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  1. Maybe not even using collegiate ideas but just coming up with some of their own! Its starting to look boring... lol
  2. The Seahawks seem like the only team that would attempt something like this... Kind of like the Boise St. idea going on. They already do something like this, I think it would be cooler to change it just a little bit.
  3. I need it to recreate this Ohio high school team -
  4. Looking for this font. I need the font for "Mustangs"
  5. Nice job. I messed with the template some this morning. There are wayyyy too many layers it seems. Can anyone try and clean it up and simplfy it? Yeah. I just updated the template. I didnt "redo" it. I can work on it at some point if possible.
  6. The Template is Available! http://www.mediafire.com/view/?0czu0u3831cs55y
  7. Right now, I don't believe so. Maybe in the near future. I am still perfecting the template.
  8. Nebraska (Big Ten) Yes sir. That's all I did. I also added a blur to the stadium layer. Thank you for the feedback! And I am using Photoshop. http://mghelmets.com also has a great database!
  9. Michigan State (Big Ten). What do you think of the chrome look?