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  1. The local ESPN Radio (probably a national show) said the following about an hour before the game: "We expect a 1-1 game tonight, which means it's probably going to be a 11-12 game" We're getting close to that (one team even has 11). FYI: No it wasn't Tony Romo that predicted it.
  2. Thanks. That's what I figured. I also thought I saw Any Reid half down the sideline complaining to the refs after the play and thought he was asking about that rule.
  3. Apparently KC's Defense can't stop athletic freight trains masking themselves as Tight Ends/Wide Receivers, not that I could either. That's just one of many reasons I'm not playing in the NFL. (if I was I'd be a Kicker - boot the ball through the uprights, kick the ball off, go get a snack...). I do have a question for anyone that is or wants to pretend to be an NFL rules expert: On the Offensive PI where Crabtree caught the ball, the clock was running because of the review - why was there no ten second run off because of an offensive penalty. I'm assuming it's because of the review where it went from a running clock to a stopped clock there was a ten second run off. Which would make sense if the clock started on the snap, but the official seemed to indicate that the clock would start of the ready for play, and that's what I saw happen, which would in turn show me it's a running clock. Anyway, just curious as the ends of games in NCAA and NFL tend to get crazy confusing.
  4. hmm, Florida throws the ball deep...wins the game. Honestly, after that clock gaff by the Gators, I though we were headed for OT and a Vols win. I know McElwain's is basically a mesh of elements of three or four offensive styles, with window-dressing/deception being the foundation, but it's quite apparent it's not really working SEC, at least not consistently. Gators are relying too much on their defense. Yes, they are good, but when they're on the field for 3/4 of the game they're eventually going to get tired and burned. Florida needs to pick an offensive style. In my opinion, the athletes are built for the spread. I think McElwain should let the offense loose, he has athletes (Cleveland, Powell, and if/when Calloway returns) to succeed in this offense. He doesn't have the players or schemes to run the current style of offense. Franks is young and a freshman but he has an arm on him, let him throw the ball.
  5. We'll see how it works out for Marleau. It's not surprising that he decided to move on. It's just surprising that he chose an eastern team. Though I'm glad he stayed away from LA/Ana and yes, of course, I wanted him to retire a Shark, that's still possible, but at the same time it's a business and he's never been a free agent before, so it was probably exciting. Sad to see him go, but hope he succeeds in Toronto, just no Sharks-Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Finals until he retires, please. (yes, I did just utter that sentence. Yes I know, I laughed too, kind of...) I know it's been reported by multiple sources, but until the Sharks announce it via their website and/or Twitter, I'm still not convinced Thornton has signed and still could decide to go anywhere, say Toronto. I know they were one of many teams inquiring about him. I still believe he wants to play with Marleau, but Thornton was pretty adamant about (more than Patty) not wanting to leave San Jose. Of course, the Sharks could just be waiting for Marleau to decide/sign with Toronto before announcing the return of Thornton, which is reports of Thornton signing in San Jose are true, that this is probably what's happening.
  6. Not many know the dollar amount being offered but the consensus seems to be $5M/yr. for 2 years and $4M for 3 years. Both for Thornton and Marleau. However, I've not heard of the Sharks offering 3 years, yet...
  7. Yeah, I would say many of us fans know that it's probably the right move to move on. I know it's not the right mindset for the possible/potential success (now and future) of the team. I kind of want the Sharks to keep them, just to keep the two away from LA and Anaheim. I don't want Marleau to leave a little more than I don't want Jumbo to leave. At the same time, I want the two win a Stanley Cup before their careers are over. FTF reports that Marleau has a 2yr deal on the table, and the Sharks had a one year deal for Thornton but moved up their offer to Thornton to 2yrs. With Thornton wanting to play with Marleau it seems likely that they will either push for that third year and walk or accept the two-year deal and see what happens. Guess it depends on how much Thornton and Marleau want that third year, stay in San Jose, play together. Good thing I'm not a GM, I'm so indecisive.
  8. Rumors swirling: Thornton waiting to see if Marleau resigns Sharks. If he does, Thornton resigning is likely. If Marleau signing with a new team might be on condition of signing Thornton too. Pending both like the $ amount and term/year length. http://www.csnbayarea.com/sharks/thornton-marleau-inching-closer-leaving-sharks https://www.nhl.com/news/joe-thornton-patrick-marleau-free-agency-upcoming/c-290224280 Given the Sharks other talented, younger players and the contracts of other veterans due up in a year or two, I would be surprised if the can give Thornton and Marleau what each is asking for, both in terms of dollar amount and contract length, and if it's truly the right move for the franchise. Yeah, I want them back, but just not sure how realistic it is. Word also is that the package deal of sorts is Thornton initiated the request, and it sounds like it's for any team interested in him (Interested in Me? Sign Marleau too or no deal). If they truly are a package deal, I think that means no Kings, no Ducks. I just don't either having the cap space to sign both, nor the interest in both.
  9. So a few years ago when the Sharks were hosting a Stadium Series game against the Kings, I came up with a concept of what they might wear. Many people said it should be used as the full-time set. However, others said that the colors meshed too much and it bogged down the design. So, with Adidas set to unveil the uniforms tomorrow, I thought I'd throw my design in what I would hope the Sharks would do. Granted, I'm not expecting much. I'd be pleasantly surprised if there was something even close to this. Shoulder patches were left blank as I didn't know which one they were going to go with. I just saw that reveal in the teaser trailer this afternoon. So the orange could be removed, but I might actually be getting used to the orange...oh my, what is happening!
  10. Just saw this. sorry for the delay. Something like this:
  11. Fans had very little if any say in Durant coming to Warriors, it was his choice. Yeah, he may have mucked up the league in doing so and that's not good, but he was definitely earned the Finals MVP. I understand people's irritation with what he did, I completely get that, as a lifelong Warriors fans (I'm pre-Dubs era) this still feels good.
  12. I'm still holding out hope that Nashville puts up a monster third period and ties it, then wins it OT. Unlikely, but that would be super!
  13. Crosby punches PK in the face, then later throws water bottle on ice after on call on slash. Ugh.
  14. Updated 3/31: Elite 8 Complete/Final Four Set Elite 8 Complete/Final Four Set: First Four: On Off Finally got this completed. Took a little longer than expected, but it's up now. I'm going with South Carolina vs North Carolina in the Championship. My back up prediction is Gonzaga vs Oregon.
  15. As for getting a clear photo, it could be the file, sometimes I've had issues with jpg files. Also, did you upload via the boards or did you use an image hosting site like Imgur? Quite a few of us, including myself use imgur. Recommendation is to save the file as a PNG if possible, and then upload it to imgur. Once the image is uploaded click on it, then on the right hand side copy the BBCode link and then paste into the post. On the feedback of the logo, I just meant instead of the LAC in the sails, just make it a regular clipper ship (don't try and add an LAC in the sails), and then use the "LAC sails" as a secondary logo/wordmark. Might be confusing without visuals, but that's the best I can do for now
  16. I think this a really nice start. With the blurry/fuzzy quality though, its hard to see the two tone red. If you clear that up, I think it would make the sails pop a little more. I'd think about maybe just going for a clipper ship logo and then use the "LAC" sails as a secondary/wordmark logo. I kind of like the abstract LAC approach you went with. IMO, the only way to make it more clear that it's an A is with a white stroke through it and then I think starts to look forced.
  17. NCAA Tournament is winding down, MLB Opening Day a week away or less, and the release of MLB The Show 17 tonight, I thought it would be fun to show you a World Series Concept Logo I've been working on. World Series Logos from years past My Concept for the 2017 World Series: A navy and steel blue gradient diamond with a red interior outline and white bases and home plate. Four pennant flags (four because two didn't look like enough) I guess you could say the four stand for the following: 1 to represent the NL, 1 to represent the AL. 1 for the NL champion and 1 for the AL champion (but I think that's reaching a bit). The World Series in a "Championship Gold" and "Autumn Brown" gradients. Date in white above, and the MLB league logo at the bottom. Improvements: - Wondering if MLB league logo should be a bit smaller to center with home plate. - I had a baseball logo that I was going to put in the two pennant flags but didn't look right to me and wasn't sure where else to put it. - World Series seems like it's not truly centered, which according to my program I use it is, so maybe it's my eyes playing tricks on me. As usual, C&C appreciated. (The timer on MLB The Show 17 on my PS4 is moving so slow...)
  18. Updated 3/25: Sweet 16 Complete Sweet 16 Complete : First Four On First Four Off Today begins the Elite 8. Remaining Teams: EAST: Florida, South Carolina WEST: Gonzaga, Xavier MIDWEST: Kansas, Oregon SOUTH: North Carolina, Kentucky
  19. Updated 3/21: Round of 32 Complete : First Four On First Four Off Here's the Sweet 16: Remaining Teams in East: Wisconsin, Florida, Baylor, South Carolina Remaining Teams in West: Gonzaga, West Virginia, Xavier, Arizona Remaining Teams in Midwest: Kansas, Purdue, Michigan, Oregon Remaining Teams in South: North Carolina, Butler, UCLA, Kentucky
  20. Updated 3/17: Round of 64 Complete. think I got the scores correct, but if you see any errors let me know - was hard to follow all the games and update the bracket at the same time . Adjustments: - Changed Miami's logo to green for end cap color consistency. - Changed UCLA's logo to their blue for end cap color consistency. So how's your bracket doing? Im still doing fairly decent in my two brackets. Onto the Round of 32: So many seemingly good matchups for tomorrow. Gators and Virginia should be a dandy. Gonzaga/Northwestern, Notre Dame/W. Virginia, Iowa State/Purdue.
  21. Thanks Dakotapalm. I really struggled trying to fit the team, records and logos, and also have a good amount of space for the regional sites. I wanted the Round of 64 logos to be a lot bigger, and be that size for the remainder of the bracket, but I think I would of had to sacrifice text space, size and/or team records, not to mention the little math I had to do to get this bracket template figured out took me a while, which reminds me: I would like to apologize to all my grad school and high school math teachers who told me I would use math in everyday life and/or job, and I used go "yeah ok, sure." 3/15: First Four Complete. - Scores replace team records. Winning team's score with gold stroke. - Two versions of bracket. One with First Four and scores. The other with First Four pods off, and correct teams in their proper location on the Round of 64 bracket. A few changes: - New Look Center of the bracket with a four mini pods added. - Removed Final Four Logo from the large pods and placed it front and center. - Bracket connectors adjust for all elite eight and final four pods - Fixed issue with Rhode Island's logo spacing. - Increased opacity on Disclaimer and watermarks. That's about it. Here's to a good day four days of great basketball!!
  22. Bracket has been released!! I did a lot of prep work, so it didn't take me too long to drag and drop and adjust things as needed. I've scanned and skimmed the bracket for all kinds of errors, and think it's good to go. However, if you do see something incorrect or missing, let me know - either via post or pm.
  23. Those colorful court designs from last year are back. Looks very similar to last year, just updated a bit by trying to match the floor color of the team with the "primary" tenant of the arena. Sacramento (or SLC) - purple for Kings/Jazz , San Jose - Teal for Sharks, New York - Orange for Knicks, Milwaukee - Green for Bucks, etc. It's hard to make them out. I take it the full reveal will happen probably on or around Selection Sunday.
  24. Updated 3/31: Elite 8 Complete/Final Four Set Elite 8 Complete/Final Four Set: First Four: On Off Sweet 16 Complete: First Four On First Four Off Round of 32 Complete: First Four On First Four Off Round of 64 Complete: First Four On First Four Off First Four Round of 64 with First Four off Release (3840x2160) A new year, a new theme and look. Info after the photo. - A clean look, optimized for larger, hopefully easier to read school/team name and overall record text. - Tournament Title in white and black trim, with an orange shadow - Round of 64 teams will have smaller logos than in last years first round. In addition, Round of 64 team records will be replaced with that Team's game score. - Round of 32 through the Elite Eight features a slightly smaller pod, but a more vertical logo. Above the divider will be the school name, and below will be the Team's game score. - Round of 32 through the Elite Eight orange end caps will be changed to the team's color once they advance. - The Final Four, black team pod with orange gradient trim. - National Championship matchup features black team pods with gold gradient trim. Note: The "First Games" are at the bottom center of the bracket, but may be covered by a app dock or other apps. I've turned on dock hiding and that fixes the issue. But once the First Four is complete, I'll remove the first four pods for a cleaner bracket. C&C: I thought about lightening the background, as it's a little darker here than I anticipated, then again it might just be the perfectionist in me.
  25. Warriors drop 50 in the 3rd Quarter. Inlcuding a 28ft Curry buzzer-beater - still not sure how he made that shot, and it's Steph Curry.