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  1. My High school: Bay Shore Marauders, Bay Shore, Long Island, NY This is our true logo: This is our true logo in the middle of new football field: These are some of the "other logos" our school district uses for different groups (nobody likes these, were not the Vikings):
  2. my islanders do their banners best!
  3. lol the Olympics has become such a joke. weird fashion statements, pointless competitions, their isn't a real appeal to the Olympics anymore. give me the MLB, NHL, and NFL anyday over the olympics
  4. man it must be nice to have millions to blow on useless :censored:. glad I went to a local school who put emphasis on education and not on some overblown athletic program
  5. Mets: IIRC, the skyline logo represents something from each borough? Islanders: the new logo has the 4 stripes on the stick for the 4 cups, also like how the I points to where the coliseum is.
  6. ill use my school Farmingdale State College (D-III) Farmingdale, NY on Long Island. Academic colors are green and white. Athletics uses green, white, gold, and a lot of black. Stony Brook university also does this. Academics (new) is red and white Athletics are red, white, blue.
  7. i thought all the teams wearing the grey hats witht he grey roads looked great, the white hats didnt look as good for some reason
  8. i cant help but think 90% of minor league baseball teams names sound ...stupid. really, desert gators? cmon now. on another topic, in he atlantic league of professional baseball, the camden riversharks changed thier logo which now predominetly containes thier sponsor WaWa in giant red letters when the logo itself is white, navy and light blue and grey. looks wrong
  9. i need to ge tmyself a new ipod, i still use an 1st gen ipod nano ( click wheel is done after falling in a puddle, still works on shuffle play on my tv) and my 2nd gen ipod touch ( apple stopped updating it at iOS 2.3 cant download most apps anymore and the existing oens crash and need to be updated and dont run due to not being iOS 4.3 or newer)
  10. the only reason the did a redwsign is to get people to buy thier crap, unfortunately, the redesign is just that...crap.
  11. S&S look bad, the idea is just getting ridiculous now. just take the regular team hat and put an american/ candaian flag patch on it. cant look anymore out of place & guady wearing camo hats. the only team that looked right doing it was the padres and thats still pushing it. i dont see how dressing baseball players in military style camo is an "honor" to those giving the ultimate sacrifice or honoring their country? honestly if i was in the military, esp deployed and saw death all around me and i came home to see a bunch of overpaid sports stars wearing it, it would piss me off, id probally go on a PTSD rage saying, you want to wear camo and pretend youre military, then put your life on the line and deal with what me and my fellow brothers and sisters went through. Im sorry about the long rant but thats just my opinion. flag patch and call it a day, the series is getting to be TOO much now. also, whent he price of the hat pushes $40 price tag, thats nuts, i know they say proceeds go to charities, but really.. how much goes to these charities. you know the teams, the league, and new era are taking their more than fair share out of it.. additionally, i agree that the level of ignorance towards the bluejays hat is slightly disturbing. blue jays are in an entirely different country, they have their own military history, memorials, designs and units. I know if i was a candaian and saw that new era decided oh, well the other 29 teams are american and since america is the world police force now, they wont mind if we just throw their only national spotlighted baseball team in with the rest of the american cities. its like a slap in the face to those who served in the candian armed forces.
  12. the guy who did the study on changing the islanders identity, including removing oranage is rediculous, every single seat at the coliseum had ORANAGE rally towels instead of the over played white ones. the fans love the oranage, and the orange really pops against white and royal blue. they really need to leave the identity of this team alone. it wasnt the look of the team that needed changing, it was management and on ice production that needed to be changed.
  13. well thats lame in my opinion. but its nowhere near as lame as teams such as my mets puting "los" on thier uniforms for latino nights.
  14. idk if its the XL centers lighting but the wilds green alts theyre wearing today look black on tv. very drab looking...but this is coming from an islanders fan who is use to seeing white, royal, and bright orange every game
  15. blue mets roads vs braves red homes tonight
  16. as predicted, the isles are being absolutley manhandled, destroyed, and downright embarrassed out there. they did it to themselves by blowing the last three games against garbage CARm PHI, and BUF. could have been playing MON where we would of had a chance. this team has no chance against the pens.
  17. as an islanders fan, and reading the responces from the initial group questions and the fans reactions on the official message boards at islandermania, there is an overwhelming hatred towards the idea of rebranding anything about this team except changing our crappy thirds. we dont want brooklyn in the name, we dont want the colors changed, we dont want the logo changed, and we dont want the primary unis changed. if they change anything along those lines, they will alienate a HUGE portion of its fan base from long island. the team might as be an expansion draft team at that point because the isles would be dead. really am getting sick of this brooklyn is hip, gangsta, and the center of the universe mentality. we are not moving to brooklyn for a rebirth like the nets did, we are moving to brooklyn because we were about to be homeless and needed a place to call home. we have an identity, we have hisotry, we have tradition, and we have fans. were not the :censored:ty nets with no history or fan base whatsoever. if i remember correctly, some of the questions the focused grouped asked fans for the reaction included: -changing the name to "Islanders Hockey" from "New York Islanders" ...yea, no location. -changing the colors ( removing oranage and focusing on blue/ white. navy/ white, black/ white.. and any of those combos) -changing the logo. -having a celebrity owner? 99.9% of the fans hated anythign involving rebrand and name changes and things along those lines. half of the fans were interested in the clebrity owner because charles wang, though did prevent the islanders from moving, has not put a dime into this team in years. fans consider wang one of the worst owners ever and want a new one when the move or they feel nothing will change.
  18. this guy is a complete tard , islander fans have blown up his twitter account showing their anger with the idea of anything involving a name, logo, or color change to the primaries. we isles fans know them as blue, orange, and white. there is absolutley no need to dilute the isles into the lightning and leafs, NONE. Im tired of brooklyn thinking theyre the , if they change anything about htis team, its like giving the finger to the existing fans from long island. the more that is released, the more it sounds like brooklyn nets/ barclays is trying to take over the team and forget about their history and where the fans are from. they shold have been rewarded a expansion team, dont treat the isles with 40 years hisotry and one of the greatest cup runs in history, and some of the best fans in the game who endured absoulte garbage on and off the ice for 20+ years, like theyre an expansion team. on the other hand, they can do what ever they want to the thirds, the current black ones are a disaster
  19. islanders have mailed it since clinching a playoff spot. they must really want to play pittsburgh which is almost guarenteed an elimination for the isles, but if they go in playing like they have the last few games, the isles will be in and out and done before it even started, they easily could be swept by the pens with the way they been playing. they played liek crap against car, they played like even worse crap against phi, and tonight against buf, theyre playing like its february again. this team is in extreme danger come game 1 vs pit if they done turn it on.
  20. jets just gave the finger to its fan base again, 43 years or whatever wasnt enough..
  21. islanders are thankful for making the playoffs but they tanked the last two games against a craptastic hurricanes and flyers. we were in the 6th spot talking 5th with a very favorable match up and in a flash rangers and sens jump us back to 8th. The chances of the isles beating the penguins in the 1st round is practically nothing, i mean mircales happen but on paper the chances dont look good. If they get eliminated in first rounf because they played the penguins, the isles will have no one to blame but themselves for mailing it in after clinching and blowing their seeding. anyways, LETS GO ISLANDERS!!!
  22. as an islander fan, i can say us fans are getting sick of the reputation :censored:ty owners and the garbage teams they put on the ice for the last 25 years has done to us. everyone says the islanders have no fans, well what do you expect, 20 years of losing, the last time they won a playoff series was 1993! they charge through the roof prices for tickets, parking, consessions, and merchendise which is almost impossible to find anywhere outside of the team store in the coliseum. The ownership and managment give the fans NO reason to come out in droves every game and spend a ton of money when they dont do it themselves. the islanders as someone said is JT and a bunch of scrubs, they shouldnt be charging fans more then $20 to see their consitent inconsitency. We are glad that the team is staying close, but were also sad to see that the team is moving from its home because of inept ownership/managment groups for most fo the franchise existance, and the incompetent corrupt politicians of nassau county and town of hempstead that did everythign possible to prevent th islanders from staying. Its not the fans fault the team sucks and is moving to brooklyn, its the ownership/ managment and the politicians fault. us fans are waiting for the team to give us reaosns to come back. ANd the islanders, though with their inconsitency to move ahead, have ahad some big crowds this season ( though the team usually puts up a giant goose egg and doesnt show up to those games)
  23. what caught my attention was the addition of a jumbotron, they said it would go where the toyota sign is. i didnt know where it waas so i looked up a pic and holy the toyota sign is so bad, if i was a cubs fans id take a jumbotron over that signage anyday, besides, the iconic budwiser roof is now a united ad, so who cares if thats lost.