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  1. Well, I can tell you with relatively strong confidence that this is likely the last run Sacramento is going to make at MLS, too...
  2. You can’t tell me him getting pretty much exactly $100 million more with one less year wasn’t at least in some ways calculated. It feels like they waited for the big name free agents to sign and set that market, and wanted to really make a point with how much Trout’s deal surpassed those.
  3. You know who this is an even bigger FU to? Scott Boras. Trout just got a full $100 million more than his client did in the same amount of years. That’s gotta piss him off to the fullest extent.
  4. Good lord. Probably a smart move though. I remember when whole teams teams were selling for a lot less than that. My goodness.
  5. Lol, the Titans definitely don’t have a franchise QB that “sets them for the future”. If anything, I kind of expect Tannehill to end up being the starter pretty early considering Mariota’s injury history. Actually, Tannehill and Mariota are relatively comparable quarterbacks. They both have some great intangibles and both had high hopes placed on them early on, but neither one has really been able to fully put it together and utilize the talent they have. To be honest with you, I’d probably go with Tannehill if I had to chose between the two of them. I wouldn’t really expect much from either, though.
  6. Almost all of these are great. That Fresno look is probably my favorite, but that Hillsboro hat is probably going to be a purchase for me. That’s a great design.
  7. All this Cincinnati MLS talk is making me sad
  8. It’s actually sort of surprising that St. Louis doesn’t already have an MLS team. That seems like a city early MLS would’ve taken a pretty good look at. I guess with the NFL move momentum already working, that may have quelled that idea. But they can wait. It’s someone else’s turn right now. MLS can give it another summer or two before they’re stuck playing games in that brutal humid mess.
  9. No, St. Louis has had a remarkably strong soccer culture dating back to at least WWII. My dad graduated From St. Louis University in the mid 50s and they were known for the strength of their soccer program even back then. Might be hard to tell today (I haven’t been in more than 20 years so I’m not sure), but St. Louis was somewhat of an immigration hub in the early 1900s.
  10. This is the best the RiverCats have ever looked, and it was worn for just about every significant moment in their history. Just go back to this and call it a day.
  11. Good God. What a mess. I do like, and already own, that new road cap, though. The bridge pullover is fine as well I guess. They can ditch the rest, though.
  12. It absolutely is. Comes with the territory at this point, though. You you know I can’t be objective on this part
  13. The USL is definitely the more fun league when it comes to kits and branding. MLS is very professional and buttoned up, which is fine. But I rather like some of the wackyness in the USL. It reminds me of the early days of MLS.
  14. Yeah that seems really strange to me, which is why I asked. I didn’t realize Norway won a title, and was even more surprised to see that Germany had won two that I somehow missed. I guess maybe they they just consider the men’s and women’s team to be part of the same federation, hence the reason they do that? I can’t see the men adding a 6th star if the women ever won one, though,
  15. I’m honestly not understanding the love for the A’s new BP cap. It’s a cool idea, and any time they can use the elephant more is good, but better than their actual caps? Not seeing it at all. In fact, the last elephant logo they used on a BP cap (the current sleeve logo) is a WAY better logo. I don’t hate the BP logo they’re using this year or anything, but it’s sort of meh if you ask me. If I didn’t know what it was and wasn’t versed in the A’s history with the elephant, it would probably take me a bit to figure out just what it is from any distance. It also bugs me that they’re going green and white and just completely omitting the gold while they still have it on the rest of the uniform. I get it’s meant to be a bit of a throwback look (as was last year’s cap), but I’m just not feeling it.
  16. Ok, something I’m kind of confused about here. These are the women’s kits, correct? If so, are some of these countries using the men’s championship stars? Brazil seems to be doing that, while Spain isn’t. And obviously the USA uses their own stars, too. What’s up with that?
  17. I think there’s actually a database for those types of things, at least through Fanatics and Locker Room and places like that. You can definitely find a workaround to it, I’m sure, but that combination of name and number is going to usually raise some red flags. For most customization shops, they have to lease the rights to the official letter/numbers they put on jerseys, and one of the stipulations in that leasing contract is that you really can’t customize current player name/number combinations on other team’s jerseys. A lot of times you can’t bypass this unless you get approval from the vendor. If you get caught doing that (Trout’s name and number on a Phillies jersey would definitely fall into this category), the shop can actually have that right pulled. Admittedly, it can be somewhat hard to track this, and some stores get away with using unlicensed lettering. But that’s becoming less and less so now that merchandise has basically been monopolized among two or three companies. The major four leagues only allow certain vendors to even do licensed customization work any more.
  18. Seeing my favorite baseball team wearing gear reptesenting the city I proudly call home makes me feel some kinda way.
  19. So did I. Bright green shaped like that triangle. I thought it was going to kick ass but instead it was too light and flew off the track.
  20. I have a pretty good feeling the weirdness of these past few years where nobody seems to want to spend anything is somewhat of an anomaly. Despite some of the negative lately, MLB is still in a pretty good spot. Multiple guys getting $300 million + contracts shows that the money is still there and teams are still willing to take that risk. It may level out a bit in how the players association and the owners work together, and that may be a bit weird and kind of contentious for awhile, but when push comes to shove, they both ultimately understand the value they each offer one another.
  21. If housing prices continue to trend in the direction they are right now? Probably not.
  22. Tampa and Oakland have stadium situations that genuinely need to be worked out. Tropicana is gross and is in a miserably bad location. They may be better off being the team that moves to the Carolinas as that seems to make WAY more sense than granting another expansion team to that area. Oakland's stadium is in absolute disrepair and is in a city that's time has kind of passed it by. Get the current dopes out of ownership and work something out with the Giants to get that San Jose move rolling. It's going to take some cash (which the A's have even if they try to lie and say they don't), and maybe a few consessions on their part, but I still think it's doable. Or they could move them to, I dunno spitballing here, say, Sacramento? (No bias there whatsoever I pinky swear). Anaheim has a few somewhat advantageous options and a decent amount of time left I think before it really becomes a major problem. Their stadium isn't much to write home about, but it's perfectly serviceable for now and I've always had an enjoyable time there. The Diamondbacks, on the other hand, can go pound sand. them. That park is perfectly fine, and what's become an issue they should be responsible for footing the bill for. I'd rather see them contract the Diamondbacks than extort Maricopa County for another park that they absolutely do NOT need. The truth is, the D Backs are in the lower half of teams when it comes to needing a new stadium and even the idea of them talking about this is absurd.