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  1. I’m calling the Bucs this from now on.
  2. It was pretty great, not gonna lie.
  3. Holy :censored:, this Tyler Skaggs thing just took a whole new, sad turn.
  4. Well one thing is for sure. I’d be more willing to accept an A’s move to Portland than I would :censored:ing Vegas again. Leaving the Bay Area for goddamn Vegas just in general is nuts. It’s such a massive downgrade in so many ways. Portland is at least a cool city.
  5. This is pretty much the first time where I truly believe that. I used to think it was probably just a combination of bad luck happening at the worst time, with just a hint of nerves. That happens to all of us on occasion, and even though it's happened to him a LOT, it seemed purely coincidental and like something he could inevitably get past. At this point, though? I just don't think he's built for that kind of pressure. Some people just aren't. You would think an all time great pitcher like him would be, but that just doesn't seem to be the case.
  6. Would you rather fall into a wood chipper head first or feet first?
  7. Hahahahahaha I :censored:ing LOVE playoff baseball.
  8. Clayton Kershaw is probably one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. But I can’t possibly imagine his legacy is going to ever escape this post season hole he’s dug himself into. It’s deeper than the Grand Canyon at this point. As a Giants fan I love it. But as a compassionate human being, it’s hard to watch.
  9. Hell, if you were a kid in Sacramento in the 90’s there was a good shot you were a Braves fan just for how often they were on national TV thanks to TBS. I absolutely HATED those 90’s Braves teams. But they never really won so they got a lot less scary as time went on. Once Chipper Jones retired (who I was mostly apathetic towards anyway) I had softened my stance pretty heavily. I sort of like this current Braves team and thought they were gonna beat the Cardinals, but lol nope. I’m hoping Washington can get it done, because I’d love to see them get another shot at this Cardinals team, but I fully expect the Dodgers to dismantle them in game 5. Dodgers will probably smoke the Cards too. We might see more Voodoo Birdmagic, because they’re the Cardinals who can only be vanquished by the Giants, but I doubt it.
  10. The city is flat broke. Basically the entire maritime shipping economy that supported the city back in it's heyday has fled across the bay for various different reasons. Bay Area real estate has ballooned to the point where they just can't keep up any longer. Basic services such as fire and police are an underfunded mess, which is why crime is downright horrendous in that area (Worst in the country, in most years). Oakland is fighting like hell to avoid getting sucked up by the rich, tech funded gentrification that has invaded the rest of the Bay Area and they're failing miserably at it and paying the price. There's more to it than that, of course, and someone like @dfwabel could probably elaborate on it better than I can, but that's basically it, in simplest terms.