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  1. I heard the Kings are going to re-introudce the black into their uniforms, which if true, will be nice. The Wolves are changing for sure...their owner confirmed it. And something about the Hornets ditching the yellow and going with pinstripes...but the word has been mum on most stuff
  2. Some strong rumors going around that the Nuggets, Timberwolves, Magic, Kings, and Hornets, will get getting new uniforms this upcoming season along plus with the Bucks getting a new alternate design. Anybody heard anything else on this?!
  3. San Diego needs a basketball team :|
  4. There is a rumor that the Kings will return to black uniforms this year. I know they're changing the design
  5. ebsports

    Team Planes

    bottom for sure...awesome idea tho.
  6. I like that first logo with the ball. Sick.
  7. Those are amazing Hoopskid. I can't send you a PM on here, but, I'm the owner of EBSports.net. I have a proposition if you're interested... Shoot me an email at: eze@ebsports.net Go Kings!