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  1. No idea. What set they need is the one before this one. They didn't need to fix what was not broken
  2. It'd be better if San Jose waits until 2021-22 for the official 30th anniversary, and with the Jets in the same season for their 10th anniversary. Plus we have Seattle coming in during that season as well.
  3. Columbus as well. The Avalanche could have a special 25th anniversary patch for next season as well.
  4. True but I think that was overdone for so many years that it is much better to see Washington in the Burgundy jerseys and white pants
  5. With the NHL ASG captains announced a couple of days ago, looks like we will see division related logos yet again. It's been nice to see division logos made, even if it is all the same style, just colours being swapped
  6. To be honest the yellow pants are a thing that should've been a seldom worn thing. It's much better to see the white and burgundy pants.
  7. And we finally get a long nightmare finished, as it is worth repeating, with Cleveland wearing this uniform set for the final time. In a funny bit of stats here, there have only been two uniform combinations that have not been worn in the 5 seasons that this set has been worn. Other than these two, all uniform combinations have been worn.
  8. Neither did I. Yet again I didn't become a big time Denver fan until just a year before this happened...when I was 11.
  9. I got one of the older Wizards ones at Champs Sports when they went on 75% off and wore it while walking my dogs in 15 degree weather the other day and it kept me pretty warm but yet again I was only outside for about 15 minutes. It's basically a warm-up jacket so if you really want to splurge, I'd still get one but hold off wearing it a lot until the spring time when it gets warmer out.
  10. I'm pretty sure that teams that currently have thirds must keep them in the jersey/sweater rotation for three seasons. Now in terms of teams that should change... Arizona to Kachinas full time Calgary to throwback look full time Winnipeg to throwback look full time (not sure what the True North, Coyotes, and NHL agreement is on the current Jets using the old Jets logo is) Now in terms of what we will see... Buffalo back to royal blue Special jerseys for the outdoor games next season (rumour going around is Carolina will get one of them)
  11. It's been widely known the Rams and Browns are changing. Just a speculation when it comes to the Buccaneers. I think eventually there will be a full change for the Panthers, Broncos, and even Washington
  12. Highly doubt that since the light blue they currently have never saw the field except for Spring Training, which is a waste. I will never understand the Marlins love for the black jerseys all the time. I'd take the blue alternate nine times out of ten over the black jerseys. Hell, I'd even be fine if that reddish-orange colour was on an alternate jersey or as a ST jersey
  13. It'd be handy to see the Association and Icons as well if possible. Maybe even all of last year's as well?
  14. Yeah it's whatever the hell the team called it. Like Seahawks Blue or some ridiculous name like that. Kind of how the Rams navy is still Millennium Blue for some moronic reason.
  15. I think the biggest issue in general back then it was on a super sunny day and made it look even worse on TV. Now I am not a Seahawks fan in the slightest but IF I were to ever get a Seattle jersey, it would be that one.
  16. THANK YOU! These are what should be the Saints uniforms and nothing else. If they INSIST having the black pants, at least make it like the 1999 black pants with the gold stripe. As for the uniforms... and then the white color rush as your white jersey and make a gold jersey on the same template style. That should settle the identity crisis the Saints presently have.
  17. So I messing around with some of the color rush looks for the Giants and basically revived the 80s-90s Giants blue jersey and added a red one as the alternate. I'm also curious as to how colour swaps would look for the Falcons as well. Meaning on the red jersey, instead of white numbers outlined in black, it would be a white outline with black numbers.
  18. Crazy thing is that some of these City jerseys that have stuck around, like Utah, are going to change next year. I would like to see Utah convince the league and Nike to keep it around and if that is not possible, then create a white version going into the 2020/21 season
  19. Oh God no. The ASG jerseys last year were awful. I'd much prefer if they go back to the NA vs. The World concept from the late 1990s and early part of the 2000s.
  20. Well then. I would've liked to see the neon snot jersey with the wolf gray pants but I guess this could work out