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  1. The 'Noles are far from "whoring" themselves out. This is done to pay tribute to the Seminoles tribe of Florida, a group who was very important in letting the Seminoles keep their name and logo by supporting them! It's a one time deal and it raises money for the Seminole Tribe much like when LSU wore the special uni's for Katrina... By the way Nike comes to Tallahassee every single year with a new idea for uniforms and helmets and Bowden tells them every single year to turn around. Thats pretty bold considering every other FSU sport has gone to black as being apart of the color scheme.
  2. Seminoles please? Thanks and they look great!
  3. rpmss3

    Jersey Wallpaper

    Could you please make a wallpaper with this FSU logo? Thanks so much and you're doing a great job! FSU 1971-1974
  4. rpmss3

    Jersey Wallpaper

    Could somebody please make a wallpaper with and old Florida State logo... I think it was used on the helmet in the 1971-1974 seasons... Thanks so much and these wallpapers are amazing!