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  1. I just thought of a good name for Atlanta's team. The Express. The city began as a railroad terminal back in the 1800s. Also, are you going to rename the team in London, Ontario since you gave the Royals name to Montreal?. 


    Other names I thought of:

    Cincinnati Steamers 

    Cleveland Rock 

    Dallas Armadillos

    Kansas City Rustlers

    Memphis Soul

    San Francisco Aftershock 


  2. You're welcome. 

    On 8/10/2019 at 9:49 AM, Punchy_Gungus said:

    Moving on to the next team, the Indianapolis Checkers! (Thanks @texashockeyfan for the suggestion!)




    Refers to the checkered flags used in racing, a sport that is a staple in Indianapolis. The flame at the top of the I is taken from the Indiana flag.

    Uniforms use checker patterns throughout the striping.


    Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.


  3. Whose idea was it to put the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South? Indy is nowhere near the southern US. Cincinnati Bengals would have been a better fit, because they're on the border with Kentucky.  Or Miami, but I guess they don't want two Florida teams in the same division.