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  1. I'm a graphic designer by trade, and I enjoy creating new logos and designs, but part of me loves simple, stuff too. I had an idea to take the current look of college teams (SEC to start) helmets, but like an old school look for the side logos. Simple school identifying initials. Just for fun. Some don't look too bad in my opinion. Not saying they should do this. Just wanted to see how it looked.
  2. Life-long Bama fan and have wanted see the white helmets for some road games since the 80's (never at home with crimson jerseys). I wrote a letter to coach Saban about this last month. I actually have an inside connection at Bama and will be there in the equipment rooms some time in the next couple of weeks. I am planning on bringing it up with the EQ staff.
  3. Guess I shouldn't do these things on a week of no sleep. Made some fixes
  4. I do so much Illustrator work, I thought I'd play around in PS a bit. I did this with 1972 and 1982, But I thought I'd do a 1950 set of MLB caps and have a little fun and make one like it might look on a 1950's TV. Just something fun to waste a little time.
  5. I think the sword is just too natural of a T, and designers will keep using it as such.
  6. I totally missed the coach's caps. I wasn't watching much baseball that year, seeing how I was born in April. I completely missed that in my research. Funny enough, I think 72 was the first year for the white outline on the Tigers D and 82 was the last year. I could be wrong about that.
  7. I did one of these for 1982, the year that I was 10 years old and really started loving baseball and all the caps and unis. I enjoyed that, so I thought I'd do one for 1972, the year I was born. Good to see some consistency over the years with some teams. Again, this is just for fun and to waste a little time.
  8. Never saw that thread. I haven't been on in a while. Nice work.
  9. I like uniforms, but I'm more of a helmet guy as far as graphics and design
  10. I've thought about starting a historical MLB cap website using the hat template, but that may be way to daunting
  11. I was 10 years old in 1982 and really loved baseball. I collected every baseball card I could get, and sat and drew these caps and logos all the time. Just because I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to waste a little time today, I made this graphic with all the caps from 1982 together. I loved how colorful they used to be. No MLB logo on the back, no crazy material or commemorative patches, just good looking caps. This serves no purpose other than to see all the 1982 caps together. Enjoy, or not.
  12. All just personal preferences. I think the sword logo is stronger and the charger bolt just matches the mask color. And I just like the Cards grey mask.
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