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  1. Well, that logo existed in the original package from 1996-1998. I don't remember if a current one exists
  2. At least they are going with seasons instead of the thing that drives everyone here nuts is 25th ANNIVERSARY (which would be in 2021). There are a LOT of teams that still do the seasons/anniversary thing wrong and it drives me absolutely bonkers
  3. I was always fond of this Ravens logo. This one isn't bad either. The second one is far better as a helmet logo than what they have currently but that is my opinion.
  4. It is really nice to see the Navy Blue finally be gone. Should've never gone that route in the first place but this was a great move.
  5. Well, Carolina ALREADY has three and the Green Whalers jersey could be exactly what they stick with, unless they go BALLSY and use this design but in Carolina colours for the Stadium Series.
  6. I'm disappointed that the red/pewter is staying. I would've been far happier if it was a modified version of the Bucco Bruce jerseys.
  7. Why this one was not kept is beyond me. I like the curly "W' but this would be far better if it was the main cap for the Nationals
  8. As far as I know, the plan for "league-wide" throwback games is still on for 2020-21, except for Vegas (unless there is a fauxback planned).
  9. I think they moved to the Nike template. As far as I know, Green Bay is the only one still on the Ripon one
  10. Sounders unveiled the 2019 MLS Cup Banner Sunday afternoon
  11. It's 100% the Winter Classic jerseys that are going to be worn. That was announced at the beginning of the season that March 8th is a date for those jerseys to be worn
  12. The wordmark definitely ruins it
  13. To the OP, don't read too much into it. They've been selling this for a while now (even under Majestic), and to add the Tigers have two "alternates" and the Dodgers have a royal blue for sale. It'll be a cold day in hell if the Yankees take the field in anything other than the pinstripes or the grays (unless it is for one of the ridiculous uniforms they do).
  14. I posted all of these on my own Twitter page last night and yeah all of them, even on the St. Patrick's Day variety are all UGLY.