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  1. I don't visit here much anymore (see my Cubs tat on page one) and kind of forgot about this thread. Well, I got my second tat ~ a year and a half ago. Technically, it's not a "logo" tattoo, but it does represent my favorite teams: The goalie has "N's" on his shoulders, representing Northern Michigan University, where I went to college and became a huge hockey fan. The skater's jersey has "Bemidji" on it, representing both Bemidji State and Bemidji High School (I work in sports radio - and do a coaches show for BSU and play by play for the HS team). I get tons of comments on it and I'm thrilled with how it came out.
  2. Not even close at all. It should be noted that, at the end of the day, this vote was still impotent. The Standing Rock tribe's elected leadership ultimately had final say, this state wide vote was just the last gasp from a group of people who refused to see reason. That being said the supporters of those people seemed rather sure that the state as a whole would vote along with them. The opposite, in fact, happened. So while the vote itself was still toothless, its results are rather satisfying in that it all blew up in the faces of those on the wrong side of history. So those of you who were claiming that the state of North Dakota as a whole felt "robbed" when the NCAA told UND to drop the Fighting Sioux name, I think it's clear you were wrong. You were the distinct minority all along. The rest of the state didn't have a problem with dropping the name. Here, however, I think you're wrong. If this vote had taken place 4 years ago, I'd bet money the results would have been exactly opposite. People are just sick of the issue, and, more so, also realize that the fight has been fought, and lost. What's the point of continuing on? Vote this law down and move on with the transition.
  4. Y'all are too young. Impossible that this lasted 40 posts with no 1987 Canada/USSR World Jr. line brawl:
  5. Not even a mention of the rookie who finished 1st in goals for Calder? While it may be a deep race, there's really only 4 real contenders for the award, and one is named Matt Read. Oh, and Adam Larsson? Um, no. Not a Calder contender.
  6. AT&T is my* favorite of the "new" ballparks, but my all time favorite is Wrigley. Other parks I like are Fenway, Target, Dodger, Comerica, Minute Maid and Kauffman. Parks I don't like are Great American, Rangers Park, and Nationals. Everything else is pretty meh... * I've been to 26 current and former MLB parks and will hit 3new ones (Miller, PNC and Skydome) this summer.
  7. No offense, but every Frozen Four since '00 (excluding Detroit two years ago, but come on, the got 35,000 per game) has been a sell out (including "hockey Mad" Columbus, OH, St. Louis, and Washington, DC). You'd do better touting UW's nation leading attendance than touting local Frozen Four attendance.
  8. I've gotten into AR-15's (the civilian version of the M-4, or M-16 rifle) and found the company Spike's Tactical. I can't help but think of Darth Vader when I see their spider logo: Intentional or not? Discuss...
  9. So how about this scenario - I know that I've posted about the guy here who got prison time for selling counterfeit jerseys. I just found out that they are now selling a group of those at a local resale shop (no idea of the price, but I think I'll stop to check it out on Monday). Interesting development that I'll have to check out...
  10. Um, because the Aeros are the Wild's AHL affiliate? And because just about every team in that league does the same thing?
  11. LOVE it when folks bitch about historically accurate logos/colors (the comment about beige) just because folks think the team is wearing them because it's "in." Idiots...
  12. But what if there is no specific tribe? So a non-tribe-specific name can stay, but there cannot be imagery since there is no tribe to approve? I think I remember that W and M ("The Tribe") had to eliminate their feathers. I think they kept the name, so perhaps I just answered my own question. That's a good question. I would assume schools with non tribe-specific Native American names are still forced to comply. They just don't have the work around granted to schools like UND and Florida State, which had regional tribes from which to get approval. It seems that most major programs with names that weren't tribe-specific changed on their own. I'm thinking specifically of Miami of Ohio and St. Johns, though I'm sure the list is longer. Bradley had to change their logos if they wanted to keep the Braves nickname when this whole situation started. They used to have a chief dance (like Illinois) and had a feather on their logo. If North Dakota switched to "Indians," or "Tribe," they still couldn't use the logo.
  13. Well, River Cities also had the stretch fit with the logo on the back, but apparently it's sold out, so no pics anymore.
  14. why? nothing against the hat but why spend 100$ when you can get it soon for a lot cheaper i was thinking the same thing Soon? How 'bout today?