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  1. I'd get that one over the white front panel only because I sweat profusely and that would stain easily.
  2. Huh. Would be nice that was made available for purchase
  3. Looks solid but Jesus that Marlins black jersey really will be brutal
  4. The Xperience: Hockey Talk's 2019 Stadium Series article Hey guys, check out the brief article I wrote about the Stadium Series jerseys that will be worn in three weeks for the 2019 Stadium Series game.
  5. I heard something from an employee in the team store at Nationals Park last April about something happening but at this point I'm not so sure
  6. Panthers blue pants were dropped Falcons didn't wear Color Rash this year Dallas wore actual silver pants Week 1 and Week 7 Rams navy was discontinued in favor of the royal blue jersey Browns orange jersey may have been mothballed Dolphins orange/color rash was dropped Texans all red look was not used (thankfully) Who Wore What When from Gridiron Uniforms database
  7. Week 15 alternate is Denver. Week 15 Color Rush I'm going to take a stab and say it will be the Jets.
  8. I'm pretty sure that happened at the last home game for Mo.
  9. I'm curious about this too. I know the Raiders wore their Color Rush jersey but the regular pants. I think for a team like Denver it would create a clash but maybe it can work?
  10. Chargers and Broncos in Color Rash for sure Cowboys I'd assume Color Rush Lions in Throwbacks
  11. Which would suck because once Nike gets the uniform deal as rumoured starting NEXT postseason, they'll probably get the caps too. Nike hats suck especially for those who have big heads.