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  1. how would the jerseyes look with piping like the mets jerseys? also with the logo replaced with a front number?
  2. blue jays and mets win awards for best redesign of the offseason, hands down! o cant wait to see these two in action. what i cant wait for is to see how the new wild cards play effect this season, and espcially in 2013 when the astros switch leagues, which honestly isnt a big deal if theres interleague daily, the astros will still play all the national league teams as always. it will be cool to see the mets playing some american league tems we never get to see or in cities they havent played in such as cleveland or tornoto
  3. theres the islanders logo, long island isnt a state, but it should be
  4. what adds insult to injury, the islanders released a video describing thier whole unifrom history, all 8 changes. point sin the video that stood out were: -fans LOVE the classic look, and logo. its what they won thier 4 cups in and the fans embrace that, -the fan backlash was so severe with the fishstick jerseys they had no choice but to return back to the originals, except they kept navy blue instead of royal. -the ORANGE jersey was the best selling jersey ever in the entire history of the franchise (hmm, should of followed this one isles) -the introduced the current homes back in 2007 for throwback night and the fans were overwhelmingly in love with it, they then canceled the orange alt and added a royal classic jersey as thier alt in 2008. the fans loved it so much that they made it thier official home and road jerseys after that due to the fan love and support for them. hmm.. so the islanders did EVERYTHING opposite stated in that video, released only a few hours before the trash bags were released. when rumor spread the jersey was balck, fans said NO BLACK, when released leaked images of black got out, fans and sports critics screamed UGLY WE HATE BLACK!!, and yet, today, the same day thier baseball partners learned to listen to thier fans and eliminate black and embrace thier true identity, the islanders felt it was neccessary to released a black and grey jersey in the mist of a horrible 1-10 in thier last 11 games stretch and 20+ years of failure? wtf is this team thinking, were they thinking at all in the first place? should have went with no alt, or an orange version of thier perfect home/road set and never change again.... that is until the team moves in 3 years.
  5. the mets look amazing, thank god they listen to the fans finally...unlike my other team, the islanders who just just destroyed thier perfect look with thier abomination of black and grey and lack of classic logo. i cant wait to see the mets in action, espcially the new roads, havent seen them in blue on the road... well my whole life, i was only 6 in 1997 so i dont remember the mets then.
  6. what a disaster...i honestly feel liek this was done on purpose for 2 reasons. 1) the team needs money, new jerseys mean money, not alot but some stupid people will go and buy this trash. they will then listen to the fans and create a beautiful jersey, an orange one probally and thier revenue will explode. 2)they wanted to piss the existign fans off so bad that when they leave NY in 3 years, no one will be left so they can literally slip out the back door unnoticed
  7. so the american and national leagues are disbanded because its going to be a full season interleague? how will they determine who makes the playoffs at that point? will they be going with eastern and western with divsions within like hockey?
  8. Sorry, but you're unintelligent rants complete with misspelling on every single word of your posts makes them rather irrelevant. If you can't display your frustration an dislike of the set with at least a small amount of rational thought, you, and the others, probably shouldn't be posting around here right now. Others are able to express their displeasure without sounding like 8 year olds. sorry grammar police, ill go back and fix all my mistakes. -___- No, just try growing up. just fixed that, i apologized. let the rants and discussions continue on the uniforms, we dont need to waste space talking about spelling and growing up anymore. most people can agree the marlins messed up, its a downgrade. im glad im not a marlins fan because i dont have to see that 162 games a year, luckily im a mets fan, well i dont know how lucky that makes me, but theyre making much needed changes very soon and thats all im looking foward too. sorry for clogging the borard up with stupid pointless rants.
  9. Sorry, but you're unintelligent rants complete with misspelling on every single word of your posts makes them rather irrelevant. If you can't display your frustration an dislike of the set with at least a small amount of rational thought, you, and the others, probably shouldn't be posting around here right now. Others are able to express their displeasure without sounding like 8 year olds. sorry about my mis-spellings and rants, i know they look stupid. i need to slow down when typing and read over what i write before hitting post. I did go back and fix all my spelling errors that i noticed though.
  10. want to know something funny...just checked the miami marlins facebook page and thier website message board, 99.9% of the people ABSOLUTLEY HATE the new marlins, they hate everything about the new marlins. the only thing they're happy about is not playing in a football stadium but they're not happy with the new stadium, not happy with the team, and they hate with a passion the new redesign and jeff loria. way to go loria, you just pissed off a fan base you been alienating for years so bad they're all talking about jumping ship. they finally get a stadium they can watch the team play in for once instead of metling away in the pouring florida rains, and you go and destroy the team they knew. class act owner right there, completely ignored the fan base all together. teal was selling, people wanted teal back and instead they produce this crap. they pulled an islanders.. fans:"no black" - owners:"heres your third jersyes.. a :censored:ty looking black jersey, FU fans"
  11. "The Mets are going to borrow significantly, I hear, from the early 1960s uniforms. ? so it will just be the orange and blue lettering ? script Mets for the home lettering, block letters and NEW YORK for the roads.” That's all I saw from Rubin. maybe you beat me here, i might have been dreaming the stuff i wrote, i remember reading it somewhere though, i think over at the message board i hope to god they dont go block letters on the roads, either keep the current road script or adpot the same as the home because the ones ive seen looks really good on here. heres the link: banner day is coming back too apparently? they lost interest in the young fans due to thier consistent sucking so theyre trying to lure old school fans back in?
  12. slogan: " 50 years of pure suckage with 7 playoff apprerances and 2 championships" j/k of course!
  13. adam rubin, the guy applying for lobby ( whatever that means but its all we hear as mets fans since the omar minaya mess) wrote on espn that it will be wednesday and stated the following: - primary home becomes the 1962 pinstripes with no black -all white becomes home alt with no black. -black jerseys/hats stay but will be used rarely so im guess never at home. what im worried about is he didn't mention anything about the road unis...will they change the font? are they going all blue? i hope so and one would guess they are if theyre getting rid of the hybrid hat and dropping black from all unis except the black ones. i cant wait to see the mets look good again, now lets see how long it takes the team to play how they look too.
  14. honestly, your recolor looks better than the actual mess
  15. im laughing at the massive amount of negative feedback these are getting, go to yahoo baseball and read the artile about jeff loria and how bad of an owner he actually is and where this team is heading. and one again, this is such a fail rebrand WHEN THERE IS NO PRIMARY LOGO!!! the m logo with the marlin wait.. miami-slug should have been it alone and even still it's horrible, but loria decides to throw miami under it, not even marlins.. just miami. OKAY LORIA we get that you want to be called miami, your just kissing the city ass now cuz you stole a stadium from them to allow you to stay and steal money from every other team in baseball. loria is a slimeball, he killed the expos leaving the nationals in a huge mess, and now hes surely on his way of killing the marlins.. oh wait he did already because what we see here is the same as texas....just the miami miamians. grade:F for FAIL
  16. mets are revealing new package on wednesday
  17. what a disaster, the whole set looks liek pure . glad im not a marlins fan because that what ever it is that theyre gonna be wearing is a disgrace and a slap in the face to the organization, the players, and the fans. look liek a bunch of clip art, there is no primary logo, the hat looks boring, the unifroms are even more boring. the miami script looks so bad it looks so uneven with the giant m on one side and have 3 letters on the other side. the only jersey that looks kind of okay is the orange. god, i honestly feel bad for marlins fans...they lost thier team at the end of the 2011 season, what you got here are the jeff loria's miami miamians...complete fail of a redesign in my opinion. i may have went overboard but i dont care, the marlins look liek a joke of a team now. the stadium is a mess, thier identity is a mess, and thier owner is an ass.
  18. the royals concept looks AMAZING, two things i would change though, I would not make the KC in the diamond the primary, its more a sleeve patch liek previolusly stated, the primary shoudl be the KC witht he crown above it, and also try addings a white outline to the royal blue alt, its looks alittle flat with just yellow on the blue. oher than that, i really wish the royal would go this route, the yellow adds so much depth to the whole identity.
  19. look at the picture a few posts back. in center field there are a few rings they are building this it will do that when they hit a home run holy ,wtf is that? my mets have the cheesy apple but thats been mets tradition since mets magic in the 80's, this, THAT mess is just what it is....a mess, its digusting and has NO place in any baseball stadium. loria has EXTREMELY BAD taste in art if he thinks that is "good"
  20. atl is probally adding red to the navy jerseys, and using the home cap with them,
  21. just wondering sinc eim not sharp on baseball history, but when does this movie take place? i thought the movie took place before mt.davis was built. if so thats a huge inaccuracy right there.
  22. For example, going with the asinine "city name on all the uniforms" dynamic like the Rangers. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing to help promote the name change. could't agree more. i hate when teams have their name on the road instead of the city/ state they play for, but i hate it even more when they put the city/ state on the home and all unis. why the do you need the city name ont he home unis, EVERYONE knows theyre miami, theyr eplaying in a stadium in :censored:ing miami... some desicions will never be understood.
  23. i knew from the beginning they were going to put miami on the home uni too...they arent the rangers. goign to look pathetic. why even call them marlins anymore, they dont even seem to be embracing it. its like all miami, even the "marlin" in the logo looks pathetic.
  24. i think im in the minority here but i HATE the brown and yellow theme for the pardres, it looks flat out discusting to me. on the other hand, the padres in the chargers colors looks absolutley amazing to me. just the way nazy, white, yellow, and powder blue combine just looks so much better than their current look and the brown and yellow.