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  1. I think you’ll be fine. Considering you have about a thousand other championships you can look back at where the Lakers wore their regular uniforms, it’s really not that big of a deal. If anything, it’s good that it’ll stand out due to the Kobe link. That’s something I would desire as a fan of a team that just lost one of its icons. Now imagine being a Cavs fan, and knowing your only title came in those full sleeved clown suits. Some fans just aren’t as fortunate as you
  2. I generally agree with this. A lot of this stuff feels performative right now, and I’m sure a good handful of it will fade away because a lot of these institutions don’t care about anything but lip service at this point. But, while that’s mostly pretty :censored:ty, I do think it does help to shift the long term collective consciousness of the nation. A lot of the excuse I hear from people not paying any attention to this is either “I had no idea how bad it really is.” or, more cynically, “I don’t care how bad it is, and want to be distracted from it with some good ol sportsball.” Now, a patch obviously isn’t gonna [Insert Admiral’s MISSION ACCOMPLISHED MEME HERE] on race relations, it’ll help to educate those who might care, and make it annoyingly difficult for those who don’t care to completely ignore.
  3. Cowboys Stadium is an oversized trash heap. It’s flashy because it’s gargantuan and has a lot of shiny windows, but the interior looks like a bloated Costco warehouse. Think of later year Ford Excursions and translate that to a football stadium and you’ve got Jerryworld to a T. CenturyLink is so much nicer of a venue that it really doesn’t even compare.
  4. Some of those logos look like they were pulled straight from the NHL 20 team creator.
  5. I think they mean the three curved lines on the fat side of the P. They kinda look like gateways. It’s absolutely a case of them reverse engineering a concept, but it’s a nice little unintentional nod, I suppose. I’ll allow it.
  6. I just mean in terms of the initial violence spilling out into the streets. There’s another part where a lot of Melosivic’s act seems to have found a new mouthpiece, but that’s for another thread and probably another board.
  7. I was going to ask this in the NBA thread earlier. We can’t avoid that kind of discussion at this point, right?
  8. I think all that :censored: in Kenosha last night may have finally been the final straw for a lot of people. This is starting to feel more like Kosovo than the US, so maybe sports can take a back seat right now.
  9. The move up is absolutely a celebration, but it’s certainly going to be weird when the current version of Sac Republic folds shop for MLS Sacramento. I absolutely understand the pain at that loss. They’ve run a great operation in their time in the USL.
  10. I would consider cheesecake to be more of a custard, and therefore, in the pudding category.
  11. It definitely says something about our educational institutions, but I’m not so sure it’s an indictment of it, necessarily. We put such a huge emphasis on math and science (which we should, because it’s so important), that there really just isn’t much time left for that extensive of a look at our history. It’s problematic, no doubt. But I’m not sure how we can really fix that.
  12. Yeah, that’s what I mean. It’s such an important story to the founding of this area and is emphasized in schools here so much that for years I had just assumed it was something that everyone learned about in history classes growing up, like Washington crossing the Delaware. Learned rather late in life that I was incorrect about that one.
  13. Yeah but that may be more of a west coast thing. I can see where the history of the gold rush might’ve been glossed over a bit out east. Especially in an area with as rich of a domestic history as Philadelphia. I take people through Truckee occasionally and will talk about how Donner Lake got its name, and have had a surprising amount of people (mostly from the Midwest and east coast) who have absolutely no idea who the Donner party was.
  14. I do. I’ve ALWAYS thought the name 49ers was dumb, and California history (especially the Northern California gold rush, because that entire territory from SF to Carson City, NV is my home base) is a big passion of mine. I get the significance, but I still think something like Gold Miners or even Prospectors would’ve been better. Naming yourself after a year always sounds dumb.
  15. Thanks, that’s gonna be stuck in my head all night now.
  16. WAY too close to current CFL teams. They should go with something totally unique, like Edblacks, or Elue Bombers.
  17. Why do they insist on slowly chipping away at their once great look? They’re the Braves of the west coast
  18. I’m personally not a huge fan of their USL look, but it served its purpose well enough and I think was distinctive enough to at least be memorable. Their MLS look, otoh, is an absolute train wreck. That’s the biggest issue. Their old look was sort of meh and left a lot of room for improvement, yet is still head and shoulders what they went with for MLS.
  19. Jesus. Is that pink? Despite recently getting Inter Miami, who looks pretty good, this league REALLY sucks at the branding part of all of this. There’s nothing about this branding package that’s exciting, and the colors are either gaudy (magenta and purple?) Or totally boring (navy and red, snore). That crest is pretty brutally bad, too. This is pretty similar to Cincinnati. They had a really solid (not perfect, but good) look in USL, and transitioned to an MLS package that was a total downgrade. This is what has me terrified for Sacramento’s entry into this league. They’ve been fighting for YEARS to maintain their badge and colors, but apparently they’ve had some really serious problems with the league getting that approved. I have this sinking feeling that we’re going to end up with something stupid like Sacramento United wearing purple and black. If that happens, any interest I’ve had in this whole thing disappears.
  20. You lost me completely when you eliminated the most superior name of all time, the St. Louis LazerSnakes.
  21. The colors are really great and (sans the random blue line splitting the horns) they look awesome from about the top of the numbers and up. Everything below that went to absolute :censored:.
  22. Those Rams uniforms make me want to ask the players what section of the IKEA store they’re working in has the throw covers.
  23. I caught a few highlights of the game tonight and something kind of stuck out to me. Do the Blue Jackets have a raised logo on their helmets? It’s conspicuously matte in comparison to their shiny helmets, in the very least.