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  1. EVERYONE (not from the Bay Area) wants the Raptors to beat the Warriors. They just aren’t going to.
  2. It’s over in 4, maybe 5 if Golden state sleepwalks too much through game four or whatever. This is the absolute best possible matchup the Warriors could’ve pulled. I am really happy for the Raptors, though! It’s always fun to see a new team make the Finals. That feels pretty rare for the NBA.
  3. Bucks are probably in big trouble here. The Finals May be over by the time KD is ready to come back. Toronto doesn’t scare me at all.
  4. The initial design they had in mind was VERY different (powder base, large Tower Bridge in navy as a background), and somewhere along the line it got completely changed. I was really thrown off when I opened the boxes to put them together and saw these. I dig it, though. It’s a departure, but it works as a third kit. I just have to keep keep reminding myself that third kits are always WAY out there.
  5. Haven’t seen these posted here, so I’ll update with the latest Sac Republic kits I put together. These are known as the “city” kits. I put these together, but I didn’t have any say on the design this time around, as they were pretty specific on exactly what they wanted. I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I first saw the design (They’re loosely based on our rather gaudy city of a Sacramento flag, but they almost remind me of an LV bag), but I’m warming up to them a bit after spending quite a bit of time with them over the past few weeks. They’re paired with navy shorts and powder blue socks. A bit out there, but the fans seem to really like them. Even if I have mixed feelings about a design Republic puts out, its still pretty surreal to see my work featured in media layouts and in the public sphere. Not too bad for a dude with no graphic design background (other than dicking around here) who fell bass ackwards into all of this.
  6. Well, that’s surprising. Here’s to a Bucks 5OT win in game 6!
  7. Look on the bright side. The Astros lost 100+ games in three consecutive years and win the World Series only four years later.
  8. Draymond’s defense is probably a notch or two higher than Mason (but don’t get me wrong, Mason was definitely very good. Draymond is just better). I’d also argue he’s a better distributor than Mason ever was, but having teammates as lethal as Steph, Klay, and KD definitely help. Mason was also probably a better pure scorer than Draymond has ever been. But, again to be fair, Draymond is surprisingly efficient for the type of player he is and the warriors don’t really need him to be that efficient. That’s actually a pretty solid comparison.
  9. I hope these two teams beat each other up. I’m also way less scared of Toronto than I am Milwaukee. Kawhi is VERY good, but the rest of that team is basically Blazers East in terms of a matchup for the Warriors.
  10. Alright, that’s enough from me. See y’all again next year when I’ll be back to mock the Sharks for being a buncha teal clad losers again. Go Blues. They’re definitely gonna get curbstomped, but go Blues.
  11. This team will never not be run by complete morons. McCoy isn't only a better player than Suh at this stage, he's also probably cheaper.
  12. Yeah, exactly. Losing in 2016 was a terrible feeling, but getting KD like two weeks later was a damn solid consolation prize. I thought I was gonna feel that loss for YEARS. Instead, the bad part of that pretty much disintegrated on July 4th.
  13. Ehh, not really. 2016 was an exhausting run, and losing in game 7 of a series up 3-1 was a pretty serious blow. I know that was probably one of the worst times I've ever felt as a spots fan. If anything, getting KD made it easier to get over, because you knew that the potential dynasty wasn't going to fall apart. Those kind of losses sometimes can effect a team and cause a bit of a hangover. The loss felt like it completely took the wind out of the sails, where bringing in KD pumped it right back up. You have to remember that at the time KD wasn't just considered an amazing player, he was also liked. He also fit a serious need the team had in terms of needing to improve that wing position. It was just as much of a shock to Warriors fans as it was everyone else that he signed here. I thought there was absolutely no chance. It wasn't until, well, this series that I finally truly and honestly realized just how overkill that signing was (Because, again, an upgrade to that position was a "need" for the Warriors). If anything, I'll look back at the KD Warriors with a TON of gratitude. None of it really feels empty to me because it took what could've been a title or two (Which is nice, don't get me wrong) and transformed the Warriors into one of the NBA's staple franchises. I can't really overstate just how important that part of this current run is. The Warriors are at the forefront of the league in ways that the Bulls have been since Jordan and the Lakers have pretty much always been. That's the most unbelievable part of all of this to me. And I honestly don't think that quite happens with as much ferocity if KD doesn't come aboard. KD pretty much kickstarted the whole thing from being a fun run of success they were having to building an empire, so to speak. Now, of course, you have to operate on the assumption that they wouldn't have been to five straight NBA Finals without him, which I do. I firmly believe there is ZERO chance that happens had they not brought in KD.
  14. Welp, the Warriors have nine straight days off until the Finals start. Everyone should be fully rested by then. The Warriors have been to FIVE straight NBA Finals. That still doesn't sound real.
  15. Damn, Blazers. Three games in a row they’ve blown at least a 17 point lead in the second half. Unreal.
  16. So, are watching Draymond Green start to grow up a little bit? He had this to say after the game last night, which is about as self aware as I’ve ever seen from him: He’s been kind of noticeably more level headed this round, and it’s reflecting in his game. It’s almost like something finally clicked with him. I LOVE Draymond (I get why others don’t, though), but there are simply points where he’s just been so self destructive that it hurts everything else the Warriors are trying to do. You could say that a big part of why they fell apart in 2016 is because of the suspension he took in the Finals. He’s amazing, but has always been a head case. If he’s truly realized this, which I think he has (or at least, is starting to), the rest of the league should be absolutely TERRIFIED. His talent and value to the Warriors is absolutely underrated.
  17. Game 6 is gonna be an absolute cakewalk for the Blues. My derision of their garbage culture aside, the Sharks are absolutely beat to right now. They have nothing left to give. EK, Pavs, Hurtl, and more may have been snapped across the Blues knees. That’s probably a product of their culture, but I’ll at least try to spare you all any more of me. For now.
  18. They’ve officially turned into a basketball team. Told you they were a bunch of losers.
  19. :censored: the Sharks. They should’ve just folded it up in round 1 and not wasted everyone’s time. Y’all wonder why I constantly trash this team. It’s because they’re a complete and total waste of oxygen.
  20. Just appreciate it, I guess. What else can you do? I remember people feeling similar about the Bulls during their run, and everyone loves them now.
  21. Dubs are playing terrible and Portland looks great tonight. Blazers lead by 13 at half, and I still fully expect Golden State to win this game. Edit: Blazers viewpoint this quarter
  22. I really don’t disagree with you on a lot of what you’re saying about all of this. I lived in Tempe/Phoenix for several years and had season tickets to the Diamondbacks during an absolutely season. Chase Field’s issues were overblown by the club, but that’s because they know that they can hold Maricopa County hostage like basically every other team down there has. I’m simply saying that the club doesn’t generate nearly as much revenue as they should, and it’s going to become an issue sooner rather than later. The cost of keeping Chase Field operational is generally quite a bit higher than other parks due to, yes, the climate. It’s a HUGE problem trying to keep a building like that cool every day in mid July/August. Given the history of how the county has been bent over in the past? Don’t be shocked if they just let the club walk. In a perfect world, it’d be great if they could build a privately funded yard on one of the reservations. Problem is, that’s not usually how owners in these kind of leagues operate, and it’s not nearly that easy. If the Diamondbacks keep trying to force the issue and bluffing that they’re going to leave without public dollars, Maricopa County is going to eventually call that bluff. That’s how San Diego and Seattle lost their teams, and both of those situations were probably more tenable than anything in Phoenix is.
  23. Watching the city of Las Vegas stretch itself way too thin and crumble under their own weight is going to be so much fun. As someone who grew up in that god forsaken state, I can’t properly put into words how badly I want to see that happen.
  24. To be perfectly honest with you? No, they haven’t. The amount of taxpayer money they’ve already hemorrhaged in just two decades is one of the biggest reasons they’re having such an issue with the current ballpark, and one of the main sticking points when it comes to future public funding. The team itself has had some good years, no doubt. But it’s only masked the true depth of some of their problems. Their overall low attendance numbers and cost of maintaining facilities in a climate that’s about ten miles from the surface of the sun make them pretty much unsustainable in the long run. I’ll even go this far. Don’t be terribly surprised if the next team to move out of their market entirely isn’t the Rays, but the D Backs. Maricopa County is one of the most shortsighted local governments in the country, and taxpayers are sick of funding these kind of frivolous endeavors.