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  1. Well I'm glad you've figured out a metric that confirms your opinion. I actually think their current identity is one of the least offensive of the Reebok era, and has good elements to build upon. But to claim the logo is one of the best in all of sports is absurd.
  2. You guys are being needlessly heavy-handed about this. It's a message board where we discuss rumors and speculation and have fun with it. It's not a news story for the main site that needs to be thoroughly sourced and fact checked. If Teal turns out to be wrong, then he's wrong; if he's right, then he's right. Why are we silencing him?
  3. Well if the Steelers, Cowboys, Packers, Bears, or Chiefs did a complete rebrand it would be controversial everywhere, not just on these boards. My bet's on Seattle or New England, with Buffalo a distant 3rd.
  4. Like others, I like the Tigers' different color schemes for home and road. I just wish they'd get rid of the white outlines on the roads, then they'd be perfect. I also preferred the quirk of the different D logos for the hat and jersey. I usually like when teams inverse the color hierarchy for the away uniforms, like the Cardinals' blue hats, the NY Giants red numbers (though I prefer the original 2000 aways), the late 90s Falcons, etc. A quirk that I loved was Notre Dame's green uniforms. It used to be that green and blue were kept separate; it was either blue and gold, or green and gold. It worked, and I loved it. Then Under Armour came along and had to muck it up by forcing blue into the green uniforms, and it looks terrible.
  5. And also tell everyone to tuck in their goddamn shirts.
  6. I'm pretty sure all of those teams except Michigan use gold and officially call it as such. It depends on what the actual designation of the colors are, and the actual difference between athletic gold and yellow. Mingjai did a great job of showing that difference between the two. And "athletic" gold isn't a new phenomenon. It used to be known as heraldic gold, otherwise known as Or. It was easier to use shades of yellow to represent gold, and the practice continued through to the present day. Of course, some teams do use athletic gold and call it yellow, and some use yellow and call it gold, so it's not universal.
  7. I did a redesign concept several years ago where I tried to modernize the Kroger logo, but based it on the older version seen here: That might be what they were trying to do here? They definitely went overboard with the simplification and stripped it of any character. Not that the outgoing one was anything special either. They went from outdated and boring, to modern and boring. My concepts for reference: P.S.: F Kroger. They are a garbage company.
  8. The 49FORTY is New Era's version of the '47 Franchise.
  9. Too bad they didn't fight back hard enough and outright refuse to wear them like Washington did. That was probably the only good decision Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder have ever made for the team.
  10. Several players from the 2001 Broncos, including Bill Romanowski, Jason Elam, and Tom Nalen. I'm not sure if Terrell Davis and Ed McCaffrey wore the throwbacks because of injuries. Original: 2001 throwback:
  11. It's not a bad helmet. I even have a mini of it. I just resent it for what it replaced. They also made the burgundy way too bright, which they've gradually corrected over the years.
  12. Redskins: I'll never forgive Lombardi for getting rid of those beautiful spear helmets for this. Notre Dame Football: This was horrendous on so many levels. Notre Dame Basketball: Detroit Tigers: I've always disliked the white outline on the aways, and those hats made the whole thing even worse. Toledo Mud Hens: Love the hat, hate the jersey. Red Wings: WTF even is this?
  13. Hey look, it's every Arizona Cardinals concept ever made.
  14. It's like they didn't even bother to look at the 88 uniforms. Numbers are not even close, ND logos are wrong, and no alternate helmet with the old spray-painted finish. At least the pants color is similar enough? Under Armour really phoned it in this year.
  15. They also darkened it around 2001 before that. I think the current shade is a nice balance between the Gibbs era shade and the classic dark burgundy.
  16. That's pretty much a perfect uniform set. Well done, Syracuse.
  17. Odd that the Ravens players are wearing the black alternate.
  18. The thing many people seem to miss about the Redskins logo is that there's no burgundy in there either. That's brown. So they have the double whammy of having extra colors only in their logo, as well as not even featuring their primary color. All the more reason to use that beautiful spear on the helmet.
  19. Half of MLB was formerly an "alternative baseball league". The American League is the most successful alternative league ever. It just happened to start 108 years ago.
  20. That's how I feel about them. So close to being really good, but marred by completely avoidable mistakes that baffle me as to how they got through to the final design. The inconsistent stripe weights are what bug me most. Based on the background graphic, the shoulders have outer stripes that are a little too thick, while the pants have outer stripes that are too thin and are barely distinguishable from regular Braisher stripes.
  21. I don't think this manufacturer understands how sleeve caps work. Those things are tiny. Does it need to be repeated that those Soul uniforms are a blight on humanity? Yes.
  22. This thing is a disaster. And this is the definition of "Polishing a turd". I like the new one. Nothing spectacular, but solid.
  23. The old uniforms were one of my favorites... in theory. But as Sodboy pointed out, they just continued to get more distorted over the years. So a new look is welcome. Maybe it's because I expected the worst, but I think these are okay. The Good: - The new shade of green is great. Not too bright or too dark, and it's nicely saturated. - The number font is a nice take on traditional block. - I like the shoulder/sleeve stripes. They're modern without being ridiculous. - The candy green helmet color is really nice. The Meh: - The chest wordmark is unnecessary, but inoffensive. - Ditto for the black number outline and facemask The Bad: - The black uniforms are unnecessary, and will be worn way too often. The Confounding: - The pants stripe isn't awful, but it would make so much more sense, and look better if it came up from the knee. The shoulder/sleeve stripes, as well as other branding, establish that the pointed end of the speed triangle is the front. That means the pants stripe is flying into the ground. Plus the uniform would flow better if all the points faced inwards towards the same focal point. - The logo is completely incongruous to the rest of the set. An update of the 78-97 logo would have worked perfectly with the speed triangle motif.