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  1. I think you guys are sleeping on the Cardinals a bit. That division is kinda wide open right now, too.
  2. NFL punter or one of those specialty guys a baseball team has coming out of the bullpen, like Javier Lopez was for the Giants. That dude got paid tens of millions of dollars to throw, like, maybe three pitches every two weeks. God, what a life.
  3. This is part of where I’m kinda conflicted on that. A lot of where I’m coming from has an emotional angle, because I lived parts of it, and it affected me personally. But as frustrated as I am with this whole saga, I don’t want to come at this with any animosity, because I really don’t have any. I worked with these people and experienced the same emotions they did. I understand what they were ultimately trying to do, and that was bringing something really cool and really rewarding to a region that is almost always overlooked in the grand scheme of things. They were trying to build something that everyone here can be proud of. The last thing I want to do is open up the public to a world that can be used to harm these people, because the intent was really to make things better here. Everyone in this region kinda owes it to people like that. This is a case of people having a huge dream and going for it. But it’s also a case of them fully realizing the true magnitude of what they were trying to do when it was too late. Their solution to that was subject themselves to the whims of whatever big money player they could find to keep this thing going. Unfortunately, you lose a lot of the control you have and leave yourself open to pretty much all if the scrutiny of that goes bad, which it is now several times for them. I post stuff here on emotion with some of this because I’m just so used to using this space as an outlet for my thoughts. And I also want to share it with you because that’s what you’re all interested in, and I want to share it all because it’s fun and interesting and entertaining. But sometimes I forget that it’s also a public forum.
  4. Here’s the key in all of this. And it’s really as simple as can be. This team has NEVER at any point had the funds to do, like, ANY of the :censored: they were talking about.
  5. Welcome to Las Vegas somehow becoming a three sport town in less than a decade.
  6. Lol, nope. Maybe this will give me a bit of leeway to get into some of it.
  7. I knew it. You reap what you mother:censored:in sow.
  8. HWHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! I OTTA KICK THEIR GOT DANG ASSES! In all seriousness, yeah, this sucks. They’ve been putting the names on the home replicas for about a decade now, and it’s always looked amateurish. Not sure why they wanna extend that to the field. This team just keeps chipping away at their look, man. I hate it. It’s Braves level unnecessary and dumb.
  9. He may end up playing golf again, for sure. But coming back and actually being competitive on the PGA Tour? That’s gonna be a large mountain to climb. :censored:, he’s barely competitive now with the back issues he’s had. I really hope you’re right, though.
  10. In the very least, he’s probably never going to golf competitively again. Holy :censored:.
  11. It’ll be interesting to see how the ice holds up today. It’s supposed to be warm and sunny again today. Them moving this game to around sunset has me excited. There’s nowhere I’ve ever been that has prettier sunsets than Tahoe. Think that Sounders Timber’s game in 2014 that inspired their black and pink third, but every single night.
  12. Yeah they’re huge out west and in the upper Midwest. Texas, too. Basically anywhere you hunt or use the back trails for whatever (hiking, fishing, etc). You kinda live in one of the areas of the country that is separated enough from it that it would probably wouldn’t have a particular use for these.
  13. Totally different parts of the state and absolutely different climates. That’s part of the issue here, too. People are conflating the Vegas area, which is a cesspool, with Tahoe, which is a gemstone and BARELY even in Nevada.