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  1. Those Rams uniforms make me want to ask the players what section of the IKEA store they’re working in has the throw covers.
  2. I caught a few highlights of the game tonight and something kind of stuck out to me. Do the Blue Jackets have a raised logo on their helmets? It’s conspicuously matte in comparison to their shiny helmets, in the very least.
  3. Here we go, amazing how a simple fix can make that logo MUCH less goofy than it currently is. I’m calling them the Silly Snakes from here on out, BTW.
  4. U of A in September! Well, they’re a cupcake matchup already, so we might as well get them out of the way early
  5. If that’s the case, then flip the ad. I can’t believe they messed with the badge, too. Flipping the badge on your kits is bad form enough. But to do it on your road kits in your inaugural season? Makes me wanna bang my head against the wall.
  6. This absolutely feels like their heat press guy messed up, and instead of freaking out, they just went with it. Knowing what kind of budgets these teams have, there’s no way this started out as something intentional. It’s too big of a risk. Either way, I can’t find a way to think this isn’t stupid. I have no idea what they’re doing down there with that brand, but so far, it’s kind of a mess.
  7. I guess that whole Hong King thing? That wasn’t great. But comparatively? He’s a saint.
  8. I remember you being pretty excited for that. We probably learned a similar lesson about living in warm climates
  9. 2nd Arizona is the vision of Arizona I had in my head before I moved there and realized just how terrible of a state it is.
  10. Yeah, this whole thing is probably over by the end of the week, if I had to guess. Going 2-2 vs the Dodgers in 4 possible games is enough for me to declare the Giants 2020 World Series Champions, right?
  11. While the name absolutely had to go, I will miss the overall look of the Washington Football Team. The logo I actually thought looked sort of dignified (I can’t speak for those who feel differently, though). And the white jersey burgundy pants is one of my favorite looks ever.
  12. We did just have a toilet paper shortage, after all...
  13. This may come across as a bit antiquated, but I’m still of the opinion that some places, like Phoenix, Arizona and even more so, Las Vegas, Nevada, probably just don’t need hockey
  14. Well, I meant as a permanent replacement. After this current placeholder. That’s a good point that I didn’t really think about. But they could probably do something to honor just the tradition of old timey football in general without specifically honoring the Redskins, I think. That may be cutting it too close, though.
  15. Forget the entire season. Ditch the logos in the sleeves and make that your set. How much more unique could you possibly be than to just have a leather texture helmet? They’re also one of the oldest teams in the league, so it would fit.