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  1. New Nationals Spring Training uniform/cap: Via Twitter
  2. I like how the new look is clean and flat. I hope this means we're finally moving past having to slather everything with unnecessary textures, gradients, highlights and drop shadows.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of faux-back that pays tribute to the late Washington Senators, off-white with blue pinstripes and the above script on the chest...
  4. They usually only wear these uniforms a few times a year, on holidays such as Memorial Day and Independence Day.
  5. Wow. It's REALLY unfortunate that they didn't use that Nationals script for the home uniform. And it looks like the interlocking DC has been eradicated completely. That's also too bad.
  6. They should replace their primary home and away with these: And use these as alts:
  7. I hope that navy cap with the red bill is not the new road model. I think the red home cap would look great with the road unis. Guess we'll find out tomorrow morning!
  8. New unis will be unveiled on November 10th at a season ticket holder event. New logo also? The main page currently has the Nats primary logo dated from 2005 - 2010. One can only hope. I've never liked their current primary logo. It's awkward and already looks dated. A few more details: Source
  9. New unis will be unveiled on November 10th at a season ticket holder event.
  10. machpost

    MLB 2009

    That's awful. It was originally supposed to read "SALTA..." but the uniform manufacturer did not have any sew-on punctuation.
  11. machpost

    MLB 2009

    I think it's a refreshing change. The old road unis were terrible. The one thing I'd change is the gold beveling on the back. I'd make it blue.
  12. No kidding. And then there are folks like BBM, who have a difficult time posting something relevant or constructive to a thread on this board