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  1. The fact that Nike can't do (or won't do) a dazzle fabric nowadays still amazes me
  2. That's the new look for Michigan State's Final Four and National Championship Banners
  3. This logo, as well as the snakehead logo, is what made me a fan of the team when it started!
  4. Give it a year. The rumour being is that teams are apparently switching to the template that the Oregon Ducks wore this past season.
  5. BOOOOOOOOOOOO. That's super lame. 90s warmups were great when they were not stuck to the same templated look
  6. Well maybe the fiesta court and warmups. But maybe a throwback from the ABA days?
  7. Dallas, Memphis, Washington (it'll be the 60th season overall if you include the Zephyrs days), Detroit, Denver (45th season in NBA), San Antonio (maybe the fiesta jersey), Brooklyn, Indiana (FINALLY goes away from the Hoosiers look and with the FloJo jerseys). Those are my eight guesses for the teams, but we already knew about Memphis and Dallas pretty much confirmed at this point. Does this seem about right, @Conrad.
  8. These were nice. Too bad they didn't last longer than a couple of seasons, even if it was in the style guide when the Nike takeover happened in 2012
  9. Since we're on the Dolphins and this would be sacrilegious to do to the throwbacks....
  10. This would be just as bad as the retina searing Seahawks Color Rush jersey, in my opinion
  11. So something like this?
  12. did put out the caps for Jackie Robinson Day. Interesting bit is the patch on the side included the team specific numbers for 42.