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  1. Jagiellonia Białystok: Slightly different collar and sleeves ending compare to temporary kit Away and Third:
  2. Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza and Stal Mielec home kits:
  3. Jagiellonia temporary home and regular gk: Arka Gdynia:
  4. That's why I used "With" instead of "From". Earlier It was to describe jersey as an entirety.
  5. Football jerseys made with aeoready are from recycled materials. Fleece was making from plastic bottles before it became trendy. Seriously, polyester made from recycled maetrials is nothing new no matter if it's 100% or 5% that is not worth to mention from companies.
  6. I love that marketing bullpoop. From what I know Aeroready and earlier Climalite were also made from recycled materials and general sports clothes mostly are made from recycled materials, but now everyone wants to label that and raise price because it's ECO even it was always an eco.
  7. Wisła Płock: Raków Częstochowa: Radomiak Radom:
  8. I wouldn't say that black Bucks uni is bad, of course Cream version of it was better but is still a nice uni and one of rare example where logo on jersey works thanks to rainbow.
  9. It's funny that they use "Champions" based on old NBA Finals logo and in the same time put those lame boring NBA Finals logo on a shirt. #BringBackOldLogos
  10. Scott Foster called the game so Bucks couldn't lose that. Suns should and could took that in five games but they lacked experience and consistency, G4 was a swing of momentum for Bucks which rised their chance for champs. Congrats to Bucks fans.
  11. That court would work well with 17/18 City jersey Pistons v Cavs from 19/20.
  12. Górnik Zabrze (Away is remain from last season): Korona Kielce:
  13. Lech Poznań: Zagłębie Lubin (for home they only add graphic on hem compare to last season):
  14. As a United fan I'd say this is the best United kit from years and you can buy a long sleeve version. Pogoń Szczecin: more photos: https://pogonszczecin.pl/galeria/20210715115145 Warta Poznań:
  15. After 15 years, you forgot about this (2004-2006): Staying with stripes. Sandecja Nowy Sącz (Polish 1st League) home and away:
  16. What about Rams, they should go with that from the beginning instead of that trash bone thing.
  17. Piast Gliwice home: Legia Warszawa home: Śląsk Wrocław home, away and gk:
  18. Disagree. This beauty wasn't reversed: In facts Maple Leafs could play with green color too. Red Wings could simply do this: and there is also a few options from times when they weren't Red Wings yet which lead us e.g to this:
  19. This is a shape of Gold Bar. It's quite boring and creative at the same time.
  20. Ok I noticed something that I didn't notice when I wrote that post. In 2019 Stadium Series Penguins and Flyers we've had color vs color and jerseys without any white. This Canes jersey was supposed to using in 2021 and also has no white. Do you think that it might be a trend that in odd years we would have color v color with no white and in even years standard uniforms?
  21. I like this pre-match shirt more than away. Too bad they don't sell it with long sleeves.
  22. I think is not because I've got every email notifications off and receive that anyway.
  23. Do I really need to receive an email everytime when I login? That's f...ing annoying! I flagged that as a spam but it's still lands in my main folder. Please turn that off.
  24. Maybe but there wasn't any other options. Croatia couldn't play in home kit because red-white checkboard clashing with both kits for Spain so Coratia were forced to wear away kit (although their away should be blue like in past except WC18).
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