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  1. Who has three or more jerseys?? Will they be worn in 2004-2005 season??
  2. Any other teams wearing alts this year and if they are, when, against who?
  3. is philly going to wear their black jerseys again on jan 2 against the bungles?
  4. TEAM COLOR DATE(S) OPPONENT(S) Atlanta Black 11/28/04 New Orleans Baltimore Black 11/07/04 Cleveland Carolina Panthers Blue 10/24/04, 11/28/04 San Diego, Tampa Bay Cincinnati Orange 11/07/04, 11/28/04 Dallas, Cleveland Cleveland Orange 11/21/04 New York Jets Denver Orange 11/28/04 Oakland Houston Red 10/31/04, 11/28/04 Jacksonville, Tennessee Jacksonville Black 12/05/04 Pittsburgh New England Silver 12/12/04 Cincinnati New Orleans Gold TBA TBA New York Giants Red 11/28/04 Philadelphia Philadelphia Black 10/31/04, 1/2/05 Baltimore, Cincinnati San Diego Powder Blue 10/10/04 Jacksonville Tennessee Titans Blue 10/17/04, 12/13/04 Houston, Kansas City Washington Maroon TBA TBA Philly on Jan 2, 05 is rumored along with the Giants vs. Eagles next week
  5. In all honesty, will the IOC give the 2012 Games to NYC?????
  6. What about the 'Aints. those were nice looking jerseys.
  7. Why wasn't this mentioned on the Giants' site about them wearing them against Philly next week?
  8. What do the Giants Alts look like? nothing as of yet on the team site about alts! if this is true, that would bring sixteen teams wearing alts. since 2002. need proof? look at the list i provided y'all
  9. Where did you find this??? Is the men's logo out???
  10. Does anyone have a complete list of when the teams will wear their third color jersey? The only teams that I am aware of a third jersey is: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas (plop green color), Indiana, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Miami, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Toronto and Seattle (I have yet to pix).
  11. I agree. The jerseys look like someone took a crap and wiped their asses on a white jersey. Dallas must go back to the Hefty bag jerseys. Mark Cuban has a terrible taste of style. No one will probably even buy the plop looking jerseys.
  12. Does anyone know if Georgia Tech has a new Basketball jersey??
  13. TEAM, COLOR, DATE(S), OPPONENT(S) Atlanta, Black, 11/28/04, New Orleans Baltimore, Black, 11/07/04, Cleveland Carolina, Panthers Blue, 10/24/04, 11/28/04, San Diego, Tampa Bay Cincinnati, Orange, 11/07/04, 11/28/04, Dallas, Cleveland Cleveland, Orange, 11/21/04,New York Jets Denver, Orange, 11/28/04, Oakland Houston, Red, 10/31/04, 11/28/04, Jacksonville, Tennessee Jacksonville, Black, 12/05/04, Pittsburgh New England, Silver, 12/12/04, Cincinnati New Orleans, Gold, TBA, TBA New York Giants, Red, 11/28/04, Philadelphia (This is rumored to happen) Philadelphia, Black, 10/31/04, Baltimore San Diego, Powder Blue, 10/10/04, Jacksonville Tennessee, Titans Blue, 10/17/04, 12/13/04, Houston, Kansas City Washington, Maroon, TBA, TBA