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  1. So something like this?
  2. did put out the caps for Jackie Robinson Day. Interesting bit is the patch on the side included the team specific numbers for 42.
  3. Just have to wait and see when and if the 2020 season starts. Also not sure if sizing dimensions matter when it comes to the official style guides
  4. I had ones from 2006-2011 but everything from back then as well as a lot of other style guides from 2004-2011 but those were all lost when a thunderstorm zapped an external hard drive and I lost a LOT of things
  5. The odd thing is that it WAS in the style guide until 2013 I believe. IF it wasn't the uniforms themselves, then it was definitely the helmets. @TruColor, any idea if this was true or not?
  6. As well as Cincinnati. I think those are the only two holdovers the Reebok deal.
  7. I was going to say if there is any, it's only on the white jerseys. On Denver, I know they've always been a want by a lot of people here. However, I do not see them changing unless the Bowlen Trust and/or Ellis give the thumbs up for it.
  8. Partially related but long ago @TruColorhad the detailed marks for the different Pat the Patriot logos. Was there any significant differences between the different logos or were there modifications made to them?
  9. Using this as a road alternate cap or REPLACING the O's cap would be a step in the right direction...
  10. Not sure but it'll be figured out. Maybe the shoulder stripes won't be as wide?
  11. See the wordmark they have now is better than what they had for the last 20+ years. The cursive one never did it for me to be honest. Logos as the comparison.
  12. Prediction based off of the released video... And IF they went with a red alternate/new color rush...
  13. True on the Reebok end but it was used back in December 2017.
  14. I've been a LONG proponent in wanting these fulltime
  15. Not the best for the 9/11 one but here's that one
  16. Best thing I can suggest is looking at ebay for those patches. Patchcollection or emblemsource MIGHT have the Toronto series one though. If it is high res logos, they should be on the main site.
  17. I can only imagine the hundreds of thousands of graphics there. It's gotta be a doozy of a library
  18. Man Dallas really had something nice here but the silver shouldn't have looked like Hefty bags. Had the silver not been satin and some other material, they very well could still be around today. Too bad they got b*tch smacked in that season opener and were never worn again.
  19. I think those of who were paying attention to the NFL 2020 and LA Brand Change discussions and saw how the behaviour was going, the banned hammer was going to come down. It must've come down hard enough, because I kind of saw that one coming.
  20. One in the minority here but Islanders.
  21. I can only imagine that the City next season, at least from what @Conrad. said on his Twitter about two months ago, is the best one they've ever had. Dallas really needs to embrace the green as much as possible and ditch the double blues and silver
  22. That's really it. No changes to the primary from what I know
  23. The SHOWTIME yellow/gold Lakers jersey (Magic/Kareeem era)
  24. Well, that logo existed in the original package from 1996-1998. I don't remember if a current one exists