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  1. They should already start to design new logo for 2023 because this one isn't better than current one. Or simply go back to your original one.
  2. I don't think they want to mess with Seattle. Thunder themselves prefer to be not recognize as Sonics and being treat like an expansion team, this is why there are no Sonics banners in arena or Champioship tab on collar so I guess their Mashup will be made only from OKC jerseys.
  3. Luongo masks weren't even made by Reebok or CCM but by Protechsport/Lefevre. Same with pads no matter if he wore Koho's, Reebok's or CCM's all of them were made by Lefevre (now part of True Hockey).
  4. if I counted correctly, OKC already had 20 uniforms (with this season earned), 22 if you count this little triangle inside a collar not as a small piece but a separate uniforms:
  5. Since unused earned units were removed from Lockervision and Suns and Spurs are on OKC Tracker twitter here is reupload of Warriors just for historical purpose:
  6. Holly cow, what the hell is that?! Jersey might not be that bad but shorts look like this overprice thing from just don. I'd prefer a real throwback from inaugural season in a league for every team (Hornets already used home and away so I'd go with Bobcats for them and for Thunder just go back to 17/18 uniform) instead of mash-ups.
  7. Exactly, all what they need is a red uniform and what they done is a light gray over white which blend with each other (similar to Rams away). I don't know they afraid of red because it was related to Sterling era?
  8. Every team were designed but after playoffs only 16 of it came into production. Here is Warriors (I'd like to know what pattern this is): BTW It's weird to see Celtics in old Bucks colors.
  9. Another Knicks photos from Kith: Look how sad this RJ Barrett smile is. Not enough that he has to play for the Knicks, now he has to wear that hideous uniform too.
  10. In past I posted a picture where Lakers jersey collector put all jerseys from champion to nike on themselves and 17/18 nike jersey was much brighter than others (Banana Yellow). Unfortunately photo expired. Anyway Nike should simply use same shade as they use for Jazz Statement. Knicks: but still no official release.
  11. I know about them but completely forgotten. Ok so they're gone from sponsorless list.
  12. Same with Sacramento, Houston and New Orleans. These teams are also sponsorless at this moment.
  13. My mate Rhown extract those numbers from 2k21 I put them on what font is, what the font and it look like a custom font.
  14. But they made a statement about statement jerseys and Jumpman logo on it. Soccer kits also were covered on time.
  15. On no news about City uniforms too.
  16. Lakers just want to be like Celtics not only in Championships but in retired numbers too.
  17. That's funny because I'm a fan of AC/DC so shame on me.
  18. It doesn't resolve the problem, because if you're not a rock & roll fan you would have a problem of recognize logos no matter of what. From his wordmark I know that 1st "L" is Led Zeppelin, 1st 'E" is Sex Pistols, "V" is Van Halen, 2nd "E" is Eminem (He's not in RRHOF yet), 2nd "L" is Beatles, "A" is Metalica and "N" is Nirvana. Have no idea about "C" and "D" (in Original wordmark I have no idea about "N"). BTW. I never noticed that but Blazers and Nets use exactly same numbers font on their jerseys (#7 is cut on a top in Blazers but that's the only difference) .
  19. That would be the smartest thing that Knicks do in last 20 years. Bingo! It's strange because Thunder don't want to be recognize as Sonics so I guess that's only a photoshop mistake and real retail version comes without that because Seattle might riots. I quote myself here: But on Fanatics except jersey you can buy basically every other thing. For Knicks there is nothing nowhere Fanatics, NBA store, Nike, Kith etc.
  20. On left N.W.A "N" on right Cleveland "N" on centre both combined: It doesn't match so if It's really N.W.A it must be a bootleg version. BTW little riddle for you. Find one element which shouldn't be in here: Hint. This element doesn't appear on match issue jeresy.
  21. The first "e" is from The Who and "N" is definitely not N.W.A. This is intresting because Classic jerseys never had Championship tags before.
  22. They haven't custom font on throwback. It'standard block font which is even wrong for them Raptors teamstore listed City uniforms as avaliable at March 1st same with Jazz shorts which are listed as spring. Weird.
  23. I know but still they used wink emoji. Anyway now with EA confirms orange pants that wink wasn't ironic.