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  1. Nah dude, pulled out the VCR and VHs tapes the other day. Looking for my folks wedding tape since its their 30th in october, Ended up watching old eps of Ninja Turtles and the Disney Sing a long tapes.
  2. You know the more I see these... The more terrible they look. And that video they posted to twitter sealed the deal. Worst look in the nfl. That stupid ass off white uniform??! The hell is that :censored:.
  3. This is actually worse than Atlanta. Only for the simple fact that Atlanta had more options to choose from to get it right. Which in turn meant they had more options to screw it up. The rams had 1 option to get it right. All they had to do was go back to what they left in. And they completely dropped a turd. There really is nothing redeeming about this. Hell what they had was good till they started adding white face mask and horns etc...
  4. To your first point. There shouldnt be any issue with getting new pants between now and the start of the season. It's a matter of want and stubbornness more than anything. If it could happen 20 or 30 years ago, it can certainly happen today. Although apparently metallic fabric is impossible today so what do I know. As far as your next point. Its definitely brand first dick swing move by nike. They're basically saying this is our brand this is our template. It's why I dreaded them getting the nba contract and am still weary about them having mlb now. It forced teams to adjust their look to fit Nike, when it should be the other way around. As far as shoulder stripes, while some manufacturers have found ways to get more full looking stripes, others havent. That was a problem with adidas and reebok too as sleeves have shrunk. When it comes to numbering and lettering they're mostly done by whatever seamstress the teams contract with to handle jerseys. The manufacturer sends them blanks and they decorate the unis. Yes the local person can do the Grizzlies numbers, but if it's cost prohibitive for retail , manufacturer will say it's not possible.
  5. Dear god I'm so sick of all the botdf coverage going on right now. We all knew this :censored: was going on back then. I mean not details and stuff but the talk was there. Terrible human beings. I dreaded the dates and festivals had to share a bill with them. Even more so all the friends that are coming out having had :censored: happen. Ughhh.
  6. The Tigers might have more of a foot in the door than other teams. I guarantee they received a huge boost from Tom Selleck wearing a Tigers hat in Magnum which was a huge worldwide hit. I mean theres a freakin tigers hat in the magnum exhibit at the Smithsonian.
  7. Kroenke is gonna be fine in LA. It's completely a real estate investment and not some civic pride bull people keep going on about. The Olympics will be at the stadium. Concerts. Final 4, Wrestlemania...probably ufc...etc... NFL is big business. San Diego didnt want to play ball to keep the chargers. Now granted the Spanos family really screwed that up. As long as tickets are sold to chargers games and concessions are bought it's not gonna really matter. People will fly in to LA to catch a game and go to disney or universal etc... it's why superbowls are played in destination locations and not green bay or Cincinnati. It's why Vegas will succeed with the nfl just like its succeeded with nhl so far. There is a healthy locals fanbase that will embrace the team. It's also a great destination for a game and vacation. I would rather hop on a flight book a hotel in vegas than drive an hour and a half down the road to oakland.
  8. His last sentence in the Giants portion is the only smart thing in that whole article.
  9. The striping on the navy top feels off to me. RBR works on the white but I feel the navy should be WRW striping. Overall this is a fail. It's a change for change sake rather than a change to make the look better. Pants stripe thickness should match shoulder striping. Mono look is terrible needs silver or white pants. If your not gonna throwback OG flying elvis for a couple games what's even the point of retaining the silver helmet? This isnt Falcons bad. No oversized or chrome bull :censored:. Definitely not a good change.
  10. It doesn't make sense with these games to not have full uniform histories of all the teams. (Within reason of course). Every major uniform the team has had should be in the game.
  11. Wouldn't mind them going back to pat the Patriot era. Would rather it be the late 80's early 90s set prior to Flying elvis though. I liked the striping white mask and red pants more so than the pictured set.
  12. Part of me thinks they'll still do a short run of caps for those holidays. The least they'll do is 4th of july.
  13. I'll never understand this :censored:. We're in 2020. It boggles my mind how they're unable to replicate something from 20 years ago with all the new technology we have.
  14. All these posts happened during my sleep so not sure if someone touched on this. I know the new stuff is out now. Back to the point. WWE main colors are red black and white. When Mania was at Levi's for 31 same black and red color treatment. However I think there was 1 or 2 pieces of merch that added gold in for the host team. Possibly would have been similar had Tampa actually hosted the show.
  15. I love how people in this thread really mark out for team fan base etc. Bottom line is this, the owners dont really care if the sold out stadium is comprised of half visiting team fans. The ket here is sold out. As long as tickets are sold, and fans are in attendance buying beer and concessions and paying for parking and shopping at the shops that are paying rent to be at Hollywood park, that's all that matters. This is a real estate investment and the rams are just the anchor tenant to the project. No way they're gone in 20 years.
  16. Here is where I I both sort of agree and disagree with that point. Maybe you're correct in regards to stadiums that get used maybe 20 times a year. But as far as public funding being used in conjunction with team money to build an arena? That's where I disagree. Sacramento helped fund a new arena for the Kings. The promise of helping to fund the arena in conjunction with a new ownership group is what saved the team from the dreary pacific northwest. The complete turn around of downtown since the Arena opened has made the investment by the city completely worth it. Previously outside of Kings games Arco was passed up by many events due to being outdated. Especially from a logistical standpoint. Load ins were terrible to do because it only had 1 ramp. Now with a new state of the art facility, concerts and shows make a point to hit Sac instead of skipping over. In turn the development of businesses around the arena, restaurants, bars, shops has turned a once sprawling area that hit rock bottom at the turn of the century, into a thriving hub for tourists. It just makes sense in certain areas for the cities to work in tandem with sports franchises, especially if the upside is a revitalized urban area.
  17. Would that be crossing into 182 territory?
  18. Woof. Not good. Honestly Pewter only works with red being the dominant color with it. If orange was gonna be brought back in a more prominent role, then ditch pewter completely. In fact if the fabric is gonna stay matte , should just ditch pewter anyway. Looks terrible.
  19. Could be their version of adidas numbers on the rev30 jersey. They used a mesh fill with twill outlines.
  20. Honestly if the one tradeoff is missing the orange for basically the SB set it's one I'm willing to accept.
  21. It looked right in the context of an homage to the full house unis. I agree though on ditching the placket piping. Especially now that the sf alt is retired.
  22. Oh for sure. I'm well aware that was the situation. But maybe Tom being the super Niner fan he was would wanna do something similar.
  23. Joe switched from 16 to 19 upon going to KC. Maybe Tom will do something similar.