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  1. I REALLY hope it’s not Kraken, but the NHL is The Gong Show on skates, so it’s going to be Kraken.
  2. Stoked that baseball is back but the fake crowd noise is actually sort of unsettling. I hate it.
  3. Wow. Lol, 2020 has NOT been a good year for that Sacramento Republic front office.
  4. The only top level league that would make sense for NDSU at this point is the Mountain West, and even that’s a huge stretch.
  5. This is a good example of where the Hawks messed up a little bit on these new unis. The white wordmark with the yellow outline looks so washed out. Had they just added even a thin black drop shadow, it would’ve fixed that by giving it a better visual foundation. These are better than a LOT of their previous looks, but that part is definitely annoying.
  6. Hey, this happened to me in college! There wasn’t a massive project I forgot, but showed up to astronomy class on Tuesday and found out it was cancelled. Went home and checked my student e mail to find out the professor had died of a heart attack over the weekend. Super nice guy who seemed really healthy. Guess not. Got a refund and took a PE class instead to keep a full schedule.
  7. Ive been to something like 7 Pro Bowls now, maybe 8? That Sean Taylor play is the only play I vividly remember from any of those games. The last one I went to (before the Seahawks Pats Super Bowl in AZ) was the most boring and dull sporting event I’ve ever been to. It made the games in Hawaii look like the Boise State Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl in comparison. Both teams wore grey jerseys! I have zero memory of sitting in the seats and I sat in the seats the entire time I was there.
  8. Two things on your bolded statement: 1). I personally LOVE hearing that first part. The effort thats necessary to get that place ready for a game is pretty daunting. It’s always worth it, though. I really wish I knew what Scott and crew had to go through to get those south side seats tarped up like that. I can’t imagine it was fun. 2). Republic has actually played a handful of games that were either closed to the public for various reasons (weather, scheduling, issues with Cal Expo, etc) or were limited in capacity to only one section. It’s pretty strange, but those were always my favorite games. There were only a dozen or so of us (excluding the players and coaches), so we basically had full run of the park. PMP will stick around in some capacity, but that particular area has always been a public entertainment venue in one form or another. It was an outdoor amphitheater for a long time before it was a soccer field. What really gives the park charm is it being on the state fairgrounds land. Things like minor league soccer are basically what that place is built for. I know for a fact they’re going to miss the income they get every year if they lose Republic completely, so there’s gonna be some incentive to keep a field there. Keeping a USL feeder team in Sacramento is one option they’ve always talked about, and they’re about to get a NWSL team. Both would be great tenants to PMP. Speaking of PMP, I have quite a handful of some really fun items from that park I acquired over the years. Some day I’ll post them all here. You’re right about the park having a certain level of unexplainable charm. I know every inch of that stadium and it’s really a perfect combination of rickety chaos and homey warmth. It’ll always have a special place in my heart.
  9. I was there. Ten rows up right in front of that hit. It was the hardest hit I’ve ever seen, and the most unexpected thing I’ve ever seen at a live sporting event. It was completely unnecessary (but still pretty awesome, not gonna lie) I was sure at the time that Brian Moorman went after him to fight him for that one, not shake his hand.
  10. With as much of a tire fire as they are right now, is there any way we could see the Washington [CENSORED] suspend operations for a season and just sit this one out? Or is there simply too much money at stake to even consider that?
  11. One thing that’s always been surprising and disappointing to me is that there really isn’t a single American top tier pro sports team that uses the domesticated dog as their mascot. With as popular as domesticated canines are, how do we not have a single pro team with some sort of a dog theme? The Browns don’t count because they 1/16 ass the entire thing, and wolves don’t work because they’re still wild animals. I’d be down with the Washington Labs or Retrievers or something. Or, and stay with me here, Howabout a more northern breed of dog? I got it! The Washington Huskies. Boom. I think we’ve got a winner here.
  12. Oh it’s there. I was just in Idaho a few weeks ago. Let me be more specific, Oregon is the Alabama of the pacific coast. Idaho is technically in the west, but I’d give it to the Midwest in a heartbeat if they wanted it
  13. This last part is true. As for the Civil War thing in Oregon, it only makes sense in the idea that Oregon is basically the Alabama of the west. You get north of Sacramento and it’s a big chunk of basically nothing until Eugene/Springfield. “The State of Jefferson” is as close to backwater as we have.
  14. Yeah you try to be transparent and end up with the reputation as being full of loons And Florida is the most not south state in the south, so you KNOW things of equal craziness are taking place further north. People who think Florida is weird probably haven’t been to Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Mississippi.
  15. Arizona lost a Super Bowl bid and damn near lost the federal funding for their roads because they refused to recognize MLK day. You might be surprised the crazy hills people like that are willing to die on.
  16. They would’ve had a hockey team named the Knights, and a soccer team named the Lights. My whole schtick is hating on Vegas, and even I think that’s cool.
  17. Yeah the Angels have the foundations for a beautiful identity, but it’s basically completely ruined by their city naming issue. They basically decided not to even address their city name and now have half of the resources to work with in terms of building a branding package. In response, they panicked and overused the primary logo to compensate. The whole thing is such a mess. They should’ve just stuck with the California Angels name. The AITO set is such a strong foundation to work with.
  18. Yeah, I’m not a fan of this. It comes across as performative at best, and ultimately rings somewhat hollow. These gestures are nice on the surface, but they’re not really doing anything tangible to forward the cause IMO. The downside of this already seems like it’ll outweigh whatever benefit this is going to bring (probably not much more than extra cash in Nike’s pockets). Ultimately, these major corporations taking these hardline stances over social issues REALLY weirds me out. The whole entire point of companies that large is to make more money for themselves. The NBA, Coke, Chevrolet, EA Sports, and whoever the hell else is putting out these statements of “support” absolutely do not give a single about any of this. They care about separating people from their cash, regardless of their moral stances on things. All of this is nothing more than another marketing angle to get your dough. Right now, supporting social causes is good business, and that’s the only thing that matters.
  19. Golden Knights is a terrible name, but the absolute WORST part of their identity is that they decided to ditch the Las portion of their name and just call themselves the Vegas Golden Knights. That’s the lamest, hokiest, most tacky on the nose Las Vegas bull :censored: I’ve ever seen a sports team do. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about that dumb hockey team.
  20. For as goofy as it is, Seattle Sasquatch is a straight up bad ass name. Seattle Kraken is the kind of name that prevents me from ever taking the NHL seriously as a league.
  21. And then the :censored:ing Steelers won it again and ruined it.