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  1. i can live with the basic block font for the M with crazy contrasting colors, but that over-simplistic marlin shaped thing looks horrible. the original marlin was amazing looking, that just looks like crap.
  2. one of the worst redesigns in mlb history. Marlins have a great identity which they honestly have been ruining over the past decade by eliminating teal and becoming mostly black and silver. They wore their black alt way too much and it looks liek it isnt going to change in the new stadium with the new look. The players and fans are going to revolt on how discusting loria has made this team. everything he has done for this team has been a joke. He robs miami for a new stadium when hes a multi millionaire, he ships his players out as soon as they become good, and now he think shis wonderful art taste can translate into redesigning the marlins and making the most pathetic looking hr celebrating ive ever seen. I like what everyone is saying about this mess...looks like its for a club or motel in miami. the logo is proving that and that ugly hr marlins jumping thing looks like something from mardi gras or something...way too gaudy for this sport. i cant wait to see the fans turn out for a few games to check out the new stadium, then revolt against the team again for charging high prices, for puttign the same crappy team on the field, and making the team that plays like it, look it too. hopefully, the marlins learn from other teams that when the fans dont like it, even from a small leak, they better change before it become too late.
  3. id love this if they use this as thier third, just add the name plate and its perfect. what the hell are they thinking using black?
  4. i love this, the road script is amazing! the only thing id change is make the home alt blue also and make the scrpits blue with orange outline on the home and road, and orange with white outline on the blue alts. i like the orange brim hats with tha alts too.
  5. Would you or anyone else happen to know if the wordmark on a blank replica is the same (or similar) quality as an authentic? Obviously, I could buy a replica that is much cheaper than an authentic, then go about putting patches, NOB and numbers on it. Replicas are one stitched on twill that is then screened on the colors. If you want an authentic looking jersey you should just buy an authentic (if you can afford it) they are much better quality, materials, and are exactly what the pros wear. Adding patches to a replica would be a pain in my opinion. I would just leave a replica as is or buy an authentic. P.s. A custom replica and an added patch would be near the same price as a blank authentic for some teams. If you have any other questions just PM me. Are the royals dropping the powder jersey too, because it was also on sale? and that is why ill never buy a jersey again. mlb realized they overprice thier authentic jerseys so fans were buying the replicas which looked identical to the authentics, at least my mets jerseys did. the replicas looks liek crap now with the screen pacthes instead of the layers like it use to have. Its a drastic notice on mets jerseys becasue the material is so different from the jersey is stands out so bad, and on the pinstripe jersey, the patch adds an un-nesssisary white outline on the scrpt that you can see the pinstripes under! the replicas look HORRIBLE ever since they switched it, and its all to get people to buy more authetincs for retarded prices because no one in thier right mind would want one of those cheap looking replicas anymore, the look almost as bad as being a china-knockoff to me.
  6. what about the islanders? any word if they still plan on adding a third? i hope to god its not black as rumored, it would be nice to see them attempt an orange jersey again. blue orange and white, to me is one of the best color combos in sports (mets, islanders, knicks, broncos, astros, bears,)
  7. astros wearing thier brick home alts today against the mets, they look horrible with the all black hat, brick uni with cream numbers and lettering, and white pants.
  8. Independent baseball - Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Past, Present, Future teams, all star game logos, stadium logos, ect. Past: Atlantic city Surf, Nashau Pride, Newark Bears, Newburgh Black Diamonds, Aberdeen Arsenal, Leigh Valley Black Diamonds, Present: Long Island Ducks, Bridgeport Bluefish, Somerset Patriots, Lancaster Barnstormers, Road Warriors, York Revolution, Camden Riversharks, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Future: SugarLand Skeeters, Loudon Hounds Never Realized: Bergen Cliff Hawks
  9. their website seems to be embracing the maple leaf and blue alot more
  10. i love how theyre called the nets, but there is no net in the logo, just a rim?
  11. img] i NEED this hat, and the mets should have this instead of the black and blue
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    the cubs vest looks amazing with the blue undershirt, i wouldnt mind seeing that on the field.
  13. i didnt get a real chance to look at the whole paper but from the covers, the logo changed to match the website logo. it says newsday scrod the top now instead of the N in the blue box. the paper is still the smaller size. they added the weather for the day to top corner of the cover. The same logo applies to the back for the sports section. i dont know what toher chnages were included inside the paper. but the ones i listed look alot better than the old version.
  14. today, newsday changed its format for its printed papers on long island. There was a story in the paper saying they listened to public opinions to make the paper better for us long islanders and they put those opinions into fruitition. The cover now includes the wordmark from thier website instead of the giant N in a blue sqaure. They added a few extra pages that target long islanders, translating to an extra 2,600 pages anually. New Front Cover: Old Front Cover: New Sports Cover: Old Sports Cover:
  15. i can see the rangers dropping the blue alt jersey. they seem to always wear red when they can, and have worn the red jersey every home game in the only if they put rangers on the home jerseys again
  16. the islanders wore thier new road unis at home against the rangers who wore thier home blues in mondays game in thier first cross-town rival game. the new white unis look AMAZING. the islanders definetly got it right by going back to the classic unis. Id say keep it as is but if they add a third they should have an orange uni based off the same design.
  17. what id like to see happen: Mets - drop black from anything on field, go with a blue alternate with orange letters, numbers and piping, maybe blue hat with ornage bill. deleted everything else because i really couldnt care less what they do, they're not my team.
  18. tropicana 12 packs have new packaging and its looks really good. sorry no pics, i work in a supermarket that arrest people for taking pictures inside the store -___-
  19. 2010 mets opening day is here and damn, do those cream pintsripes with blue hats look amazing on the green grass bight sun and blue skys. the marlins look good to actually wearing gray on the road for once instead of black which they basically did every game last season.
  20. theres also talks of a team being located in Mass. and also in Yonkers. And if Islanders and Charles Wang ever get the lighthouse project going, theres suppose to be a second long island team to rival the long island ducks. theres also the bergen cliffhawks who were suppose to have a new stadium built with the xanadu complex in the medowlands.
  21. looks absolutley retarded. im glad the mets have an apple over that garbage. its going to clash so badly with the blue seats, green wall, black and silver marlins on the field, this team looks like a mess now. should of just kept the teal and white. and had a simple marlin jump out of water, not have 3 weird looking fish move across some weird looking pole. loria ruined the expos, and hes just making the marlins look more of a joke, the only good thing i can say about him is he got them a new stadium ( but couldnt in montreal?) and someone mentioned bad decision because its not what the fans want. well the mets brought the new apple to citi field because, well the fans wanted it, and the skyline, now were getting blue and orange and mets logos and pictures, and a hall of fame. the wilpons are givng what the fans want( not on field though) but it just seems like loria just doing it cuz he likes art, weird art.
  22. i think NHL should go back to the CCM style jerseys, with the basic lines and collar. they just look so much better. also, at islander games, 90% of fans have the old CCM jerseys there really isnt that many edge styles on fans there.
  23. its not an outline, its the new crappy letters majestic uses on its replica jerseys. it actually ruined the jersey. the mets jerseys look like trash with that extra outline, especially on the pinstripe, because theres a white outline on pinstripe, and looks extremely bad. same with black jerseys, the black outline isnt the same color as the black jersey material. they basically went from having the letters be stiched in layers, to just making it a one layer patch basically, looks very cheaply made and only used as a cost saving tactic.