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  1. I like the new look. Not great, but a solid update. Probably still tastes terrible though.
  2. That is a fun fact. It's only on the gloves, so I don't hate it. But it definitely screams, "minor league".
  3. The all-purple Vikings game in 1964 started with both the Lions and Vikings wearing white for the first quarter. And I think the infamous Bills-Jets Color Rush counts because of the colorblindness issue.
  4. "TiGeRs aRe OrAnGe, sO tHe UniFoRms ShOuLd bE aLL oRaNge" This falls into the same trap as the current uniforms, being a tiger costume instead of a football uniform with tiger elements.
  5. Qatar World Cup continues to be an atrocity. F*%#ing hell. FIFA should be permanently dismantled for allowing this.
  6. Maybe an attempt at something like this padded helmet from 1968?
  7. I understand the historical significance of the new name, but woof... what a clunker. Why not Auntie Pearl, just with no character on the label?
  8. Making the roman numerals see-through was a terrible decision. The L looks like an I. Why are they so hellbent on making sure we see the entire trophy? We'd all still recognize it without seeing the base.
  9. I would hope piping is dead, but trends are cyclical. I thought gradients and side panels were dead, but Nike (and the AAF and XFL2.0) proved us wrong on that.
  10. Well that would make more sense.
  11. Although he did introduce the gold helmet to Washington, along with the Packers' uniform template. Unfortunately, he never saw the gold helmets take the field. Even though he was colorblind, he must have appreciated the balance of light/dark/light to some extent.
  12. I'm guessing it's because the Packers throwback was designed during the Reebok era.
  13. Only Tom Brady could make an act of deference in the douchiest way possible.