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  1. If there’s any team that would look good going as minimalist as possible, it’s the Cardinals. If they kept the current logo but just brought back the previous home set and added a matching road set, it would look perfect for them. They’re one of the absolute oldest teams in the history of the league, and really should embrace that. All they need to do is ditch the pants stripes on this set, and it would fit them like a glove Hell, if they wanted to even bump the numbers on the sleeves up to the shoulders and use the AZ state flag, that would be great, too. I always liked the way they did that with the road set. Ditch the extra set of stripes on the sleeves, and you have a winner.
  2. The unis just leaked and they’re BEAUTIFUL The new alt uniform is a bit of a bold move, but that’s going to give them such a huge advantage in the Florida heat.
  3. I’d like to see the Rams in their classic blue and gold helmets paired with a gold jersey with royal blue numbers. Maybe add classic style Northwestern stripes in blue on the sleeves. Do that all over white pants, and it’d Look so damn good. Does anyone have an example of what I’m talking about? I have yet to see that combination for the Rams anywhere.
  4. Isn’t the current Ravens logo something they basically quickly slapped together after they lost the copyright case? Its amazing to think that it’s stuck around this long and has been the main logo for two Super Bowl wins. While it’s not something I find to be completely awful at first glance, when you really examine it up close, it’s probably the worst logo in the NFL.
  5. I’m somewhat surprised how much I like that purple and gold Ravens helmet.
  6. Actually, I kinda like the idea of the Colts in a blue helmet...
  7. It almost reminds me of an earth tone version of the last Reebok Seahawks set (the mono they wore in their first Super Bowl). I always loved that look (even though some didn’t), and I kinda love this look, too.
  8. The cannonballs! I totally forgot about this. That was such a great thread.
  9. Holy crap. That’s it. That one action scene in that commercial is the one memory I have of seeing that happen. Weird!
  10. This may be a Mandela Effect, but I’m pretty sure I remember that, too. I wanna say it was a pre season game?
  11. Well, there ya go. If true, this problem is now moot, and we get the best of both worlds!
  12. I know a lot of people don’t like the new Rams logos (as I’ve said, I love them), but I don’t think than anyone can deny that color wise, LA looks absolutely fantastic now.
  13. Ahh, I see. I was the one who missed this. Not seeing a dedicated thread to the change threw me off a bit. It’s weird that we’re grouping the two LA teams together in one thread. That being said, it’s so absolutely fitting for the Chargers.
  14. Is this not real, or did we somehow miss this?
  15. Yeah, none of these concepts people are putting out after the fact, including the recolor of the just ditched ram head logo, are any better than what they came out with. I really can’t believe the reaction to the primary logo has been this poor. I’m almost scared to admit it for fear of being mocked, but I actually LOVE the new logo. We all hoped they would bring back royal and gold (they did), and anyone with any experience knew that they were going to find a way to incorporate an LA mark into the new logo. I personally think they did a great job with it. And some of the criticism of the new Mark is SO nit picky IMO, that it’s even surprising coming from a place that puts these things under a microscope like we do here. Sometimes I think people are so fast to criticize things here that we jump all over something just because that’s what we always do and that’s what’s expected. I dunno. I just flat out don’t understand the hate on this particular logo set. I think it’s great, and is such a huge upgrade from the terrible mishmash of eras they’ve had since returning to LA.