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  1. They haven't custom font on throwback. It'standard block font which is even wrong for them Raptors teamstore listed City uniforms as avaliable at March 1st same with Jazz shorts which are listed as spring. Weird.
  2. I know but still they used wink emoji. Anyway now with EA confirms orange pants that wink wasn't ironic.
  3. They winked so I don't believe them until I see a photo evidence.
  4. There is no Harley-Davidson logo on City jersey so I guess they didn't or they are into negotiating of new deal. Same with Sacramento, there is no Blue Almonds logo on City jersey.
  5. Why Gladstone Gander look at scorer? He play defence? It must be Harden defence style. BTW if Afro Duck suggests that white people can't run fast's so true, we can't. Anyway is a very nice logo.
  6. I don't know too many teams which names was originated by fans.
  7. I like Earned uniform too, much more than City. Btw Bucks is another sponsorless team at this moment. We should be afraid or not?
  8. What do you mean by rest of the world's tradition? Well this news is bad, they should stay with Impact instead of being another boring "City name FC" team (even in Europe teams got names).
  9. This one or Mecca inspired? Which one was worse? I can't decide.
  10. That red trim which I was talking in previous post about Rockets would definitely make that jersey better.
  11. Impressive work @Conrad. but Those Pacers, Blazers and Bulls are pretty familiar to me (with little differences) :
  12. It look like a ransom note: Anyway they've got this unused 1997 ASG jersey with guitar: Why they didn't use it as an inspiration?
  13. So it look like it's gonna be a Statement jersey with red collar trim (like in their last season 'City') but without Gemini pattern.
  14. Your welcome Earned jersey is still to come for Pacers so who knows which color is gonna has (My pick is yellow).
  15. Pacers wore black in 2013 Summer League but that doesn't count so I leave it as a trivia:
  16. Dallas:
  17. Grizzlies City is outstanding on every way BTW I've counted and 14 out of 30 City are black and the only team for what we still don't have any graphic form of leak is Cavs
  18. It's a nice uniform for Utah although I was expecting sides panels with gradient not on top of the jersey (which look kinda like Suns) so they suprised me. Anyway I'd still like to know if it's designed for 18/19 season at first or brand new for 20/21.
  19. All depends of light, on this photo it look darker than typical red: Red is a part of Nuggets color scheme since they became a Nuggets. The only time without red was a Baby Blue era.
  20. Numbers were different, currently Rockets use that font. Wordmark was pretty similar to Agency but not exact. Anyway style of wordmark with that font is just like on Granger/George era jerseys.