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  1. I had an interesting purchase this weekend - a lot of 1980s NASCAR items, mostly Darrell Waltrip-related: -two homemade Darrell Waltrip "pit crew" jackets with approximately 15 patches on each -a DW Mountain Dew shirt from 1981 and a Tide shirt from the late '80s -multiple hats and visors from various sponsors over DW's career (Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Tide) -multiple posters (some signed) and items from the DW Fan Club And, most interestingly, a hat signed by multiple 1980s NASCAR drivers (Richard Petty, Kyle Petty, Neil Bonnett, Ricky Rudd, Buddy Baker #28, Dick Brooks #41, Bruce Hill #50). Hill was an obscure part-time guy, and Brooks was a series regular that only raced #41 in 6 races in late 1980-early 1981. Buddy Baker switched from the #28 to the #1 in 1981, so I was able to triangulate those to nail down (assuming they were all signed at the same race) that this hat was signed at the 1980 National 500 in Charlotte.
  2. The Amtrak "Empire Builder" is a passenger train that runs on a historically important rail route connecting Chicago to Seattle and Portland. It's been around since the 1920s and is even today one of the busiest Amtrak routes. The route splits in Spokane.
  3. I'm enjoying them. It's different. They're obviously not perfect, but I like not having a caution for every small spin like you'd have on an oval. A few cars spin into the grass? Rub some dirt on it kid, get back out there.
  4. Interesting timeline. I'd add: Hartford (Whalers 1974-1996, plus the Celtics regularly playing games there until the late '90s) Omaha (1972-75 as the Kansas City-Omaha Kings) I'd also possibly consider Greensboro, NC as a "pretender" - the ABA Carolina Cougars, albeit as a "regional franchise," played most of their games in Greensboro and were based here. The Minnesota Twins flirted (not very heavily) with moving to the area in the mid-90s, and the Carolina Hurricanes played in Greensboro for two seasons (1997-99) before their arena in Raleigh was completed. Are we ignoring the early days of the NBA (Fort Wayne, Rochester, etc.) similar to how you'd ignore the early NFL teams in smaller cities (Duluth, Canton, etc.)?
  5. This isn't difficult. Say the word "clan" and upwards of 90% of North Americans are going to think you're referring to the Klan. 9.9% are going to think you're talking about Wu-Tang. 0.1% are going to associate it with Scottish families. Clearly the Simon Fraser Clan should be able to use the nickname "Clan," as there's absolutely nothing wrong with the word itself - but it's been ruined by another group. The swastika analogy mentioned earlier is spot-on. Simon Fraser has expressed desire to move away from any sort of remote confusion with the Klan. Can you blame them? And plus, it sucks as a sports team nickname so it's a great excuse to go with a new one.
  6. I think you've got a great start - you've done a good job of having a yellow and black baseball team and not having it look like the Pirates. As for the "Expos/North Stars/Atlanta Flames style of logos, clean, simple, and bold" - the primary logo isn't incredibly detailed, but I'd look at reducing it even further. The distinguishing mark of those logos, at least to me, is that they have thicker strokes and not a lot of detail. They're very simple, and in some cases, abstract - we're still not in 100% agreement on what exactly the Expos logo even is. I guess I'm hung up on what the WFL Charlotte Hornets logo looked like - this logo, to me, is very similarly-designed to those above. Maybe something like that, except using the top-down view you have? Other WFL logos, WHA logos, Nordiques, Golden Seals, expansion Mariners, etc. could be good sources of inspiration.
  7. Second Arizona was a proposed plan, but it eventually got vetoed in favor of Ohio 2.
  8. From a friend that works for the Panthers: "Just wait on the accents and alternate colors. " This gives me hope.
  9. Dude, who is screeching and crying? Calm down. Go take 5. Have a Snickers. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Nobody is making you like it. I don't love it, but it's fine. But CCSLC gonna CCSLC, piling on like this is the worst thing since the last worst thing.
  10. Psst... you. Yeah, you. Wanna know a secret? You don't have to hate everything. The name is fine, and the uniforms and logos are spectacular.
  11. Um... what? Those two fonts have about as much in common as Times New Roman and Wingdings.
  12. I wouldn't say I love it, but I definitely like it. I'm not as underwhelmed as I thought I'd be. Still holding out for mint green as an accent color on the kits, though.
  13. Basically what was assumed, except "Minted 2022" instead of "Est. 2022." Secondary logo:
  14. Quite a few completely random, but interesting pickups today: -a pair of team-issued Louisville basketball practice shorts, along with an (assuming) team-issued "Dunking Cardinal" hoodie. Practice shorts have #12 written in them and don't have an adidas year tag, but the hoodie does (2016). #12 in 2016 was Mangok Mathiang, who later played for the Greensboro Swarm - so that makes sense. -a hoard of team-issued practice stuff from the Maine Red Claws (2 practice shorts, 2 warmup pants, 7 assorted short/long sleeve tees). All of it has the old D League (not G League) logo, and the latest adidas year tag is 2015. I'm assuming it's from a player who played with Maine in 2015-16 or 2016-17 and then came to the Swarm... except nobody fits that description.
  15. Charlotte Independence is based on pseudo-history. The colors and crest are quite nice, but the story behind it has been mostly proven to be fiction. Leave it in USL.
  16. They tweeted out another teaser today. Well, it's a circular badge with "Charlotte" on the top and some type of words ending in "Club" on the bottom. The "2022" looks to be close to the Panthers' blue. Is something "gliding" in the top left of the video? I hope that's a red herring
  17. It's not unique if it's copying the color scheme from the city's best-known sports team.
  18. I didn't notice that... and I just got a lot more excited. The one looks more green to me than teal.
  19. I found the building shown in the video. It's at the corner of Tryon and Sylvania Ave., near the Amtrak station northeast of uptown. Somebody in Charlotte go check out the mural!,-80.825958,3a,75y,237.91h,84.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVQZ-Plg2nh3hg10QfSlDAw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192