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  1. Indianapolis could be the Speed or Adrenaline. Cleveland could be the Rock Gods, a reference to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame being in the city. San Francisco could be the Fog (known for the fog seen on the Golden Gate bridge) or the Aftershock ( their history of earthquakes). Too bad you don't have a team in Nashville. You could call them the Tempo or Beat.
  2. Kansas City could be the Storm. I like the Blacksmiths name for Pittsburgh. Las Vegas could be the Card Sharks, Denver could be the Altitude, San Francisco could be the Fog and Steamers would work for Memphis or Cincinnati. Indy Turtles? How about Checkers
  3. Colorado could be the Altitude, because Denver is called the Mile High City. If I had a team for Colorado, that's what I would call them.
  4. I like how you put the Sears Tower in the alternate logo. I'm from Houston, so go Voyagers!
  5. Still amazed by all the hard work you put into that dodgeball league you did four years ago. I wonder, if you had done 4 more African teams, where would you have placed them? Nairobi? Lagos? Casablanca? Algiers?  I showed it to a friend and he was impressed also 

  6. San Antonio's team could be the Generals, and Dallas could be the Armadillos. Or do you already have names for the teams.
  7. While we're on the subject, what else is Boston known for besides its role in the American Revolution? I was trying to think of a good team name for Boston but one that's not patriotic.
  8. My home state, Texas, I feel, has too mamy western themed team names. Sure, we're proud of our history, don't get me wrong, but Texas is a whole lot more than a bunch of cowboys and ranchers. Houston is the energy capital of the world, San Antonio has tons of military bases and the leading industries these days in Dallas is technology.
  9. Oklahoma City? How about the Spirit, Warriors, Tribe?(Oklahoma is home to more Native Americans than any state except California). Or their oil industry.
  10. What city is next? I remember San Francisco had the Dragons, Detroit had the Eights, Miami had the Blaze and Arizona had the Ghila Monsters . Are you planning to bring those back? Some name suggestions: Denver Altitude Nashville Beat Houston Galaxy Tampa Bay Hammerheads
  11. Dallas is really high tech, like its southern rival, Houston.
  12. Indianapolis and Charlotte, what are those two cities known for besides auto racing?
  13. Houston Heat. Because everyone knows how hot it gets here in the summer.
  14. Bobcats and Galaxy. I'd call my fictional team from Atlanta the Inferno because of the fire they had during the Civil War.
  15. Idea for Texas teams: San Antonio Brigade Austin Colony, as in a colony of bats El Paso Javelinas Are you doing teams for cities that don't have NFL franchises only? St. Louis Pioneers San Diego Captains Oklahoma City Wildcatters Memphis Kings
  16. NFL: Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys NHL: Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators (I am a country music fan, and as you know, Mike Fisher is married to one of my favorite singers, Carrie Underwood) NBA: Houston Rockets MLB: Houston Astros
  17. Cincinnati had an old soccer team called the River Hawks.
  18. Dallas has enough Western themed teams as it is. I lived there in the 90s and to tell the truth, Fort Worth is more western oriented than Big D. San Antonio could be the Brigade or something military themed due to the many military bases there. I agree with you on Boston and Philly and their historical roles. St. Louis could be the Clydesdales, as it is the home of Anheiser-Busch breweries. Orlando could be the Thrill, but I don't know how you could make a logo for that name, which is a nod to its many theme parks.
  19. Well, if you're going to do any teams in Texas, please try to steer clear of Western themed names. We've got plenty of those already. What cities do you plan to do? I can help you think of names.
  20. I think Albany could change its name to Demons, Scranton/WB could have been called the Emperors (as in emperor penguin), Texas could have been the Lumanaries. Iowa could have been the Farmhands, but I don't know about Binghamton.
  21. That's cool! That jersey would work for the name Apollos too, and as we all know, "Houston" was the first word spoken from the moon. I went to Johnson Space Center a couple of weeks ago, and although the space shuttle no longer is in use, they still train astronauts there and communicate with them on the International Space Station. Meanwhile, I wish hockey would make a comeback to the Bayou City because when I was a kid, I'd go see the Aeros play at the Compaq Center often. Houston is also known as the energy capital of the world, so you could have also used an energy-related team (Fusion, Force, etc), but I dig what you did