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  1. Here we go, amazing how a simple fix can make that logo MUCH less goofy than it currently is. I’m calling them the Silly Snakes from here on out, BTW.
  2. U of A in September! Well, they’re a cupcake matchup already, so we might as well get them out of the way early
  3. If that’s the case, then flip the ad. I can’t believe they messed with the badge, too. Flipping the badge on your kits is bad form enough. But to do it on your road kits in your inaugural season? Makes me wanna bang my head against the wall.
  4. This absolutely feels like their heat press guy messed up, and instead of freaking out, they just went with it. Knowing what kind of budgets these teams have, there’s no way this started out as something intentional. It’s too big of a risk. Either way, I can’t find a way to think this isn’t stupid. I have no idea what they’re doing down there with that brand, but so far, it’s kind of a mess.
  5. I guess that whole Hong King thing? That wasn’t great. But comparatively? He’s a saint.
  6. I remember you being pretty excited for that. We probably learned a similar lesson about living in warm climates
  7. 2nd Arizona is the vision of Arizona I had in my head before I moved there and realized just how terrible of a state it is.
  8. Yeah, this whole thing is probably over by the end of the week, if I had to guess. Going 2-2 vs the Dodgers in 4 possible games is enough for me to declare the Giants 2020 World Series Champions, right?
  9. While the name absolutely had to go, I will miss the overall look of the Washington Football Team. The logo I actually thought looked sort of dignified (I can’t speak for those who feel differently, though). And the white jersey burgundy pants is one of my favorite looks ever.
  10. We did just have a toilet paper shortage, after all...
  11. This may come across as a bit antiquated, but I’m still of the opinion that some places, like Phoenix, Arizona and even more so, Las Vegas, Nevada, probably just don’t need hockey
  12. Well, I meant as a permanent replacement. After this current placeholder. That’s a good point that I didn’t really think about. But they could probably do something to honor just the tradition of old timey football in general without specifically honoring the Redskins, I think. That may be cutting it too close, though.
  13. Forget the entire season. Ditch the logos in the sleeves and make that your set. How much more unique could you possibly be than to just have a leather texture helmet? They’re also one of the oldest teams in the league, so it would fit.
  14. I’ve heard this argument from a lot of people here and I’ll just say that... Ok, that’s fair. I somehow forgot about the league with Clippers and Thunder. Kraken still sucks just as hard, but that’s just me
  15. The NHL objectively has the worst logos in the major 4. I’d say MLS is worse, but not for long.
  16. Astounding to me that people feel this way. I think the logos are almost as gimmicky and minor league looking the name.
  17. And that’s fair. Admiral said it best by mentioning that objectively, there is some good stuff to work with here. But the problem is, just like with Vegas, it’s completely dragged down by the bad parts. I absolutely HATE the very existence of an NHL team in Las Vegas, and their entire saga and the way that first season went for them has turned me from being somewhat annoyed with this league, to finding the entire thing completely illegitimate. That being said? They have an objectively good look. They use a shade of grey as the primary that nobody else In any sport uses, and the entire package works well together. In fact, I hate to admit this, I find it to be at least top ten in the league. They also have a dumb as name, but at least the logic behind that one is they have an owner with a military boner and he was hellbent on getting as close to what he wanted as he possibly could. Not much you can do about that. Seattle, otoh, focus grouped the absolute out of this one and took more than a year to end up with this steaming turd of an identity. This Seattle team doesn’t have those same fundamental warts Vegas has, and is probably going to end up getting screwed over in the expansion draft (thanks to Vegas), and they’ll probably be just as middling at first as every other expansion team. I WANT to like this team. I absolutely adore the city of Seattle, and lived there for awhile. They’re the type of city that should have a solid, dignified (at least somewhat) name. But, no. Instead, they named themselves after a mythical sea creature that has the same name as a bottle of :censored:ty rum that was played out in 2012
  18. I don’t see much of an issue with a placeholder name as long as it’s intent is to give the rebrand the care it deserves. I’d rather have my team play with a placeholder name for a year than accidentally put out some garbage ass logo that has subtle, unintentional nods to one of the most violent street gangs in the city and be stuck with it for ten more years. Plus, there’s some inherent value to having a “one off” set of uniforms/gear/merchandise. It’s a nod to a very particular point in time, and down the road (assuming this only lasts a year) it’ll probably be somewhat rare. If anything, it can be a conversation piece.
  19. Shades of the 2016 election in this branding package. EDIT: am I tripping, or did your board name just change to a Twitter bot account mid post?
  20. The disease is the same now as it’s always been. A complete lack of any semblance of professionalism. Even MLS has been smart enough to realize goofy like naming your team Kraken was going to make it hard for anyone to take them seriously. And that’s why they’ll soon enough pass the NHL in terms of relevance. Look, sports are meant to be fun, and I don’t wanna be a complete and total killjoy, so I understand how people could object to how I feel about it. But the NHL has let this all get so far out of hand. I remember even as a kid and seeing the Thrashers, Wild, and Blue Jackets (especially wiith that dumb bug logo they had) and thinking to myself, “Wow, this sport is for children”. It’s been two decades since then and I feel even more so that way. If you’re willing to overlook that then that’s your right. I just find it REALLY hard to do that.
  21. This is exactly what I thought they would do for this season. Some of it is a bit wonky (the gold numbers and no stripes on the helmet), but considering it’s just a placeholder, it’s fine. Anyone who actually thought they were going to get a full identity rolled out from the time Fred Smith did his thing to now Probably doesn’t realize just how large of a task changing your company branding is. This stuff normally takes YEARS. l, for one, am perfectly fine with them giving us a placeholder for a year and taking the time to get this right. We JUST had a case study example of a team not taking their time with their branding package and it’s legitimately the BIGGEST disaster of a branding package in any pro sport. If we can avoid getting another mess like this, then, :censored:, take ten years if need be.
  22. You don’t seem to realize that the nicknames aren’t the true issue here. They’re simply a symptom of the greater disease.
  23. It’s insane to me that Seattle now has a WHL hockey team who’s branding package is exponentially more professional sounding than their NHL team. God, ok I’m done. I won’t subject y’all to my rants any longer. I’m just blown away how much of a farce this whole thing has been. We waited this long for THAT garbage? Wow,
  24. Everyone keeps saying “Trash name, great unis/branding” and I absolutely cannot understand how anyone feels that way. The name is the most garbage name in sports, but the unis and logo package are trash, too! They went with navy, (basically) powder blue, and red. That’s the most played out color scheme in sports! They look like a sad, knockoff version of the Winnipeg Jets, who already look like a sad, knockoff version of the Winnipeg Jets. The only fitting thing about this whole identity is that represents EXACTLY what the NHL is. A complete and total clown show that deserves to never be taken seriously by anyone ever.
  25. every single thing about this. I’m done with this idiot “sport” for good now. And they went navy, powder, and red?! I hate this team worse than Vegas’ dumbass squad.