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  1. I think the Las Vegas Knights and Los Angeles Kings could survive in the same division with similar medieval-era nicknames as long as LV's branding differentiated from LA's. If Foley can't get Black Knights or Knights, maybe Lancers would work. "Here are your Las Vegas Lancers!" Maybe the logo could be a mounted knight (with a cowboy hat :)), a shield and lance. - No Pro team of the big 4 uses Lancers - Only Six colleges has Lancers has their nickname. Not sure it would matter, but one USHL team does use Lancers (Omaha). I know Foley is pretty much set on black, gold and silver but if he is open to color scheme suggestions, I'd like to see maybe a Midnight Blue and Vegas Gold with a silver trim. Tygers09 - Las Vegas Express might work. Another name I thought was the Las Vegas Locomotives, forgetting that there was a United Football League with that name, thought they went by Locos. If they did choose Locomotives, I'd shorten it to Locs, not locos, but that's just me.
  2. I started a new MyLeague in 2K16 and decided to go crazy in relocating teams to places that probably would not be on the NBA's radar, or at least further down their radar. I moved the Orlando Magic to San Jose. Also might relocate a team to Pittsburgh. Not trying to pick on the Orlando Magic, just for whatever reason I seem to have to justify my relocation in a minuscule form or reality. NBA 2K17 should make this easier, won't have to pick on teams. I want to change the name and color scheme for the Magic's first or second season in San Jose, but don't want to use one already in the NBA, Sharks or Barracuda. I'm open to suggestions on the color scheme as well, though I'm leaning towards one of the colors being Teal Blue in honor of the Sharks.
  3. Yeah I kind of ran out of room. Wanted "Sonics" and the logo to be centered. I guess I could take a page from the Warriors and put the logo inside the ball, but not sure if that would work. I might try resizing the wordmark and logo and put the numbers underneath and see if that looks okay. I also didn't rebrand the Warriors in MyLeague but I did change their uniforms - to something similar to the Run TMC era Warriors. I used the royal/electric blue that was in the color palette, though after seeing the road uni's in-game, the shade of blue and the last name in gold (Home) might need to be adjusted. Home Road Home and Road Backs http://imgur.com/a/4bPHG
  4. Alright, finally got time to post these. Seattle Supersonics: Arena The Arena Name: Seattle Center Pavillion Uniforms Decided against the standard previous uniform for the Sonics and went with something a bit simpler. Here's the rest of the branding for those interested. The logos and word marks are on the 2K16 servers under my PSN. I know quite a few people have the Amazon Arena since they are HQ'd in Seattle, but I wanted to do something different and couldn't pick another company that sounded good. Starbucks Arena? Safeco already has the naming rights to the Mariner's Park. So I decided that the Arena is located within the Seattle Center District.
  5. Doh, figures. Guess I was just afraid to press the button. I’ll check out the app and get the logos and arena screen shots up in a little bit. Have yet to play 2K16 online - I know the game of basketball, not horribly in depth, but more than just the basics, though I would probably be considered a casual gamer. I’m more of the EASHL crew and many years ago played NCAA Football and Madden. For those interested my PSN is tealtown_mg
  6. Do you mind if we posts logos/relocations from MyLeague? I like it, no approval necessary, relocation, branding, everything is immediate which is nice. I ask because I also did the Supersonics - though I moved Orlando to Seattle. Don't want to steal your Thunder. Sorry Seattle, unintentional burn. I tried MyGM with the Suns and Brandon Knight was always unhappy and being a pain, so I traded him, that upset the fans. Suns had no cap room at all so it was hard to get good players. Yeah, I wasn't a very good Virtual GM. Just out of curiosity, how does one take in-game screenshots and where do they go on the PS4? I know some games record gameplay automatically if connected online, which usually I am, but never can find any footage.
  7. I was disappointed in the result tonight, because its the end of the Sharks season and the hockey season in general. Congrats to Pittsburgh, for a heck of a series and winning the cup. I waited twenty five years, since was about 10-11 years old to see the Sharks get to their first ever Stanley Cup Finals. While the end result is disappointing the Sharks played great in many of the games this playoffs, they just ran into a more complete team. Thank you Sharks and Sharks fan. Here's to next year and to being even better and stronger!
  8. Yes, the Sharks may have been outplayed and outshot in the first two games, and had their hands full in Game 3, however, while it seems like one team is just overmatched, lets look back: Game 1: Penguins 3 Sharks 2; Game 2: Penguins 2 Sharks 1 in OT; Game 3: Sharks 3 Penguins 2 in OT. Total through three games: Penguins 7 Sharks 6. All one goal games and two games in Overtime. In my opinion, the Sharks really haven’t looked bad in any game, Pittsburgh just looked better. Both teams have good offenses, but I think the Sharks offense is a bit better and they have so many offensive weapons that looked to be getting back to the way they looked in the first three rounds of the playoffs. Of course I want the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup, but If Pittsburgh can continue to shut down those players and win it, then they will have earned it. I’m just not sure they can keep Pavelski, Thornton, Marleau, Couture and Burns (and Hertl) off the score sheet.
  9. Updated OP to reflect Stanley Cup Final - Game 3 Results.
  10. Despite the look of the series so far, the Sharks still have a chance to win this game and tie the series at 1-1. The Sharks need to quit trying the stretch pass, Pittsburgh is ready for it and their counter attack has been outstanding. Sharks can’t keep whining for or about penalties that were borderline or were missed. I feel the Sharks can play with Pittsburgh, but they need to get back to their game. Jones has been great but he can only do so much. I liked the Sharks push at the end of the 2nd, but need to bring their A+ game in third and rest of this series.
  11. Updated OP for Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 12. The San Jose Sharks advance to their first ever trip to the Stanley Cup Final!!
  12. As a San Jose Sharks fan since their entrance into the league this is awesome. A team from my hometown has made it to the Stanley Cup Final for the time in franchise history. I was going to have a longer speech and say profound words, but to be honest I can’t really think at the moment, so I’ll say Woohoo!
  13. Updated OP for Round 3 - Conference Finals Day 4 Results.
  14. I think I’ve mellowed a bit from the high of the Sharks win - thought that could also be the celebratory Quesarito from Taco Bell. I was also quite nervous most of the day. What in the world did the Sharks have for breakfast? That was quite the game, though, I was still nervous until the final horn sounded even with the Sharks up 5-0. Nashville is one helluva hockey team and the put up a huge fight in games 1-6. I didn’t expect another rout in a Game 7, but I’m glad it’s the Sharks prevailing. Step 2 complete. On to St. Louis. Hoping for a great series and Sharks series win.
  15. The Stanley Cup Playoffs roll on and is set to start the Conference Finals on Friday night in Pittsburgh. OP update with last day of Round 2 results and Round 3 matchups. Go Sharks!!
  16. Updated Round 2, Day 10 results. Got a little behind, but should be back on track now.
  17. Nashville is a strong team that played really good defense tonight. They also won the season series against the Sharks 2-1. Excluding empty netters and Shootout goals Nashville outscored the Sharks 9-5. Jones was 0-2 as Reimer got the start and only win in the final meeting in Nashville, which need a shootout goal by Couture. Obviously, the regular season stats don't usually mean much, but Nashville is no slouch. Sharks ousted the Kings and Nashville beat Anaheim both top contenders for the Stanley Cup so neither team should be taken lightly. The Sharks will be forced to win at home if they are going to win the series. Hopefully the Shark Tank will be the intimidating building it was once known for. Hoping for a great series and Sharks win.
  18. Updated Bracket to reflect the Game 7 result where Nashville survives against Anaheim, and in Round 2 the Islanders take Game 1 in Tampa.
  19. NHL just released Round 2 Schedule Scenarios. TB/NYI and WAS/PIT schedules are set along with DAL/STL. It’s just a matter of who plays the Sharks. Game 1 will be Friday regardless of the team to advance, either in Anaheim or San Jose.
  20. Updated Day 8 results. Sharks hold on to defeat Kings 3-2. Stars take Game 4 in Minnesota. Florida ties up series in Brooklyn and the Flyers send it back to DC with a 2-1 Game 4 victory.
  21. The blocks were actually supposed to be shadows of the ribbon. The red for AL and blue for NL. However, I have a hard time differentiating angles. I made the shadows into triangles and kept the red and blue - kind of for AL/NL but mostly because I couldn’t get a shade of blue I liked for the shadows. As always, suggestions welcome (it’s kind of all running together now :)) Here’s the update:
  22. Thanks, Actually tried a home plate earlier but didn’t work - Wish I knew what I did to fix it and make it work. I also cleaned up the stars. Here it is:
  23. Okay, here's what I came up with. Couldn't get the stars on the mound/home plate so I took a look at other baseball leagues and decided to go with a ribbon banner to divide the negative space. The banner is the same navy blue used as an outline, with the accented shadows in Deep red and Deep Blue. Six Stars for the six divisions -red only to give it a bit of contrast. Established 1903 text below the banner ribbon and a red diamond for filler. I think the stars are not aligned along the bottom. Is this true or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Anyway here it be
  24. Thanks, I've been trying to add stars to balance out the negative space, but nothing looks right. I have one other idea in mind and see if that works.