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  1. Papa Murphy’s Park (Take and Bake pizza chain). As exited as as I am for the new stadium, there is a very large part of me that is going to miss playing on the fairgrounds at Cal Expo. It’s an unreasonable amount of work getting that place set up for every game, as we basically have to bring in everything outside of the bleachers to set up every week for game days, but I can’t tell you how proud it makes me to see it all set up and ready to go for a match. People truly don’t realize just how much effort goes into getting that place ready for game days. I’ll always love that rinky dink little park. Speaking of being proud, I can’t even really describe how incredible tonight was. It was the culmination of nearly a decade of hard work by a ton of different people. Getting to celebrate that moment with all of the fans and all of the people I’ve worked with and everyone who has put their entire lives into this project was absolutely surreal. There have been a handful of rather s****y moments throughout this process, and times where nobody thought this crazy little idea was going to ever be possible. Tonight has made all of it worth it, though. I reached out and gave a big ol hug to our founder and thanked him for all he did to help make this happen. He in turn told me that nothing he did would’ve been possible without me and the rest of the awesome staff we have. We both walked away with a few happy tears after that. To be honest with you, I’m a bit overcome with the emotion of it all right now. It’s been a bit of a tough year in a lot of ways, and I’ve had some stretches where I’ve been pretty openly negative and pessimistic. I want to bottle up some of today and keep it stored away for the next time I have a really low moment. That way I can always remember exactly just why I do all of this bull I do and why I put so much of myself into this. Thank you guys for all listening to me over the course of this journey. I’ve been a bit of a roller coaster at times, admittedly. I’m glad I’ve been able to share some of this with you. Hopefully soon I can share even more in the future. Also, I wanna give a special shoutout to board member @tp49, who I had the pleasure of meeting tonight. Even cooler guy in person than I thought, and he’s long since been one of my favorite posters here.
  2. Having seen their operation up close, my pick would have to be Phoenix. They have a great ownership group, an incredible fan base, and are working on getting a new stadium. They’re the bid that’s most similar to Sacramento’s bid IMO. I have a bit of a soft spot for their operation. Charlotte has the the cash and the ownership heft (which in reality is all that matters, sadly) but they haven’t put in the time yet. I say let them come with 31 or 32.
  3. Yes, but it was VERY subtle. They removed a few outlines here and there, and dropped the championship star that was added on after the first season. I'll try to post an example later today, as it's somewhat difficult to find online. Edit: Here we go. The left is the jersey crest from 2018, while the right is the one from this current season.
  4. Unless there's been a recent shift, our current badge is going to be the MLS badge as well. It was tweaked last year just slightly, but one of the things they did was remove the registered trademark symbol from the primary graphic. I've been told it's because they felt that the brand was strong enough to protect, but I have my suspicion that the reason the mark was even altered in the first place was to facilitate its use in MLS. That would be a bit of a departure from what MLS has done in the past, but really, this entire expansion process has been a departure from how things are usually done. I'd be a bit surprised if MLS insisted on us making any type of wholesale changes to our crest at this point, but who really knows? Our current crest is immensely popular around the Sacramento area, and I sort of think they recognize the power of our brand. Forcing a change to it when it's already as well established as it is (It's been nearly a decade since this brand was first introduced) could be a mistake.
  5. I can't say for sure on the name just yet (I'm pretty sure it'll be retained), but I know for certain that at least Old Glory Red is staying in the fold for the MLS move. I can't wait to find out and enjoy the block party later today! We finally did it, y'all!
  6. Bummer for Minnesota, but I sort of feel like MLS needs a matchup like Galaxy vs LAFC at this point in league history. This weekend was fantastic for MLS and getting another derby in the playoffs is going to generate a lot of interest and help to build on the momentum they’ve built up this weekend. I’m really curious to see how that game is going to rate, especially against Thursday Night Football. What a great weekend of soccer, and it all culminates for me tomorrow with Sacramento’s “Big announcement”, which I’ll be front and center for. This is definitely one of those weekend’s that is helping me fall in love with this game just a bit more. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!
  7. There probably really isn’t a really great way to do the post season in soccer, but MLS going single elimination so far has been an AWESOME decision.
  8. I LOVE this World Series matchup. Two incredible pitching staffs and two teams (despite the Astros title in 2017) who are still somewhat fresh. This should be fun!
  9. In San Francisco, of all places! The logistics were a bit different back then, but not by that much.
  10. No, you’re right, and I get that. It's not just as simple as opening up a wallet and digging in some pockets. But the A's have been run like one of those old Chinatown eateries where the floor is about to fall in and kill everyone because the owners are 97 years old, blind, work 7 days a week, and can barely afford to keep the lights on. That's a sign that the ownership group is in WAY over their heads, are greedy to the point where they don't mind risking the well-being of the public, or (gulp) both. Something has to give. I'm just hoping it isn't the upper deck onto a group of unsuspecting fans.
  11. This is the age old line they always use. I wonder if it's true that they really can't pay for it themselves (In which case, they shouldn't be allowed to own a Major League Baseball team) or they're just trying to cry poor and make it look to the public like they can't pay for it themselves (In which case they REALLY shouldn't be allowed to own a Major League Baseball team). I've never really understood why the A's have always seemingly had such impoverished ownership groups. You would think with all the money in the Bay Area that you'd be able to find at least ONE extremely rich billionaire who could buy the team and foot this whole thing themselves (or at least have the tangible ability to). , just look at Lacob and Gruber. They added BILLIONS to the value of the Warriors and just got them a new arena right in the middle of San Francisco, which is a damn near impossible task. You're really telling me they (or someone with similar financial clout) couldn't do the same thing with the A's? I don't believe it.
  12. They should build the stadium next to the San Diego Zoo.
  13. I wouldn’t give up hope too soon. There’s still a chance they win and you can finally change to TrueYankee27.