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  1. In addition, the music in Blues Brothers 2000 is questionably "blues" music. Well weather Burrows meant to bite Bergeron. Yeah, Burgeron put his fingers in Burrow's mouth, but from the replay Burrows, clearly chomped on it. So, he's responsible for his actions, as are the Bruins for their actions tonight. I am a big fan of hockey, but this whole biting thing is so stupid. All in all, while it might not have been a suspension offense or that big of one to start with, it's quickly turning the NHL into the laughing stock sports right now. INot to mention making BOTH Canucks players and Bruins players look like classless jackasses. I've seen more well behaved toddlers, speaking of which don't you learn not to stick your fingers in someone's mouth and not to bite people in pre-school/kindergarten?
  2. What ya know, when Boston shuts up and starts playing hockey - they score goals. My Sharks learned the hard way that Vancouver gets under your skin, getting you out of your element. The Canucks are good, but they are beatable. I do have a question (As Boston makes it 8-1): Why was Boston taunting the finger bite so many times? Didn't I hear both teams say it was a non-issue and they were over it? Obviously that was cover speak by Boston.
  3. I'm confused, are we talking new members that don't follow rules? Members complaining that they don't like the concept someone came up with? I've noticed a few threads that involve posts with numerous "I don't like it" or "install something better than paint, and I'll pay attention" And that's all they will say. Regardless of what program they use, or what level they are at in creating concepts, be it coloring, altering real logos, coming up with original logos, re-coloring, etc. The above two quotes do nothing but imply negativity. While it might not be the replier's intent and they really want to help. If someone doesn't like a concept, they should be specific and explain their reasons in more than one line. I am a member of another board and thy have this rule instituted. So people of that board started using this: "I don't like it, because it sucks" That's really not better at all. Because the responses to that usually range from: "Well, you suck" to "Go ____ yourself" and it just drags on from there. I think if you don't like a concept and while it might sound corny, do what I do and remember if you can't say anything nice or constructive about the logo, don't say anything and leave the thread and go view other threads. There's a few movie threads I'm a member of and people say stupid things about your review or you in particular and you really want to retort, but while sometimes its fun to argue and watch other arguments it just takes away from the point.
  4. Thanks, Jay. No problem on making it user friendly. Thanks for creating the awesome helmet!!
  5. Thanks. Here's the Indians and Blue Jays. Cleveland Indians Alternate. Based on their alternate cap. With the Blue Jays Alternate helmets, I went a different direction. I ditched the Black and Silver. I took the Black and made it Navy Blue. I took the gray and sliver from the "J" and made it two-shade red. The Blue Jay head and out line is the Skydome Blue they used to use. Navy and Red version: And a Skydome Blue and Red version:
  6. I decided to go with orange as the main color for these alternates. I personally like the first alternate better - the one with the Tiger through D. Also if anyone wants the template, I updated the link above. It works much better with this one. When you open it, the helmet should be dark gray/black, the bill should be red and their layer modes should be "Normal" as should the Logo layer. The Ear Padding and Crown Padding layers mode should be "Saturation"
  7. Here are 9 of the 30 MLB teams that I've created Alternate Batting helmets for. I am going to do more, so if you have a particular team you want to see me attempt, let me know. The padding from the ear and crown was getting better (well mostly) with each helmet I did. The Marlins was one of the first helmets I did, while the Giants and Rockies were the most recent. Enjoy!! If you're curious, I got the template from a friend who got it from a website. He said he's going to see if he can find the link, so I can give credit to the creator. I did make a few minor changes. Before my alteration, the foam padding, would turn the same color as the helmet. I was able to create two separate layers as you'll see. One for the Inner padding (crown padding) and one for the Ear padding. The best way to change the colors is on select the "Full Helmet" layer and then to go to Layers tab and change the Hue and Saturation (and lightness) to your liking. You can also do this by going to Colors and then Color Balance. The padding may change color with helmet - if it does, don't worry just go to the Ear Padding and Inner padding layers and both layers and change the 'layer mode' to "Saturation" and they should be a gray-ish color. Let me know if it doesn't work. You can do the same steps as you did for the crown portion of the helmet for the bill portion. To add a logo, create a new layer and make sure it's above the Full Helmet layer and size it and then, rotate it and use the perspective until it's to your liking. I've found that 250 pixels wide by whatever high the logo requires works the best. http://www.mediafire.com/?rh78vp6joo0c8zu EDIT: Ah, just noticed the Giants logo is a bit off. I'll see if I can fix that.
  8. Why opposed to double blue? I could see maybe if I asked for Navy and Royal Blue. However, Navy Blue and Ice Blue (Almost like a bright blue - similar to teal) seem to have enough separation that I wouldn't consider them doubling each other. With Double color it's all about the shading of each color. I do agree Black and Navy Blue doesn't work. Now, if it's because you're just opposed to Blue in any form, that's cool.
  9. Just found my sheet I made last week while sitting at Panera Bread trying to work, but ended up People watching while making this list of predictions. Advancing to the Super Regionals Prediction: East Carolina UC Irvine TCU Rice Alabama Wright State Coastal Carolina South Carolina Florida Southern Miss Arkansas Texas Vanderbilt Georgia Stanford North Carolina Not too shabby so far, after day one, most of my picks to advance ended up on the winning end Friday.
  10. Are you talking the camera's inside the goals in the NHL? Because if so you need to watch more hockey. I watched numerous games on the regional networks, Versus and NBC and at least twice in every game, they showed the view from the goal cam. I personally like the goal cam... unless I see a butt shot, then it's not the greatest idea. But they're still around and are utilized quite often.
  11. It's definitely a real sport, as in not a joke. And while I can't play because of surgery, I would enjoy watching this. I agree the field surface because of it's circular nature and the diameter, you'd have to build specific Kronum only stadiums or the viewing lines would be all kinds of screwed up. I've finally figured out that each team has two goals to defend. Good concept, but I think the more traditional one goal per team is a better fit, then again I have my preferences. What I do kind of like about this league is they are allowing the fans to control the game and teams. Fans can vote on rule changes and if the majority wins the rule is added removed or changed. Fans also select starting lineups, etc. for each team, each game. Weather you like this concept or not, I give the creators kudos for being the first (to my knowledge) to let the fans have most of the control. Also while I get the zones and player positions pretty easily the scoring is down right confusing. In my new sport I'm creating (Field Ball) I had numerous scoring "zones" and got rid of them because my ultimate goal of my new sport is to create a sport that is simple and fun to play and follow.
  12. I grew up in San Jose and live in the Sacramento Area and have not seen LAx take off. I mean San Francisco Dragons were a part of the MLL but they folded. So I would say in the Bay Area it's less popular than MLS. I lived in Delaware for a while and got to know about Maryland and how it's the team sport, and watched quite a few Johns Hopkins games. I enjoyed watching the NCAA Semi-Finals and Championships last weekend. Also a couple of weeks ago, I came across the Indoor/Box LAx Championship and that was more exciting in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, outdoor/Field LAx is exciting in it's own right. Like baseball is exciting in it's own right. I'm more of a ice hockey guy myself, though I think a few rule changes could help the NHL improve. But I still enjoy watching LAx. I'm in the process of developing a new sport currently titled "Field Ball" and I used the Lacrosse Field layout for a template outline for Field Ball. Field Ball is similar to basketball, handball, soccer, football and lacrosse. By that I mean it has similar aspects. Some may say it's just a combo of those sports after reading the rules to Field Ball, but like someone said every team sports is derived from other team sports - while using key differences to separate into a stand-alone sport. Field Ball is played on rectangular field teams of 9 players per team(8 position players and 1 Goalie) with a size 4 and/or size 5 soccer ball and the object is to kick or throw the ball into the opponents rectangular goal (6ft. W, 5ft. H, and 4 ft. deep) The Best part of Field Ball is all you need is yourself, and maybe some athletic type shorts. I'll see if there's a place I can post the rules I've come up with and a couple of field diagrams. Anyway, LAx is definitely on the rise, but not all that popular here in the Bay Area nor Sacramento area that I know of. As for the snobbish types being the main players of LAx, I really don't know if that's necessarily true, because snobbish can be viewed as many different things by many different people. (Mouthguard might be a good idea and may some cleats - but not a necessity)
  13. Pick one out of the Navy and Black. I say use Navy Blue (or Dark Royal Blue), Sky Blue o light blue and Silver- maybe a Metallic Silver. Try and lets see how it looks. With the colors I suggested I'd call them this: Winnipeg/Manitoba Polar Bears Colors: Winnipeg Navy Blue, Ice Blue, Silver/Gray, White.
  14. Hopefully gat, you don't mind me using these, I got done before you were able to respond. Anyway here are my Winnipeg Jets Concepts. Using gat's design and shoulder. I tweaked it a little using a more royal blue and a cherry red. Logo: Shoulder: Home sweater. The top shoulder, bottom and end sleeves are white, with red trim. The Jersey itself is royal blue. Road Sweater Alternate Red Sweater: Now here are my first attempts with the old logo. I originally used Navy Blue as I thought it looked better, but now that I think about it, they look a lot like the US hockey team and not sure that's a good thing for a Canadian-based team. So maybe I'll do a Royal Blue version of these in a bit. For now here you go: Logo: Home: Road:
  15. gatineaujay - I think you're design is the best modernized logo of the Jets I've seen. May I borrow it and tweak a couple of things (Color, etc) for one of the concepts I'm working with? I have a nice jersey outline that I think will make this logo the best. I'll also post a couple of my own concepts with very minor changes to the Jets logo. So stay tuned.
  16. hey Mike, You always have great concepts. I prefer the Navy Blue to their old royal blue, but I'm working on my own concept for the Jets. Hopefully I'll be able to post it in the next couple of hours. On the red uniform is that a beige in place of the white? I kinda like but was that just to change it up?
  17. Sweet new templates!! Since the new SJSU logo looks like a spartan in a canoe, even without the "San Jose State" the logo still looks funky. So I created a SJSU concept logo: A gold spearhead with SJSU's 2005 Spartan-head in the center. I put it on a helmet to see what it would look like and here ya go! It's quickly becoming my new favorite logo!!
  18. Here's a quick helmet with the metal/flake visor. Had a little too much noise, but I still like it. I'll see what else I can come up with after the game tonight!! dhamen0420: Concept looks pretty good, but hard to see the face mask of the helmet on the left. The bottom background is a little dark. Lighten that up a bit and it looks pretty good.
  19. Just add some Filter > Noise. Use a small percentage, to add/subtle the metal effect... Yep. That's pretty much how you do it. I wanted to try and get that look on the perspective angle, but I screwed up on the settings and my visor looked ugly - got frustrated with it, so gave up last week. Been sick all weekend maybe will try it tomorrow if I get time.
  20. Again not exactly too sure how I completed this phase, well I have a general idea, but that being said it took me a day and a half through trial and error on how to get the visor to stick. I attached it to the Highlight layer and then filled the visor section on the color layer with black. As for the rrainobw reflection effect that's pretty simple. I made a separate layer with just the visor and used GIMP's "Filters" Basically you go: Filters -> Render -> Clouds ->Plasma Once inside Plasma I started with Random Seed at 0 and Turbulence at 0.1 and moved the Random Seed up to my liking. The lighting is a combination consisting of a little lens flare - very minimal and Lighting effect on the bottom of the visor. I just realized I forgot to curve it so the edges align, but oh well it's a start and I'm by no means a professional at this stuff. I did manage to create template and was able to save it as a psd file and will try to post it this weekend if anyone wants it. I might try the Amber tint and smoke tints later and if I get them going I'll be sure to post them.
  21. My Sharks concept looks pretty cool except the striping is bugging me. I can't seem to get straight lines going. If anyone else on here uses GIMP and knows how to draw the lines and then get them to curve please let me know. I have some other HS teams that I want to create but the striping on some of them seems complex. I know one California school uses the hawaii striping I think it's the Triangles inside the two thin white lines striping. IMy favorite angle is the perspective angle. Anyway thanks for any help you can provide. Second - and this is for sheer fun and trial and error, but I am wanting to add a visor to the helmet and have tried a few things, but can't seem to get the render to work. I tried creating one on it's own layer, but when I merge down everything I do just shows up clear regardless of what I do. What layer would put the visor when I'm done creating it. I'm trying to create the mirrored orange tinted visor - I think Madden has it the game, it might be called Amber.
  22. Pava: Thanks. Actually the Valley Christian helmet and Bellarmine helmets are real high schools here in California and they are there real helmets. A lot of high schools in the San Jose/SF Bay Area use the oval and letter on their helmets b/c the SF49ers are in the region and their "SF" oval logo. VC and Bellarmine are part of the West Catholic Athletic League in San Jose's CCS section. I had a friend that went to Bellarmine a while back and I used to joke with him about his teams name - the Bells and how anyone can be scared of a Bell. I do like Bellarmine's colors and uniforms more than I do their helmet, but they've had that B and oval for years. VC's helmet is not an exact replica, but close. That 49ers helmet is a logo and photograph merged that I actually came up with mid design. Though I can't take credit for the photo or logo. THe photo was found online and the logo was a creation by someone else. But I really think it looks cool. Mayvbe I create the Gold helmet with the same logo just switch the colors around. If I get time this weekend I might try some more. but here's my Sharks helmet. Got lazy and kept the hockey stick in the logo. and the St.Louis Cardinals concept.
  23. Here's a couple more. I took a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge and put it behind the "49" oval. It's not my 49 oval template, it's credit goes to guys on EASports Teambuilder logos thread. I just deleted the drop shadows and added my own unique oval with white drop shadow. Had one with a gray face mask but it won't upload. Anyway here's the gold face mask. Valley Christian Warriors (San Jose, CA) Bellarmine Bells (Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, CA)
  24. Well, it took me a little while to figure it out, but think I finally got it down. A little late to try drawing stripes, so I went with a team I created for NCAA 10/11. The Mount Shasta Runnin' Royals. I love the midnight purple color!! Not bad for my first attempt. This is very addicting!! Thanks for the templates!!
  25. My first attempt and getting this template down. Just trying this with gimp since I'm poor and don't have photoshop. I've got to layering up the files, but can't figure out how to get the folder portion. So I guess I've gotten to step 2 and trying to bypass step 3 with the folder portion screws it up. I've checked my channels and right now I have: Red Green Blue Alpha I'm sure it's something simple, but for whatever reason, I'm at a loss. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!