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  1. I don't know how popular the Sharks new secondary logos are with all Sharks fans, however, from some quick internet surfing, sounds like most, including myself like 'em. In my opinion it's a fresh update to the current logo. I'd say it's almost a certainty that the Sharks will use the new logos on the jerseys at some point in the near future. Here was what the Sharks said when they were released: via PHT on NBC Sports: That's a lot of 'not this season' there has been no mention of after the 2017 season. So I'd be a bit surprised to not see them as the primary set in 2017-18 when Adidas' jersey contract kicks in. My guess: The Heritage jerseys with the new Sharks logo. Notice the Gray added back in and the orange being relegated even more.
  2. So, had to work so I've yet to watch the Sharks-Jets game. Will watch it later tonight on DVR. However for those that have not seen the latest "Sharks For Life" commercial, here it be: Outtakes
  3. Surprised Marleau hadn't had a four-goal game before. Congrats Patty!! In addition to Marleau's "Top Hat"(That's what I'm calling it! ) , Burns scored his 20th goal of the season tonight. He had a total of 27 goals last season.
  4. So I at first thought about continuing my LV NHL concept thread, but then decided I wanted to inject some backstories to the expansion and team rebrands. Here it goes: The NBA is awarded a franchise in Las Vegas, the NHL sets their sights on Quebec City (or Seattle...). Through a name the team contest the fans chose Spartans. Black, Vegas Gold and Steel Grey are chosen team colors, and a greek/Sparta motif is used for the logos. - The Warriors on the move to San Francisco, keep the Golden State Warriors moniker, but with their stadium along the bay, adopt a tritons motif for logo. First up the Las Vegas Spartans: Primary Logo: A two-tone gold and black Spartan helmet in front of a rounded shield centered with a steel gray basketball and two spears protruding out. Las Vegas in black and gold, and Spartans in gold and white with black trim, font I believe is bombardier Army style. Secondary Logo: Rounded shield with gold basketball and black accent and gold outline, with a left-facing spear in black and gold trim. Wacky custom-created fish-eye lettering for the LV. I had an idea for a tertiary logo with spartan helmet and crossing spears like in my OP, however I'm not sure I'm completely set on any font. The gold is dark because of the lighting in 2K17 can be a bit overpowered at points, and also trying to match Vegas Gold. Contemplating adding an accent color, maybe red? I like all the colors in the logos, but not attached to them by any means. C&C welcome Uniforms on their way. Then the Warriors rebrand.
  5. So how will the team play defense? Not pass their offensive blue line? Could be a lot of breakaways for the opposition.
  6. If Vegas does go with black home primary jerseys, then the Pacific Division will have 3 of the 8 teams wearing black as primary home, unless of course Anaheim decides to go to an Orange home primary...
  7. If you're a hockey fan and you live in Las Vegas are you feeling conflicted about booing "His name we do not speak" because he did just approve of your city getting a team, yet isn't it an unwritten rule every NHL city must boo him? Also I just thought #DesertSparty was funny, didn't mean to rehash hashtags... my bad.
  8. You would think, but because I'm bored, I just did a bit of research on Army's site about the rebrand, I came across this: 1"Pallas Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, just war, skill and justice. Classically, Athena is portrayed wearing armor with her Corinthian helmet raised high on the forehead. The helmet faces dexter, Latin for "right" from the viewpoint of the bearer of the shield, as opposed to sinister. The dexter side is considered the side of greater honor." Continued, "There are thirteen segments that connect the helmet and the plume. These reference the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and became the first states in the Union." The Spartan/Corinthian helmet is homage to a greek goddess, not necessarily attached to the Black Knights moniker nickname. I wouldn't be shocked, but definitely surprised if was something other than ____Knights. the hat logo with helmet in shield definitely gives a Spartans/Gladiators vibe and either of those names would trounce Golden/Desert Knights in my opinion. The one caveat is Ottawa, though the logo and name had to be approved by all 30 franchises and the NHL right? Not to mention the teaser trailer on LV's Twitter page definitely has a Spartan drum feel. Though you could also use them with Knights. [1]Link/Source: http://goarmywestpointrebrand.com
  9. Gladiators would be cool, and still fit with the spartan helmet and spear theme they seem to be going with. I agree any of those three are still on the table, at least speculation wise.
  10. I know Foley wanted (and it will probably be ___ Knights) but that's a Spartan helmet. Nice spear accent, wish I would have thought of that for my NBA 2K17 GSW to SF Spartans rebrand. I hold out hope for Las/Vegas Spartans. #DesertSparty
  11. 8:30 ET is when it starts, I think the unveiling is at 9ET
  12. Colorwerx said pleasantly surprised, which tells me it's not necessarily Desert Knights, but something more towards Spartans, Lancers, Outlaws, Renegades or a name so far out of the running that it's the winner. I think Las Vegas Renegades or Outlaws/Outlaw Knights with a skull wearing a spartan helmet and bandana would be cool. Outlaws was the winner in the review journal's poll. Could Mr. Foley have done an unofficial poll-masking-as-focus-group to test the waters. If LV's team colors are indeed gold, Brick red, silver and/or black and (Edit: LV) is using a spartan helmet or some kind, Ottawa must be planning a rebrand of some sort. Im very surprised there has been very little leaked about this.
  13. Partial Power Outage at the Shark Tank with 2:42 remaining in 2nd Period. So we have the "2nd Intermission" now. Will comeback after full intermission and play remainder of 2nd period before starting third period. I think I've heard of this rule, but it's the first time I've actually seen it occur.
  14. Dear San Jose Sharks, the NHL plays three twenty minute periods. Yeah some of was pittsburgh, but when you stand around and puck watch you will probably get scored on... and they did.
  15. FCS powerhouse North Dakota State University beats Top 25 Iowa. Bison had 239 yards rushing on the Hawkeye D.
  16. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000702018/article/kevin-harlan-is-the-greatest-broadcaster-of-alltime Kevin Harlan wasn't wrong when said that was the most exciting thing to happen during the game last night. As for the fan being drunk? Who knows, maybe he was just a 49ers employee dressed as a fan trying to entertain the fans...
  17. I think I suggested Lancers, don't remember though as it seems like it was at least two or three months ago. Though, it's probably way too simple and logical of a name for it to be in the NHL.
  18. With the exception of the new FG Kicker, Florida's offense took 3+ quarters to find rhythm, but they finally did. Eddie Pinero, the FG never kicked a FG in HS or Junior College and is 3/3 in game, he's even got the student section chanting his name. Only one game, but he's making something not-as-easy-as-it-looks look easy. Go Gators!! Edit: UK up 35-17 over Southern Miss at half. Golden Eagles now lead 44-35 late in the 4th. Also Jackrabbits hanging with the Battle Frogs, 45-41 TCU.
  19. I'm not sure what a logo would be for Desert Knights: An armored knight stabbing a cactus? About two weeks ago I wrote to the team and suggested Las Vegas or Vegas Renegades. You could use a Knight as a mascot for renegades, but I'd prefer a western themed package. They thanked me with what seemed like one of the auto response emails, but it was actually a positive one thanking me for the suggestion and my enthusiasm. I've not seen any signs they are considering Renegades, so that's probably not in the running. I though think it could be a perfect fit for if when the Raiders move to San Antonio is uncerimoniously blocked by the Cowboys and Texans.
  20. The Review Journal is now saying that Foley is refuting reports that the three hawk names are dead. Nighthawks still in play. Red Hawks and Desert Hawks, not so much. Foley also mentions he has those two other names and the paperwork seems to have been filed. my detective skills are hard at work (I've been playing too much Batman!!). From the article and I listened to the radio interview he did a couple days ago, I think he knows the name and is just awaiting trademark and copyright clearance. My guess is it's not going to be anything bird related unless there's a trademark issue. It might be Knights, maybe this is all smoke and mirrors and is actually working with London Knights. I think it's going to be one of two things, with the the Nighthawks as a third fall back. Either it will be something medieval themed but not Knights, such as Gladiators, Spartans, Titans, etc. Or it will have to do with the outlaw history of the state. I believe Outlaws is out due to the Arena Football League's trademark, which appears to still be live. I'm not sure I want to reveal the name here as the one I'm thinking of the domain name is still available and I've found no US trademark nor copyrights on it. As for it being okay to be cleared in Canada, I'm not sure. If Foley does chose the name I'm thinking of I think fans would be pretty happy. Foley could still do a Knight-centric logo with this name. I haven't send the team anything but maybe I should use their contact form and suggest it, then again, I would be surprised if it wasn't on that list of Foley's and maybe it didn't make the cut.
  21. Well, if a variation on hawks is the final three, then the NHL has more than likely OK'd them. While the nighthawks name and bird logo would separate them from Chicago, I'm not necessarily sure it's enough. Because (something) hawks lends itself to being shortened as 'Hawks and this could cause problems in everyday discussion, among fans, players, broadcasters, commentators, studio anchors, branding issues. Even if there is no trademark, I can see Chicago fighting back on this a bit, they could argue that the name is too confusing when abbreviated. Chicago certainly has the clout where the NHL may hear them out. The NHL doing anything about it though remains to bee seen. I know Army and a couple other teams where not okay with Knights or Black Knights, I would suspect the LA Kings were not thrilled with it either, being as the proposed color scheme would be 2/3 of LA's colors and probably a medieval knight of some sort. I was starting to like Las Vegas Owls or Night Owls. You know what just call 'em the Las Vegas Bulldogs. Sure it may not a name associated with a professional sports team, but it's so common, I don't think there would be much legal pushback.
  22. So, I was trying to come up with a logo for my personal design brand and a got a bit sidetracked by the Caped Crusader, the Sharks new logos, etc. I struggle drawing things free hand, for whatever reason. It's difficult for me to even things up. Plus, I needed to start to learn affinity designer and photo more in depth. I started out creating a spartan helmet, something relatively simple. Then I created a spear to go along with the helmet. Then i started reading about the Las Vegas' NHL franchise again. So I had to try to put together a quick logo concept and home/away jerseys. Feels generic, but at this point that might be what will happen. So here are the Las Vegas Spartans. Since Black Knights is a no-go and the OHL London Knights own Knight in Canada, and Foley has been adamant about having knight or knight/cavalry themed something somewhere, I chose Spartans. I did not look up to see if Spartans would work legally, but Las Vegas Spartans actually doesn't sound too bad. Just a primary logo right now, wasn't sure what to do for a secondary logo or tertiary logo. Might use this in NBA 2K16 and NBA 2K17. I'd use it in NHL 17, but... no logo uploads this year. P.S. If you want to use it 2K16/17 just let me know, I have a few different color combos. Can Change just about anything on it.
  23. One of the things the Sharks have not been afraid to do is adjust is the shade of teal. I just whipped up this quick graphic of the different shades of teal from the last 25 years. The Sharks seem to be heading from their blue-teal to more along the lines of their Deep Pacific Ocean Teal. The Sharks media guide still actually has the secondary color as burnt orange, with black as a third/trim color. The new logo, and the update sharks website before it show that the team seems to be returning focus to the teal and black. The newest teal from the new secondary logos pairs well with the gray, and the black can work with it, as long as the pattern is right. While I've not heard or read anything official, I'd estimate that these are definitely being tested as permanent secondary marks and will eventually be there full time. This also seems like the return of Monterey Gray and the phase of orange. Also if they were to become full time secondary logos, based on the three, there would either be a new primary logo that is not one of the three secondary or the full shark would make the jump to the primary (something that fans have wanted for a while). The partial shark is the logo on the Los Tiburones jersey, so I don't think it would make it as a full time primary. Personally, I like the new logos, and wouldn't mind something in the arena of these as the primary. The chomping the stick is an iconic staple of the Sharks, and it would be sad to see it go but I would be okay if the wanted to move on from it, since it has lent itself to increasing amount of jokes of the years past.
  24. So after hearing that bird is on the list of the final four, I went and searched list of birds of Nevada on wikipedia. if it Las Vegas Peregrines in the black, gold, gray/silver color scheme I would say may be hard to trademark, as the average consumer would probably confuse it with the Pittsburgh Penguins; especially if Pittsburgh is returning to the brighter gold they wore in the playoffs. This concept is cool, though. If they want something out there like Neon Knight, the Las Vegas Loons. From my understanding a Loon is an aquatic bird. Las Vegas could sign free agents for a line of enforcers and yes, yes they would definitely garner the nickname the Looney Goons. Um, okay maybe Loons is the best name after all... Other name ideas for kicks: Las Vegas Lumberjacks Sure, it's the desert, but oh well Lumberjacks are strong and if we end up moving to Seattle... boom no renaming required. Las Vegas Lions Yeah, the MGM is represented by a Lion, but we're in a rush, give us Lions or give us Black Knights. Las Vegas Falcons. Deal with it Atlanta. Las Vegas Eagles What's up Philadelphia? Las Vegas Outlaws Maybe the fourth/fifth time is a charm. Las Vegas Wranglers Alternate uniform: Denim jacket with Wrangler Jeans as hockey pants. Cowboy hat styled hockey helmet. Las Vegas Vaqueros Might actually this works. Seriously though, pick something Foley.