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  1. The White Ranger was originally supposed to be a new character. JDF was supposed to be the star of his own Saban show, Cybertron. After the pilot they changed it to VR Troopers, and replaced JDF with the actor that was supposed to be the new White Ranger.
  2. Don't like the white helmet, but that pose is fantastic. Other teams take note.
  3. With the all black jersey and pants, they really missed an opportunity to have actual white socks. That would have looked so nice. Overall, these look okay. They still look like the White Sox, even if they do look like a GTA knockoff, and I'm sure those hats and jerseys will be extremely popular with their target market.
  4. The Blue Jays hat is hilariously lazy. They just copy/pasted the maple leaf from the logo, and slapped a generic "Toronto" pennant on the side. Fantastic.
  5. For the 1982 season, the Washington 32s tucked in the feathers on their logo, but returned to the hanging feathers the next season. In 1994 the Detroit Tigers started using their current road script, but the jerseys also introduced racing stripes, and they had an orange-brimmed hat with an orange D. They were only worn during the strike-shortened season. In 1995 the Tigers introduced a navy blue alternate jersey. It lasted one game.
  6. I guess what I should have said was, "The name United made sense for DC, so it wasn't as obvious that they were using a Euro-style name." Wasn't saying Euro-style makes sense for DC more so than other cities. Bad phrasing on my part.
  7. DC United has always used a Euro-style name, but it makes sense for them. The first charter club to switch to Euro was Dallas back in 2005 when they dropped Burn for FC.
  8. Probably replacing the random triangle with 96.
  9. They're still keeping the crappy C flag logo, but we'll take what we can get.
  10. Put the marlin on the front of the hat and remove the pinstripes, and that should be the basis for all their uniforms. It really is baffling that they don't embrace that beautiful blue.
  11. Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Illinois have also had champions in all NCAA football divisions.
  12. It's never been about ridiculing Tebow for his beliefs. It's about poking fun at his fans that idolize him as if he's somehow more righteous than all the other players with strong religious beliefs. Tebow himself seems like an okay guy. His rabid fans are insufferable.
  13. this is what I was talking about! Who are these 15,000 people just dying to support a soccer team in Columbus Ohio as long as they have a different name? What? What a slimy, soulless piece of sh!t. Who the hell treats their fans like that? The guy just told him he would cancel his season tickets if they change the name or colors, and this jackass basically replies with "F off, we don't need you."
  14. That would make sense. Seeing as the patches are on the shoulders, they were obviously tailored that way. It wasn't just a bunch of Chris Sales cutting up jerseys.
  15. I don't know about perfect, but that's the best they've looked in blue. My personal favorite look for them though: It's a shame they replaced the tricorn with wonky-ass Pat Patriot after the first year.
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