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  1. It's not. None of this makes sense. I don't know how forcing every team in the PAC12 to go to Arizona is somehow safer than going elsewhere in the country. Same with the ACC with Miami and FSU, if they go conference only. Just cancel the season already. This is stupid.
  2. Ugh, this again. As an Irish-American Notre Dame fan and a disaffected Washington fan, they are not the same. Not even remotely.
  3. Notre Dame probably sells more merch than UCLA and Cal combined. Their fanbase is massive. How much of that merch is UA stuff I'm not sure. All the shirts I've bought during the UA run have been made by Champion.
  4. They also have a very slight (and inconsistent) curve to the vertical strokes, making it even worse. It looks like it's melting, or like it's a bad photocopy of the actual logo.
  5. It does kinda look like muscles and tendons now that you mention it...
  6. While it could be interpreted as a cowboy, it definitely looks like a Confederate wearing a slouch hat as well. And with the gray of the jackets and the red of the battle flag, I just don't think it's far enough removed from Confederate imagery.
  7. I think a James Dean style rebel would be much more fitting of the school's 1950s origins, and would be unique.
  8. Demoff: "What if people think the new uniforms are overdesigned?" *Nike slides bone uniform design across table* Nike: We've got it covered.
  9. What is it with Nike and putting wordmarks in dumbass places? Also the gradient is stupid, and "bone" jerseys are ridiculously stupid. Reserving judgement on the helmet and sleeves.
  10. Yup, and I was the one that posted it when they were released. I wouldn't have a problem with the designs if that's what they were doing, but yeah, they promoted this for a week as "long lost designs", and it's really annoying the crap out of me.
  11. I think the best way to describe the new ram head is "Good, but incomplete". I know the horns are the focus, but they really spent no time at all on the face. It's like they just blocked it out to show how the head shape would look with the horns, and the rams signed off on the draft.
  12. Those uniform designs are 100% bullfrogsh!t. For one, that style of design wasn't being done in 2009. And two, this is the jersey design they actually released back then:
  13. Is this the NFL Merry-Go-Round thread, or the Los Angeles NFL Brands thread? I have no clue anymore.
  14. I'm not usually a fan of italic jersey numbers either, but I think the reason they work for the Chargers is because they've had an italic wordmark in some form since the very beginning. Italics is part of their brand, and always has been.
  15. I'm amazed they got away with such blatant yet poorly executed theft for 19 years.
  16. He might want to check his pants.
  17. What Demoff pictured in his mind:
  18. Oh the LA logo is a total failure of logo design, no doubt about it. I was just saying that there's at least kind of a reason for the split, even if it is a stupid one. And I would be relieved if they came out with the classic horns, but I think that ship has sailed. The best I'm hoping for is the new horn shape without the segmentation or gradients.
  19. The split horn actually serves a purpose in its other uses though. In the LA logo it makes the A more legible (I guess), and in the ram head logo it's part of the perspective. I would hope the designer would be smart enough to just take the shape of the new horn without the split and put it on the helmet. But again, those hopes aren't very high.
  20. They really don't have to. Brand consistency doesn't require that everything look exactly the same. As long as everything feels consistent and cohesive, it works. That doesn't mean they won't do it though, because clearly this is a disastrous rebrand.
  21. Excellent update. Cleaned up the logo, and the black really lets the seafoam stand out instead of competing with the blue and orange. And this definitely deserves it's own thread. No reason this should be lumped into the NBA megathread.
  22. So the alts have nothing on the sleeves or shoulders, and no stripes on the pants or socks? They're just giant brown turds of a uniform?
  23. I completely erased that disaster from my mind and only thought of their 2011 uniforms. Good catch!
  24. Since it definitely looks like they don't have a wordmark or logo anywhere on the new jersey (unless they plopped Brownie or the helmet illustration behind the neck), that raises the question: Who was the last team to introduce new uniforms that did not have a logo or wordmark anywhere on the jersey? EDIT: Looks like it might have actually been the Browns in 99. Neat. EDIT 2: It was actually the Bills with their Navy and nickel nightmare. Thanks to Chawls for catching that one.
  25. "If they only took away the major design elements, it would be fine" is not a good fix of a poor uniform. The stupid wordmarks, stitching, and extended stripes were the whole damn design. If you take those away, what are you even left with?