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  1. From what we've heard, the new green is darker than Kelly, but lighter than the current green. The green on the cheerleader uniforms fits that description. Sure, it's very possible the redditor is full of crap, but the cheerleader uniforms are the best piece of evidence we have so far, so we can't just ignore them.
  2. Very possible, but the cheerleaders changing their uniforms so drastically during a rebrand greatly increases the odds of the team using that color scheme as well.
  3. Let's not forget about the new cheerleader uniforms: Based on those, the reddit guy might be pretty accurate. This is going to be bad, guys. Really, really bad.
  4. You think bright golden yellow is drab? I'm going blind just thinking about how you decorate your home.
  5. I'd call those streaks, not notches. A notch is a cut into something, not an extension of it. The Detroit Lions had notches a year before MSU. But I would agree that MSU's were more of a catalyst for the greater trend, especially in college and high school.
  6. That's what I thought as well, but I think it actually makes these the best uniforms of the weekend. The helmet and pants have enough going on and the simple jersey really balances it all out.
  7. At what once again? This is nothing like the rebrands they're infamous for. It's not an anthropomorphic gummy bear swinging a bat. This is pretty restrained for them. The claw marks on everything is definitely overkill. The F logo is all that needed them, and even that could have been executed better. The red pants are bad. They might be somewhat salvageable if everyone wears them up with black socks showing, but we know that's not happening. Also a black belt and piping down the side. Who thought solid red pants would look anything but terrible?
  8. NFL teams: Dark colors are cool and proffessional looking. Also NFL teams: Dark colors make us too hot so let's wear all white for half our home games.
  9. It's the best possible uniform match-up under the circumstances, but it is not great. I wouldn't say it's awful either, but both uniforms have issues and are inferior to other uniforms they have worn.
  10. People have extremely short attention spans now, and you need to constantly flash shiny objects in front of them to keep them entertained. Also marketing. Gotta sell those jerseys. The mainstream interest in sports uniforms is extremely shallow. It basically boils down to, "Oh sh!t, new uniforms! These are !!!!!!" With no real further discussion. Although it is nice that now I can talk about uniforms without being immediately told to shut up. Now I can talk about the colors of the uniform before being told nobody cares.
  11. College football needs to be blown up. What's even the f#cking point anymore? Bring on legitimate minor league football and save us from this crap.
  12. Ugh. This Notre Dame team is better than this. But of course injuries and terrible playcalling strike again. Not saying they'd be winning, but it should be much closer.
  13. So that's where your name comes from. Here I thought you just liked kicking water.
  14. The Falcons' number font is fine, and i like the general idea of the pants stripe, although it could be executed better. The jersey is a hot mess though.
  15. So did people ever view the University of Tennessee as "weak", "soft", or "gay" for their uniforms? It's besically the same aesthetic, minus the red accents and cheesy logo. I just don't understand why the Bucs got so much hate for the creamsicles, but everyone seemed fine with Tennessee. Was it just the logo? Was it that NFL fans were/are more homophobic than college fans?
  16. Those are some terrible team names. Got a good laugh out of Ohio Players. I hope they're playing in Dayton.
  17. I've always thought that "Midwest" was a terribly broad and vague regional term, and I've never considered myself a "Midwesterner". I've always preferred Great Lakes and Great Plains as regions. I feel much more connected to the western parts of PA and NY, and southern Ontario than I do with Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.
  18. Notre Dame looks completely unprepared for this game. Not that that's anything new for Brian Kelly.
  19. Not only do I miss those beautiful uniforms, but I miss the Texans wearing red socks. So simple, but it makes a huge difference.
  20. And Sammy Baugh's #33 is the only number officially retired by Washington.