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  1. Yup. They produce hundreds of thousands of these and the time to put them together is daunting. It’s usually a two year turnaround even on smaller projects when you’re working with a company that produces as much as Nike does.
  2. Yes, because they got Ayton who was the consensus #1 pick that year by just about everybody, and look what he did last night. I get the argument that the Suns should’ve picked either of those guys, but if I had that pick I would’ve picked Ayton any day. The Kings have no excuse for making such a stupid pick. The only thing Bagley did was play at Duke and not be from the wrong country in the Balkans. I’m not even a Kings fan and this team still makes me so mad.
  3. Another reminder that the Kings passed up on both Luka AND Tre Young for Marvin :censored:in Bagley.
  4. Suns we’re the stronger team pretty much the entire game but gotta give it to the Clippers some credit for making the shots to keep them in it. Them being without Kawhi is definitely hurting them more than the Suns not having CP3 is. And :censored:ing Paul George, man
  5. That would still be better than what they’re doing now. The Reds and A’s both have mismatching helmets (in the A’s case, they have TWO mismatching helmets) and it’s so freaking annoying. Pro clubs should be able to splurge a bit for matching g helmets or just wear the one cap that matches your one helmet.
  6. The Marlins took their inspiration from the Sugar Kings, and the Giants should take their inspiration from the Seals. Anything with the bridges or fog or whatever is missing the mark. But considering that most of these have missed the mark, it’ll probably WILL end up taking inspiration from bridges or fog or trolleys or whatever.
  7. Back when I played little league when I was 12 we beat the beast team in the playoffs, the Yankees, and they were wearing damn near the exact same uniforms that the actual Yankees are in that picture. It’s very weird, but I guess it did exactly what they were trying to do? Just bizarre to see the actual pro teams wear those Starter knockoff style jerseys. Definitely something I didn’t expect to ever see.
  8. That’s why I posted it lol. For a split second I thought it was the real thing. I wouldn’t put it past Nike at all.
  9. Smashing start to the Oakland Roots USL tenure.
  10. Bit of a brutal finish but that was an incredible game. Durant is probably going to get BBQd for that final shot, but what a performance overall. Not a bad outcome left! Pretty good summary to it here
  11. Giannis is doing some pretty mind blowing stuff tonight.
  12. What an absolute cluster:censored: that whole thing always was. Hopefully they just fold the team and save everyone any more despair.
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