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  1. Hopefully they just get rid of that bowl game. There really isn’t any reason the Phoenix area should be hosting the Fiesta Bowl AND some other third rate bowl a few days prior.
  2. I think the Bengals actually wear black helmets that are taped off with the stripes and then painted orange. Similar to what Michigan does. It could be the other way around (orange helmet painted black), but I would imagine black is probably an easier/cheaper color to make the shell out of.
  3. Well, if push comes to shove and they absolutely insist on it, I think the Giants could have a happy medium with their uniforms and represent both without muddying the look. Use my idea for a home and road set, and designate an orange “fauxback” pullover (with the script and gold drop shadow) as an occasional alternate to be worn a handful of times throughout the year. Make it so it’s a bit more frequent than the Dodgers when they wear Brooklyn throwbacks, but not a weekly alt like they are now. Howabout maybe one series a month they bust out the orange pullover? That sounds about right to me. I personally think the idea of ANY team having an alt uniform is good not just aesthetically, but also practically. I know Nike is backing their branding, and MLB teams have more money than God, so it may not be as big of an issue, but I know a LOT of lower level teams want alts simply because it gives their support staff more turnaround on laundry and uniform repairs. I can’t say for sure, but I’d imagine having another option is something support staff probably likes. It’s more to keep track of, but that’s a WAY easier job than doing laundry in a rush for a team full of dudes who have been sweating into doubleknits all day.
  4. Orange jerseys for the Giants were a fun idea when they first came out (which was only really around 2009-2010 with this current set, if memory serves), but I would be absolutely fine with them mothballing them completely. They can toss those god awful black alts in there with them, too. Orange bulled caps also, if those haven’t been shelved already yet. Just use the current home uniform, and the road set they used for the first title in 2010. That’s it. That’s the post.
  5. Former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan has died. Crazy. I just watched the part of the Jordan documentary he was in earlier this week and wondered to myself what he had been doing since leaving the Jazz. RIP.
  6. Don’t get me wrong, what they’re doing has been pretty successful and they have a LOT of very qualified people working for that club. They at least seem to have built a more stable foundation than some of those other renegade clubs. But there has to be some sort of tech money funding that from someone who wants to remain as quiet as they can. That’s the only way I can explain them being competitive with even the Earthquakes for support staff. It’s very weird.
  7. That’s not going to happen for several different reasons. Mainly that Roots doesn’t seem to have much of a desire to join the USL. I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing out there, but they apparently have a LOT of capital to work with (or, they’re acting like it, anyway) for a team in such a low level league. Some of the numbers they tossed at the guys on my support staff to leave Republic for them were pretty astonishing. I even got an offer at one point to do some freelance work for them that seemed too good to be true (It was). It almost feels sort of fishy, in a way.
  8. I miss those summer nights as a kid where I would stay up ridiculously late and watch replays of some weird obscure sports league like Pro Beach Hockey.
  9. Giants vs Cardinals in the NL (seen it a bunch. Loved it every time). A’s vs... I dunno. Mariners or some in the AL. Got a Bucs Raiders Super Bowl once. That was cool. Sharks vs Flyers for the Stanley Cup would be great. Probably the one I would enjoy the most is if Tennessee and Arizona State both found a way to simultaneously stumble ass backwards into the championship round in one of the big three (Football, basketball, baseball).
  10. I suppose. I drank in about as much of the sports culture as I possibly could while there, and enjoyed just about every second of it. It’s a good scene in its own right. But at least in my experience, the Coyotes were about as far from the collective consciousness of the community as could possibly be. And there were a TON of reasons for that. Location being a big one.
  11. Well, apparently, one thing that hasn’t changed is the massive chip on their shoulders Arizona “die hards” (if we’re assuming that’s a thing) have. It’s almost quaint, in a way.
  12. I was gonna say. The black and copper was pretty bad, but they could’ve stuck with this as a base to tone down the mountain set and that whole scheme could’ve stuck around a LOT longer. They might’ve looked a bit too much like the Wizards at the time, but the Wizards shouldn’t have gone to that color scheme in the first place, so that would’ve been their problem.
  13. You don’t see people wearing Coyotes gear around the ASU campus for three reasons: 1). The Coyotes might as well be in Iraq considering how awful the commute to Glendale is from Tempe for an evening hockey game. Nobody that far to the east cares when you have a million better things to do in between. 2). It’s one step away from being the surface of the sun 90% of the year. They at least have the solar panels over a lot of campus now (they didn’t when I went there, and it was AWFUL), but I almost never wore anything but a tank top around campus. The idea of even owning a hockey sweater seemed like a huge waste of space. 3). The Coyotes are lame. Not even the most die hard locals follow the Coyotes. My one local-born hockey fan friend there was a Sharks fan. And he like the Devils. And Rangers. And Maple Leafs... Point being, not the Coyotes. You have all of the California teams, the Blackhawks (due to how many Chicagoland area kids go to ASU), (Now) the Knights, and even the Avalanche who are immeasurably cooler than a dumb hockey team in the desert named after trash dogs.
  14. I almost guarantee that the Rams are gonna go mono the majority of the time and the yellow pants are going to hardly be used. God, the more I see of these, the more I hate them.
  15. You May have been incorrect about them having a “Greek theme”, but you’re absolutely right about the second part of that. If that’s supposed to be a Greek theme, they represent it pretty terribly. And it’s a shame, too. There are so many subtle little things they could do to really get that across, yet instead they make the shoulders of their jerseys look like huge sword blades. It’s really terrible. Speaking of that, with all of the teams who were modernized by Nike jumping ship back to more simple looks, how long until the Titans join them? Their last set had become a bit stale, but I think it was still good, and if anything had some pretty promising elements. The current set is an absolute train wreck. I’d go so far to say that it’s now the worst look in the league (yes, worse than the Rams and Falcons).
  16. everything the Sharks have done since ditching this look has been a downgrade. That shark is a bit wonky, for sure. But it’s still so much better than the current Pikachu looking logo.
  17. Bucs: They absolutely nailed it and gave me almost everything that I wanted. Even the alt is kinda fun. The logo is still a downgrade from the SB era, but they at least tweaked it a bit. I really couldn’t care any less about the other rebrands past this one. I’m happy. Browns: Exactly what they should’ve done. The color rush is pretty lame, but oh well. It’s still not that bad. Chargers: I like them, for sure. There’s still something that feels sort of off to me, though. I’m kinda wondering if having powder blue and bright gold alone is going to be a strong enough of a foundation to build that brand on without ending up looking stale. It’s going to look GREAT when they’re brand new and playing under the sun. But how are people going to feel about it when they’re in the middle of a tough stretch? Is it going to end up looking washed out? I’m all for them going powder and gold full time, but it may be a case of be careful what you wish for. I kinda think the organization has similar concerns, too. Why else would they have given us three different blue based jerseys? Colts: I never liked that old script, so that’s an upgrade. Numbers are great, too. I also don’t mind the alt Cindiana logo. Nice, subtle changes. Falcons: I don’t hate these as much as most. There are some SUPER goofy elements to it, but I think the main sets are going to look sort of sleek and toned down. It’s still probably a downgrade from their last set (which I actually liked), but not that much of a downgrade. Patriots: Their last set had a lot of problems. This set has all new problems. They feel kind of like a Colts/Jets ripoff (I get the history. Still), and they’re still somehow a downgrade from the last set. Rams: They had half a decade to get this right, and they basically completely face planted. The home set is passable but is still substandard, and that road set is an absolute mess of a sports uniform. I’m a Bucs fan and even I have a hard time understanding how a team is this poorly run.
  18. Yes, and the more I look at it, the more it bothers me. In some cases, having an element that can allude two things can be cool, but not in this case. It’s almost as if they sacrificed the history of their brand and redesigned the horn to look more like an element that should be used by a football team called the Southern California Waves. It sucks.
  19. Hell of an off season we’ve had. I’m SO happy my team went first and actually upgraded.
  20. The home set is fine. The colors rock, and are the best part of this set BY FAR. The horn segment on the helmet is stupid, and the numbers are dumb, though. Tweak those a bit and you’ve got a winner. That road set, though? Wow. It’s the worst uniform set in the league by a MILE. What the hell were they thinking on that one? It almost reminds me of one of those Praise the Soldier Guys jerseys they always release in drab olive with the military style looking patches. Ill conceived and ugly as all hell. No way that thing lasts. It’s really crazy to me how they got this so so SO wrong considering the timeline they had. If things were rushed and it turned out like this, that would at least make some sense because the whole thing looks rushed. But they had, like, FIVE FULL YEARS! That’s astonishing.
  21. My elementary school picked pioneers as the school mascot. Even as an 8 year old going to a school that was once a Pony Express stop, I found it to be embarrassingly hokey. cant even imagine it for an NFL team.
  22. The Dolphins current look would be in the “not the best, but passable” category if not for that absolutely god awful logo they’re using. I don’t even mind so much modernizing the logo a bit. The helmet wearing dolphin is something I really love, but I can understand how people would see it as a bit campy. But what they replaced it with is garbage. The position of the Dolphins tail makes absolutely zero sense when combined with the sun outline and looks terrible on the helmets. If they even just changed the position on the tail to better match the old logo, it would be a HUGE improvement.
  23. It’s also cool because the purple and teal is a nice contrast to the surroundings almost like an oasis from it. The Sonoran desert really isn’t something you should aspire to blend into.
  24. That particular color scheme did work better for the D Backs than the Astros, but I still wish they had gone with a darker maroon than brick red. That’s probably my ASU fandom speaking, though. I just wish the Astros had a more unique color scheme. The orange and navy is already used by the Tigers and has always been kind of boring for the Astros IMO. I liked the cutout star in part because both sets featured color schemes that were somewhat unique to them at the time. The D Backs aped the second scheme, and I guess you could say the Brewers were pretty close to the Astros first scheme, but not really.