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  1. Same thing was with Devin Booker two and one year ago. In 2018 he wore icon jersey and in 2019 statement instead of city.
  2. Wait till 2021 when Giannis arrive to NYC. I wouldn't be mind if Knicks drops silver from uniforms, also I'd like to see orange uniform again (yeah I know it's cursed, but Knicks... are Knicks anyway), but with "Knicks" wordmark instead of "New York".
  3. Inter home isn't on sale yet, but I checked Nashville home and Cincinnati away and unfortunately they've got old treatment, which is wack. But adidas made small step forward anyway and I hope one day they finally go fully with European style of replicas.
  4. I don't mean that. I mean that it look like finally the only differences between authentics and replicas are material, cut and a way of crest applied, but every pattern, every other details are excatly the same for both version. Just like in Europe.
  5. It look like European type of replica. Changes? Finally?
  6. I don't know why, but my first thought of this was a @Conrad. logo. Different, but similar.
  7. Something for Something. Mass Retail from first day or unique designs. Either way MLS replicas sucks so hard. I don't know if this problem would exist with smaller brands. I mean if they would produce replicas or they'd only go with authentics.
  8. I noticed that mostly only bigger companies like adidas, nike or puma got problems with this. Smaller brands like macron, joma, jako, errea can produce custom kit in a very short term.
  9. I like them too, and these are first uniforms which used Rev30 technologoy.
  10. As for me with the idea created by the NBA, each quarter should be treated as a separate match, but instead of we've got mess.
  11. Red uniforms looks outstanding, it's bad that only women's will wear it and men's got this: Nike should just reverse colors form Women's uni for men's instead we've got blue/navy jersey without any red.
  12. Is not like you didn't have this in adidas tenure... IIRC adidas went back to stitched numbers after that fail with glued. Also nike in first season used aeroswift template and from second they go with vaporknit.
  13. Nonsense, 4Q should also start with 0-0 results with 24 points as a target to make a rivalies with a little bit of Defence. In other way you will still have a :censored:ty game (Anyone else watching this?) with happy shooting without any indication of D, especially if one team blowout another after three quarters. Good try NBA, but go back to desk and rethink this. BTW, They should also go back to first incarnation of Skills Challenge.
  14. I'm not upset and I didn't want to be rude, but Colin McRae video games were a huge hits. Dirt series is even more for North American gamers with all those X-games vibes, so maybe I mistakenly assumed that people know these games. My bad. Btw, I suprise you, I heard about Hal McRae, because of his unfamous rant (thanks to DJ Steve Porter), but with Brian true, I don't heard about him, but quick check in google and I already know that he is a son of Hal and was also a baseball player.
  15. McRae was one of the best rally driver in WRC history. I understand you might didn't watch rallies, because they aren't much popular in North America, but don't tell me that you never heard of video games named after him or Dirt series which was indicated as a Colin McRae for first two editions and they are part of McRae series. For me the best way to honor Kobe would be name an ASG MVP award after him. He deserved that.
  16. Florida Panthers will host 2021 All Star Game
  17. Here are KHL and ECHL ASG unis, which are miles ahead compare to NHL: BTW I remember when Rbk/CCM unveil Edge system few moments later almost all brands switch to Edge collar, now we've got same situation with adizero. Warrior in CHL using adidas collar: and CCM try to mimic it by making their own version of adizero collar.
  18. Every year when I look at new kits from big brands like Adidas, Puma or Nike I have the same impression like others that clubs have nothing to say about design and they just need to accept whatever brands give them to wear. Look at infamous Condivo 18 or Tiro 19 template. Different thing is with smaller brands like Macron, Joma, Errea. It look like they give clubs more creative power over design.
  19. If they want to look like Montana's team they need to fix this mess with stripes first. Bring back 3rd stripe!
  20. Rockets color scheme at that time was and still is (since 2003/04) red/white/silver/black not red/white/yellow. Wrong, there is no sleeved jerseys in the nike era. Grizzlies black MLK50 "Pride" uniform ("Pride" series was somehow a predecessor to "City") was only in 16/17 season. Timberwolves "City" uni was very dark purple not black. Suns new unis were introduced in 17/18 season. Hornets "Statement" is purple not black. Clippers "City" got red and blue on trims and shorts pipelines. Thunder is "City" not 3rd and it's dark slate not black. Also there is no red accents on it (except sponsor logo), but yellow and gold. Light blue and orange appears on the back of the collar.
  21. Rangers red stripes are thicker than Stars black stripes so both jerseys are different. Case closed, we can go home.
  22. I read Sun Gingers at first, lol. IMO this were the best concept from all showed by Stars. I also think that if they could add a little bit of gold (by replace silver for example) to current scheme it wouldn't be that bad.
  23. Wizards in off-season made a little change that is barely noticable. Their red part on back goes from -\_/-: To ___:
  24. Some says that Chiefs are still in road to the stadium. Great googly moogly!
  25. Wow I didn't know, but actually something similar to my concept exist and it's called FIBA Intercontinental cup: