs and NPB teams.
  8. I’m semi-optimistic for the Als if they ever get to play again, they seem to have fixed the relationship with Calvillo and have made the kinds of moves that seem to imply an actual plan. I’m not a hardcore fan so I am not very up on the league as a whole, though.
  9. Especially when BFBS seems to have largely run its course elsewhere in North America!
  10. Harsh but fair, unfortunately. I'm not a CFL superfan, but I'm definitely nervous about the future.
  11. Just so blah. I borderline like the crest on its own, but I find the whole package to be a whiff, and the shirt to be the biggest whiff of all. The Impact often alternated between blue/black stripes or solid blue, so now we have a third option with that bland grey alternate. I'm very uninspired by the rebrand as a whole.
  12. I like where you’re going with this! They’re busy, but I think that fits the nature of the Super Bowl.
  13. Definitely an improvement! RL obviously was given a huge setback by the Wolfpack struggles, but I'm hopeful. Aesthetically RL has some pretty bland designs, but this is a rare one that takes the chevron in a...useful direction? So to speak.
  14. Yeah, the Warriors seem to alternate their colours often. I'm not certain why, I'm a new-ish fan. I support the Bunnies, so those are definitely my emotional favourites. Despite the rivalry though, I think the Chooks always look good too- curious to see what they'll be wearing this year.
  15. Wow, the Toronto Dodgers are perfect and I’m excited about this series’ alternate universe. I’m guessing Montréal ends up with the Mets (for the Métro perhaps, and that it works in both languages.) or perhaps the Angels, since we have multiple famous angel statues.
  16. *JUST* after #BellLetsTalk day too.
  17. I don't know if this is union only, but as a league fan I'll toss this link of every NRL club's kits for the season which is getting underway now (with trial matches, Premiership action starts in a month). https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/list/nrl-2021-jerseys-rugby-league-home-away-alternate/bx45iglei8po1tjdeyn0hqp37 Big news is obviously The Milk being back for Canberra, whose shirts are totally different with a new navy blue shoulder. Castore make their NRL debut by taking over the Storm shirts- Storm should be able to go home to Victoria this year after having to be based out of QLD last year, not that it stopped them winning the Premiership. Wests will be wearing Orange on the road again.
  18. Elk is far and away the best concept and if we threw that Staggs helmet into Edmonton colours it'd probably be the best aesthetic package in the CFL all of a sudden?
  19. Adidas has had some really disappointing kit years recently, but this year's batch of new shirts are mostly winners, probably their highest hit percentage in a while. That said, it does seem like every year MLS moves more and more generic out of the yearning to not stand out, which is a little disappointing.
  20. Honestly now wondering why the Blue Jackets have yet to use an Ohio outline tv number!
  21. How would it look with the letters in the blue and the outline in gold?
  22. The gritty Los Angeles and the sailing theme on the third seem a bit incongruous. Otherwise it’s an improvement. The Clippers have a really incoherent identity.
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