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  1. bottom left is the best, the font is amazing. if you could incorparate the current mountain with that font i think their logo would be perfect.
  2. the yankees should have a home uni with "yankees" script. new stadium, new unis...they need to stop holding on to the past so much and try looking into the future and present times and make a new history. im going to get flammed for this for sure. i tried making a jersey with it but i failed ultimatley but i think it would look good as a jersey. i also feel that every jersey should have players names on them, the back looks so empty without them and i make reference to when your on a school dont have a name, you just have number assigned to you for the season and the its done, like you dont have importance, your just there for a short time, if you know what im saying?
  3. i love the logo and colors, i love it because i am from long island and it represent where we come from, something for us 'islanders' to be proud of...even though the team sucks right now. if we get a new arena ( could happen if we dont have to include the mini city with it) and actually get a team of good players together, this franchise will be repected again, but as for now theyre just the team that everyone wants to play because they will blow it in the 3rd period.
  4. i liek these hats alot, it would be nice if every team went that way for the stars and stripes series this year, id definelty go spend another $35 on mets hat like that. i really liek that hat with the 2 toen and flag logo.
  5. i have mets replica jerseys that are stiched in layers, i really like it and like the thickness of it. for some reason these replicas i got the name and number on the back are exactly like the authentic ones, the mets replicas just dont have the number on front or arm patches and i could care less for that. does the new jerseys looks like a flat iron on thing now, cuz if they do im definetly not buying mets jerseys anymore...i like the replicas now and i cant afford authentics. i have a black wright jersey, a black piazza jersey (russel), a black nameless jersey, and a pinstripe nameless jersey. i want to get an all white nameless one but if they changed the stiching then im not going to waste money on it.
  6. joey mcdonald has the best helmet personally. and second is rich dipietro with the pow/mia helmet. i liek the use of the team logos and colors and stuff like american flags and pow stuff over gargylies and dragons and stuff that has nothing to do with the team. the rangers goalies also have great hemlets and legace/ mason from st louis helmets looks awsome too. roloson from edmonton has a really nice helmet too and the gold mask adds alot to it.
  7. Nationals where did you see that? i didnt see in the article. i like their unis and theyre only 4 years old...are they going to change because the need the revenue money from merchendise sales?
  8. Why? i dont like stirrups, maybe because im only 16, but i definetly think players should show thier socks. we were taught in little league to have the socks shown, i always did that...i hated having my pants all the way down.
  9. i was thinking the same thing, but i wanted to put a teal outline around the wordmark, but it just wasnt coming out right. do you think it would look better with black socks? all teal hat?
  10. okay, instead of going with a completly new look, i just used the old look from the 90's and the curent wordmark and BP logo for the hat and made a road uni for the miami marlins. maybe florida will change to this? idn. (ignore the shoulder patch, idn how to remove it without messing up the jersey, im a newb)
  11. personally, i dont like the new look. looks very dark and cartoonish. the old logo was better, with the more realistic looking dragon and i felt that orange, red, and black goes better then dark green and black.
  12. boooo !!!! the islanders cant move !!! but they will if the coliseum redevelopment doesnt go through...they could move to brooklyn if the nets new arena gets built but i rather have them stay at the coliseum right here on long island.
  13. the blue looks great, just make the white font and numbers and hat logo orange and the shadow white and t should be awsome.
  14. i actually like the islanders, i like the colliseum, i like the logo, i like the color...i like the logo because im from long island and anything that shows long island in the spotlight imall for cuz shen we say were from long island....everyone is like where? now they know just sucks that i dont watch hockey pretty much at all and the islanders just suck, i wish they were good.
  15. Los Angeles Angeles: Philadelphia Phillies:
  16. the concepts look great, kicking my ass at attempts lol. it looks liek im copying you just that i been busy all day and posted all them at once. how do you guys make them look so clean and use the uni from this website? also, how do you arch words on ms paint?
  17. St. Louis Cardinals: Tampe Bay Rays: Tampa Bay Rays Alt:
  18. also, why cant i see my post in back on the menu? is it because im a newb poster? i can only get to it by doing an advanced search for it.
  19. i would liek to but i just dont have the skills or time to attempt right about to finish 11th grade so i got all my tests and school work and colleges to look at right now. i tried a yankees alternate uniform with the yankees word mark in red with yankee hat and bat for the k and made an excus eliek im a newb and used paint and got my a$$ torn apart by the vets here, i just took the logo and pasted it on a jersey temp and they got so mad at me and told me i dont deserve to post and stuff. but really it just comes down to just not having the skills or enough hours in the days to make concepts liek the pros here do, but maybe you guys can try...ive seen tampa bay and a milwaukee version but with the wrong colors, and i no baltimore used to have the city on the aways but removed it awhiel back. i think it would interesting to see if anyone could get a philadelphia or los angels (angeles ) on them since they never had city on the aways before. ill try my copy and pst with the logo again, but i just dont want to piss people off again with my lack of skills
  20. i wanted to start a topic were we can make concepts of the 6 MLB teams with out city names on their aways. I always wanted to see every team with the city name on the aways and thought i should throw this topic out there and idn give you guys something to try since im a newb and have no design skills at all, but i do enjoy this site and the work everyone does here. so maybe something alone the line of a gray and maybe a colored/black alt away for the teams. all i can say is i guess have fun, since i cant lol , hopefully someday i cant get to level where i can make good versions of unis liek everyone here NL: -Philadelphia Phillies -Milwaukee Brewers -St. Louis Cardinals AL: -Baltimore Orioles -Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim -Tampa Bay Rays i actually attempted them, i only made MIL, TB, STL, and BAL ....i cant find a philly or los angeles word script, Baltimore Orioles: Milwaukee Brewers: Milwaukee Brewers Alt: im willing to make more and make changes.
  21. they need to use the city name on the roads, i hate teams that use the same uni for home and away ie: phillies, cardinals, brewers, ect can you make their current road uni (gray) and road alt ( navy) with the city name scrpt on it? not with the mb glove logo , the one with the wheat logo.
  22. im sorry it was done really badly, like i said , it was my first time, im only 16, and i was in a rush. i have no skills what so -every in designing jerseys, but its been on my mind for awhile and just wanted to get it out there. Idn if i put more time into it and had more skills, would it look better but idn, thanks for th constuctive crtitism.
  23. this is my first attempt at a concept, it is done poorly and it was done on paint so im sorry for the bad quality, also dont mind the back, pants, or hat ..its just just focusing on the front of th jersey. as we all know the yankkes only have 2 jerseys. they're so old and boring, i though why not have an alt. jersey. i would like your opinions on it and if anybody could make it look more prfessional im fine by it and stuff, i only want credit it the yankees take the design and give money to the person who did it lol.
  24. AL East: race here AL Central: DET... i feel only competition is CLE but still... AL West: LAA...most likely, maybe SEA will be up there again AL Wildcard: would like to see either TB/ KC/ TEX win it..but its all NYY NL East: NYM (GO METS !!! )..might be tight with ATL/ PHI...or run away with a 15 game lead liek '06 NL Central: CHI/ MIL/ STL....idn, NLC seems weak NL West: COL/ SD/ LAD...tight race NL Wildcard: ATL/ PHI/ MIL/ SD/ COL/ LAD...maybe more teams....going to be the closest and most intense race this season. Bigeest Surprise: TB...the team totally changed their look and outlook for the they all feel for a reason to go into ST and the seaosn instad of another 5th place 30 GB season...look for 4th place this year, maybe 3rd if TOR fails but i heard theyre pretty good.