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  1. Now that is impressive Cat head in a an open circle motif hmm never seen that before..
  2. Kinda looks like fish scales, which considering Seattle is kinda cool touch.
  3. Maybe Final Fantasy for NES or Castlevania possible suggestion for NES.
  4. Might be a cool to sue this as one the challenges that are on here. Design a logo for DC Comics...
  5. There is no changing back cause the Change is because DC Shoes is threating legal action over the previous logo. DC screwed up the trademark leaving it open to DC Shoes legal action so they just decided to make a new one.
  6. PSUdraw


    I think the Number font is same or similar to what are on US Navy ships... Not a great example but you see the reference..
  7. Sarcasm my friend. Sarcasm. I do think the Black Bear is a good choice. Though the other 2 choices were pretty horrible looking so it was probably a landslide in votes. Land Shark? I know Bull Sharks have been seen up the Mississippi River but still really far fetched.
  8. Ahh I am so underpaid. Hopefully you get something closer to 15 hr as start out at the minimum. Trying not to highjack his thread but what have some of you done for sending in samples when a employer is asking for them with your resume.?
  9. PSUdraw


    Yeah on the level of tuskers.. I was hoping they would go stealth imagery. I can see the stealth being the helmet stripe
  10. PSUdraw


    I agree. I would like to see the rest of the uniforms but I see the UCLA look going on. Has a release date been set for the identify reveals for Sacramento and Omaha franchises?
  11. PSUdraw


    The link is up for the Helmet and logos. I do like the helmet with the logo on it.
  12. Interesting thread. I use the single stacked "a" but I developed a unique style doing lower case "d" in my hand writing. It was after learning the the Cyrillic alphabet in high school that I changed it and its total habit now.
  13. Is ESPN/ABC the ones that shows the number of timeouts in the scorebug? I know one of the networks doesn't and that irks that they don't(I think its Fox that doesn't). That is one info that I like having visual access to along with score, down and distance, and time with quarter.