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  1. Thanks, I just reused my template from last year, and changed out the Stanley Cup Playoffs logo and got rid of the text on each side of the faceoff circle to make it easier to see. Yeah, I think the pucks representing wins in the series came as a suggestion from the boards here in one of the previous years and I thought it was an awesome idea.
  2. Had a couple ideas to update the NHL and MLB logos. Looking for a bit more neutral colors, I decided to make the interior and outer stroke is a cream color while the inner stroke and NHL letters are in a deep ice blue. The shield itself is close to the it’s current shape, with the center more pointed at top and bottom. This started a while back looking at the MLB logo and thought it was time for an update. The rounded rectangle is replaced with a diamond. The interior of theDiamond is a familiar blue and red, with an added white and navy blue outline. Adjusted the bat of the batter so the top is rounded. The batter complete blends with the white stroke and MLB Font now in navy blue. Still feel like the MLB one isn’t done. I mean I like it, but you know how you feel like somethings off? Just not sure what it is.
  3. That was a great playoff hockey game. Good road win by the Sharks to take 1-0 Series lead. I think I almost passed out in that mayhem that was the last 45 seconds.
  4. Yeah that is the goal and would be awesome! If the Sharks are going to win the cup with this core group, this year, I believe is their best chance as they have more depth than I think they’ve ever had. The Kings, though, are still a tough and physical team that can wear you down, not to mention they have some scary scoring threats. Hopefully it will be a good series and the Sharks can prevail.
  5. So the 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begins on Wednesday. I had an idea to include all game scores, but couldn’t get the right look and feel, so decided to use lasy year’s template and it’s much simpler. I plan on using the same/similar template for the NBA playoffs wallpaper once the matchups are finalized. Here’s this year’s field: Stanley Cup Final - Game 3 Stanley Cup Final - Game 2 Stanley Cup Final - Game 1 Round 1 (mostly Daily Results) Round 1 - Day 10 Round 1- Day 8 Round 1 - Day 7 Round 1 - Day 5 Round 1 - Day 4 Round 1 - Day 3 Round 1 - Day 2 Round 1 Round 2 (Results) Round 2 - Day 16 Round 2 - Day 15 Round 2 - Day 12 Round 2 - Day 10 Round 2 - Day 3 Round 2 - Day 1 Round 3 (Results) Round 3 Conference Finals Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 13 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 12 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 11 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 10 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 9Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 8Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 6 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 4 ************* NHL.com had Florida logo in blue circle, but the Panthers I always thought of blue as a secondary color considering their “back in red” campaign a few years ago. Anaheim I had in an orange background for orange county and I considered it this year, but black is their primary color and I though it was less of an eye strain with Nashville’s bubble in gold. I also though about putting the Penguins logo with the throwback gold, but wasn’t sure. if majority says go for one of the following, I’ll change it. Here’s the Anaheim Orange/Gold bubbles and Pittsburgh Throwback gold bubble: Tomorrow night after the first day of games, I may release a spreadsheet file with teams and game scores, we’ll see how it looks.
  6. Updated OP with Final Four and Championship bubbles. If I get some free time this week, I’m going to work on getting the psd file cleaned up and then I can hopefully release the templates for those that want to use it.
  7. Working on the Final Four and Championship wallpaper updates. Worked the last three days, so I’m a bit behind, but I figured some of you might want them anyway. I should have them up tomorrow (Sunday).
  8. I thought the same thing, but NHL.com is now reporting that the Senators are still mathematically still alive. Ugh, thought I wasn’t going to have to do math today. Why do I have to know these things?? Crunched numbers and the Senators are still alive, though they’d have to have another improbable run. How the Senators make the Playoffs: - Senators must Win all remaining games (beat Flyers and Bruins in regulation) - Boston & Philadelphia must lose all remaining games in regulation - Detroit must beat Flyers and Bruins, rest of schedule wouldn’t have an affect. If the above happens: - Detroit takes #3 seed or higher in Atlantic - Ottawa takes #2 wildcard - Boston and Philadelphia miss playoffs. So, yes there’s a chance and a super slim one - as 10 points to gain in 6 games a super tight crunch compared to last year’s 14 points to gain in 30 games.
  9. NHL Tonight talking with Kevin Kurz...and Kurz shows why he’s one of the most unpopular media persons with the Sharks and their fans ( and maybe others). Kevin, with the three game losing streak, the Sharks are probably locked into the three seed in the Pacific. With a great road record and a sub .500 home record do you think it’s better the team actually starts on the road? - NHL Tonight. long pause. Kevin: Yeah I figured you might guys might go there. Um, Kevin, the only place they are going... is the truth, deal with it Kurz. If he doesn’t like it maybe go cover a sport you actually care about. He always seems uninterested. rant over. It’s also not a lock the Sharks are even going to make the playoffs. Until Team Teal gets that point (OR Coyotes lose in regulation) it’s not a certainty. Not to mention the last game of the season for Shark and Coyotes is against each other in San Jose. I’m really hoping it doesn’t come down to that game...
  10. Baker is annoying. “A lot of work to do, but the Sharks will make the playoffs” - Baker. I guess he’s trying to be positive, but to me he sounds arrogant and keeps saying the Stars are being outplayed. Sorry Bakes, last I checked the Sharks trail 3-0 and two of the three goals are Sharks mistakes. The Sharks almost look as if they are playing soft because they like Niemi. How about getting traffic in front of Niemi.
  11. The Elite 8 is set here is the wallpaper with scores. Updated the OP to reflect the current bracket. South Final: Kansas vs Villanova West Final: Oregon vs Oklahoma East Final: North Carolina vs Notre Dame Midwest Final: Virginia vs Syracuse All #1 seeds advanced to the Elite 8, we will see if they all advance to the Final Four. Just for clarification, the Final Four is as follows: South winner vs West Winner and East Winner vs Midwest Winner. We know the East/Midwest Final Four will be an all ACC matchup. Can Kansas and Oklahoma win to make it the South/West Final Four an All Big XII?
  12. Round 1 is in the books. OP Bracket updated with Round 2 games for Saturday and Sunday. Scores included!! Frantic Friday is the best way to describe the day of college basketball. Villanova barn rushes UNC-Asheville and Syracuse handles Dayton. Michigan State goes down, Iowa topples Temple, Hawai’i storms Cal, Maryland stands tough against the Jackrabbits and Stephen F Austin strong-arms West Virginia. Wisconsin edges out Pitt, Xavier lights up Weber State late, Texas A&M and Oklahoma power past Oregon State and CSU-Bakersfield. Notre Dame outlasts Big Blue, Saint Joseph’s survives against a last second effort vs Cincinnati and Northern Iowa banks in a half court buzzer beater to to stun Texas.
  13. It’s back!! Here we go with another year of March Madness. I plan to update on Friday night and Sunday night and will try to include scores. Enjoy!! Edit 3/18: Fixed a regional site error. 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Championship Final Four Elite 8 Sweet 16!! Round 2 Round 1 Size: 3840x2160
  14. http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/03/15/ncaa-will-have-new-court-designs-for-tournament-games/ I agree that the standardized look is/and was a little plain, but at least this year courts get a bit of color and pop to them. Word is that the round will be on the court as well (confirmed by the First Four court in Dayton). So does that mean after Thursday and Friday games are they going to put in a whole new floor for the second round? If so that just seems like a waste of funds. Though, the March Madness logo at half-court is different but a definite upgrade from years past. I also think the First Four logo at half-court needs a white stroke or some sort of outline - it’s blending with color of the floor.
  15. I’ve been quite busy getting things ready for my annual NCAA Tournament Bracket wallpaper that if I wasn’t reminded by ESPN last night about the Tournament Challenge I might have forgot to do the challenge this year. I signed up for the ESPN bracket. I’m tealshark12. I don’t remember how I finished last year, but I smell chaos in this year’s Tourney.
  16. Sharks placed Mike Brown on waivers yesterday, and he stayed in San Jose while Sharks played in Vancouver. This morning Montreal claimed him,and word has it that he’ll start on the 4th line for the Habs, who are, yep, in San Jose to play the Sharks tonight. Not sure I’ve ever seen this happen. A played gets waived or traded at the deadline and his first game with new team is against his old team in their city.
  17. During the Sharks/Blues Game Matt Tennyson gets crushed on the glass by St. Louis’ Ryan Reaves. Tennyson left the game and did not return and Reaves got 5 and a Game Misconduct for boarding. Sharks won their 21st road game of the season in their 6-3 victory over the Blues. Hope Tennyson’s okay. Here’s the link to the CSN video of the Reaves hit on Tennyson: Warning: It’s pretty violent. Looks likes Tennyson was knocked out prior to falling to and hitting his head on the ice. Reaves Hit on Matt Tennyson
  18. This is a cool concept, though just noticed that of the 6 Pacific teams you’ve done three wear black as their Primary home. The Sharks have gotten a lot of flack for wearing their current black alternates and I believe a year or so ago, a member of the organization suggested that the Sharks were thinking about making black their primary, fans went nuts thinking it was going to be slide Teal to the secondary color, then fade it out completely. Not sure it would be a great move for Sharks to go to Black as primary. Then again the Sharks are winless in their heritage teal sweaters this season, so.. My feelings on orange are well documented but I’ve lightened up on it a little and wouldn’t mind it as much if they went back to the lighter teal-blue color they used to use.
  19. According to Randy Hahn, Peter Deboer said the last thing you want to do is a play guilty players when they are elite players. Apparently, DeBoer knows this team really, really well because they seem like they don’t want to play tonight. Must be the weight of the hem stripes.. You it’s getting bad when the half full arena doesn’t even boo, they just sit there like, “Yup, this is the norm now, Sharks don’t like playing at home” I need a cookie...
  20. I guess I get why people are upset about the format of the All-Star Game, however in my opinion the All-Star weekend and game is to recognize players and to entertain fans. It’s the middle of the season and I don’t think any player is going to risk injury or health trying to make the playoffs and get a chance to win the Stanley Cup and no format change short of forcing players to have to make one hit before they shoot is going to change that. The only way I see an All-Star Game able to played like a regular season or playoff game (which to me isn’t necessary, but for kicks...) is to play it after the Stanley Cup Playoffs before Free Agency/Trades begin. I might make a change of 2-30min halves and if tied after Regulation, play one full ten minute period of 4-on-4 hockey, who ever is ahead at the end of the ten minutes win. If still tied, then to a five-player each side shootout. You can make an incentive of $$ and/or suspend players for 3-4 games for the up coming season if they choose not participate, unless they are truly injured, etc. Yet many people think it’s stupid for players to be suspended probably because the Stanley Cup is more important than the All-Star Game in the middle of the Season.
  21. Watching the intros -Both the Pacific and Central are wearing black as the home Western Teams and the Metro and Atlantic divisions are wearing white for the road Eastern Teams which makes sense so the final will have one team of each, but how are you going to tell them apart when they play each other in the first two games? Edit: Nevermind I’m apparently not awake yet...
  22. I know the 3-on-3 is a gimmick, but if there was ever an actual place for the gimmick it would be at the All-Star Game. Plus, it’s intriguing enough for me to turn on the tv and watch it. Which is more that can be said for the NFL Pro “Subs" Bowl. I’m just wondering if they'll let Goalies will change on the fly
  23. Does anyone else think Sean Astin look the same as he did in Rudy, with maybe the exception of a little gray in his hair. Okay, so maybe not exactly as he did in the movie but pretty good family genetics (or makeup artist ) This MSU/Bama game could end in a 3-2 Final.
  24. When they played a blowout game last year, there was pregame issues with Laeson and now injured Lawson boarded an OU team bus earlier in the week, they are somewhat justified.http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/12/31/clemsons-shaq-lawson-did-some-trash-talking-on-oklahomas-team-bus/ I’m not talking unsportmanlike penalties - those were warranted. I’m talking sideline warnings/interference, etc. Maybe there hasn’t been that many penalties, it just seems that I’ve seen teams are lined up ready for the next stop and officials are having a huddle party with a flag that was thrown so late that you’ve got Mayfield or Watson turning around and going “What’s the hold-up?” and there’s a sideline warning - which on the replay looked like there wasn’t anything as did the Sideline interference on Clemson. I think I’m just being a lot harsher on officials after last night’s Wisconsin-USC game when Wisconsin’s McEvoy was called out of bounds and the official guessed that he went out of bounds instead of letting the play continue and then change it on the review if needed. That irked me.